QsDay March 17, 2023: You Gotta Love St. Paddy’s Day & Sting Ops [videos]

QsDay March 17, 2023: You Gotta Love St. Paddy’s Day & Sting Ops [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 March 17, 2023

We usually get BIG news on the seventeens. Today is no exception. Do we have “the first arrest”??? See the Q drops about that and decide.

It’s also a momentous day for we Irish folk. I have a wee bit of blood and the temper to go along with it. When you throw in the green beer and a pot o’ gold for St. Paddy’s Day you’ll doubtless end up with some little green men in the conversation, and possibly some frogs, as well to deal with the pestilence in our midst. To top it all off—it’s Friday.

Trump returns to Facebook for first time in years with simple two-word post: ‘I’M BACK!’

So they’re going to indict Trump and Fox is trumpeting the details. Is this truly the “first arrest” Q spoke of that will “shock the world”? It’s absurd, but will surely rile the American people. Wow. Maybe Juan O’Savin was correct.

But seriously—arbitrarily making misdemeanors felonies, and vice-versa? What kind of justice system is that? Wave a magic wand and change the law to suit anyone with an enemy? Doesn’t work for me—but what timing!



Queen Romana of Canada asked if we wanted the QR media to bring us the real news. I think the answer was overwhelmingly “Yes!” or “Oui!”  Learn more here:

This appeared on my Telegram feed right before press time. ThanQ. Link to Telegram for video.

HSBC Bank in London, which recently bought the British division of the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), is on fire.

I think the White Hats control more of the media than they let on. As more truth trickles out for the normies, additional hoses will be added until the full force of the giant firehose is aimed directly at the ostriches in our ranks and washes the sand out of their ears and eyes.

Our sniffers have been out scouring the ‘net for the news we need and we are getting better and better intel all the time just shared casually on talk shows and round table discussions. Our intrepid crew parses the vast array of information and brings these select tidbits from the WWW.

03/11/23 Ontario, Canada is suspending driver’s licenses if people seek mental health services preparatory to 15 min cities? https://t.me/News_3Dto5D/7390

Clif High has said a few times US is going to invade Canada.
03/15/22 early part of 2023 we will have CANADA be ‘invaded’ for same reason as Ukraine… BIOLABS….the data would suggest that the [KM] has put BIOLABS into Canada for same reason as Ukraine. https://twitter.com/clif_high/status/1503725687613493248

04/01/22 The AU & NZ biolabs are likely some of the last to take out. Our data from way way back showed Canada as being one of the last ‘active’ spots for this war in terms of ‘rooting out’ potential harm. https://t.me/scifiworld0/1675

As an aside, we have revealed a couple of times that the USMCA agreement replacing NAFTA gave Trump the authority to essentially act as Commander-in-Chief of Canada or something like that. Norm Traversy has been instrumental in the steps necessary to free Canada from tyranny and was involved in requesting assistance from Trump and the US Military, if I recall correctly.

We have since heard that Canada has been “handled” and the drama is all for the show to wake the snoozers. Not sure if that is accurate, but there are always at least three sides to every story, it seems, by the time all parties put out their information, disinformation, and propaganda.

We are assured that Canada and Australia/New Zealand will be assisted to throw off the ties that bind and enable them to move forward with revised constitutions and appropriate civil rights and Natural Law for the People of those nations.

Woo-hoo!!!  Here are arrests that resonate. This popped up as I was about to shut down the beast on Thursday night. Good ol’ Fox comes through again. Watch the video on Telegram or see in the Tweet below:

FOX News reporting!!🔥
Ballot Harvesting a part of Sting
operation! Biden Crime Family etc. being arrested and detained!
Fraud and coming days will be living off GITMO and face military Tribunals!

THIS IS EXACTLY at the end of the 4th
Week that President Trump talked


🔥FOX News reporting!!🔥
Ballot Harvesting a part of Sting
operation! Biden Crime Family etc. being arrested and detained!

Fraud and coming days will be living off GITMO and face military Tribunals!

THIS IS EXACTLY at the end of the 4th Week… https://t.co/B4Xgxy2Fon pic.twitter.com/Y4U6ELH1on

— Marci💖Perez (@trustjesus333) February 20, 2023

Some will recall the day Fox let us know that the ever green SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsberg actually died, after surviving 15 or 20 cancer diagnoses. Okay, that’s exaggerating but you get the drift. The cabal was “saving” her for a departure at the time of their choosing, as they do with the demise of most figureheads in politics, Hollywood, etc.  Of course after airing the following Fox apologized and said it was an error, lol. Too late. It was out there and we awake people knew it was probably factual.

As you can see from their in-house Wikipedia, they are telling us she passed when they decided it was time.

American lawyer and jurist who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her death in 2020. Wikipedia

I think it’s obvious that regardless of the drama around Fox, Rupert Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan and the left bent they may portray on air, since Rupert was a friend of Trump’s it might make sense that they still are compatible and the network is playing with the Patriots in the long game. The way they are doing it, both left and right viewers pay attention and the truth is getting out there—particularly now that Tucker Carlson is letting fly with the documented dirt the globalists don’t want out there.

Did you miss the brilliant tactical move by Russia involving the US drone? So clever. What a way to de-escalate and neutralize a threat. Of course, the US will do their best to escalate, regardless.


I forgot to share this awesome discussion with Gene Decode on Patriot Underground that I listened to a couple of days ago. Gene had such amazing information that his host was floored. Thanks to the crew for the reminder. 2 hr. 7 min.

Gene Decode Interview #11

For those waiting for the RV, we have an update you might want to hear. I don’t talk about it for good reason: I don’t trust much of the information out there and I don’t want to share incorrect information about finances. It’s too important. Link to Telegram for the long version.

10/19/2022 RV updates and timing

Here is the Current Snapshot of the RV/GCR Situation

1️⃣ Let’s start with the bad news first:
Many of the RV “gurus” continue to mislead people saying the RV will most likely start today or definitely tomorrow. False. It could still be weeks or months away, sorry to break it to yall

None of them follow ISO20022 or crypto intel. Except so far Rita. And it looks like a handful of others are just starting to be open to the idea, but haven’t dove into this yet, and definitely not to the depths we’re at in QSI or @Whiplash347 so unfortunately they just don’t know what they don’t know yet. They have no clue how intricately it’s all tied together and will be impossible to RV without some key habbenings first

Here’s the good news:
We know what some of the major triggers are already…
✅ Metals will RV first
✅ Bretton Woods 3 must be signed if it hasn’t already. Whether it needs to be publicly announced before or not is still up for debate. (I could argue it was signed in March when I made my Sunshine / Project Dunbar post https://t.me/QuantumStellarInitiative/6912 but have 0 confirmation on that, only a theory at this time)
✅ with BW3 (or whatever new name it could manifest itself in), metals and commodities will be formal assets backing currency (digital and physical) https://t.me/QuantumStellarInitiative/14074
✅ XRP and XLM will RV and have it’s first baby moon in conjunction with metals (whether simultaneously or shortly after is also up for debate)
AND several wh Stellar GESARA assets PROVEN to be backed by metals and/or commodities (not just stated by numpties 🙄) will then baby moon
✅ physical currency technically will RV at the same time as digital — BUT you have direct access to digital via your Stellar wallet, whereas you might not be able to exchange your physical currencies until later (whether in person at appt or online via quantum app) = therefore I personally believe unless it’s the quantum app, physical currency appts will be set wayyyyyy later, possibly months (maybe after WW3 + martial law ends and it’s safe to travel)

Those who’ve been with QSI for a while know the above is not new intel for us. I’ve been saying this for nearly 1 year now, yet people keep posting intel from other RV “gurus” in our chat😅 why?

Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan as they fight to support their chosen leader whom the cabal has been trying to arrest. Link to Telegram for more.

TLDR: The CIA ensured Imran Khan lost, and [their] puppet remains in power in Pakistan. They tried to ASSASSINATE Khan when the people kept supporting him.

Now – they sent military to arrest Khan, and the people have risen up to protect him!




And in the Netherlands…


Last night I listened to another exceptional update with Jean-Claude and Janine in Canada and the info they shared was fascinating, including the portion of the conversation with Juan O’Savin. This was streamed yesterday. 1 hr. 18 min.



I expect many have wondered about the safety and efficacy of all vaccines by this point. How about Tetanus? Dr. Carrie Madej shares her research and it probably won’t surprise you—much. Link to Telegram for a short clip

Have you ever wondered what the tetanus vaccine was for?

I happened to check last night for a new session from quantum hypnotherapist Allison Coe and she has a fresh audio for us that is fascinating as always, with a member of the veterinary medicine community in the UK—from the session she did with Pleiadian perspective.

We get insights from this particular soul on ‘The Event Flash’, what it is and isn’t, how it will be perceived, managed, and the result, near and long term, and it’s purpose in our ascension. They say we will get a “heads up” when this evolutionary process takes place.

One of the most important takeaways is that they tell us it will be handled this way to AVOID the destructive cleansing that Humanity has NOT accepted with free will. No cataclysms and catastrophic loss of life for we, the Humans, folks. We’re not going through all this crap just so our flame can be extinguished by volcanoes, earthquakes, and cauldrons of fire. Forget it.

Don’t get bogged down in fear porn; it lowers your frequency which affects the collective. Seek and share knowledge responsibly, please. There are a lot of impressionable “newbies” out there who don’t have a lot of background to provide a solid foundation to help them discern truth. The last thing we want is to scare anyone. There are ample numbers of hopeless people out there as it is. 3 hrs. if you listen to the “coaching” portion from the Pleiadians for this particular client and the reasons for his session.

Earth Cleansing, Frequency Shift – Perspective from Pleiadian Ship

More interesting news that jumped in front of me suggests those uplifting cosmic energies mentioned in Allison Coe’s video above might be bathing Humanity now. More to come? Link to Telegram.

Rare solar storm just shook the Earth! THIS is what happened


Ready to rally? Locations for Trump rallies are not left to chance. There are no accidents or coincidences, and I don’t believe announcing this today, the 17th of March on a Q’sday is coincidence.


Just for fun…


It’s impossible to keep up with everything that’s happening now in this information war so we recommend you peruse the comments under each post for nuggets of gold from the crew. See you next time, and enjoy the show.  ~ BP

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