Biden & The Globalists Are Hellbent on Destroying Russia For Their Natural Resources – At The Risk of Nuclear War & Billions Dead – Mar 21 2023

Biden & The Globalists Are Hellbent on Destroying Russia For Their Natural Resources – At The Risk of Nuclear War & Billions Dead

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2023 12:03:23

The Priority Report Newsletter
3/21/23In the past few weeks Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Medvedev have lashed out at what they describe as threats coming out of the US to assassinate President Vladimir Putin. “There are some ‘anonymous officials’ from the Pentagon who have actually enunciated threats to deliver a ‘decapitating strike’ on the Kremlin, which is in fact an assassination threat against the Russian president,” Lavrov said, according to TASS. (un-quote from online article)The above article demonstrates what is going on behind the scenes between Nato counties and Russia. US politicians are openly saying that Putin should be killed. And now the International criminal court is calling for the arrest and trail of Putin for so-called war crimes. This is total insanity.
While we are witnessing these absurdities it is unknown to the general public that Ukraine has 5 nukes they have held back. Since they have lost a huge number of soldiers in the war – 600,000+ killed, wounded, missing and captured, they may now feel compelled to use the largest weapons they possess to turn the tide against Russia.In my opinion, the targets would be Crimea, the Donbas – or the mainland of Russia. I would think they would set off at least two bombs to make a substantial military move against Russia. This would in return cause the Russians to retaliate with nukes against Ukraine. This is the response the globalists have been working towards all along. At that point, it is highly possible that Nato would vote to get directly involved in the war against Russia.Once the nuclear threshold has been reached, each side would feel justified in using nukes. Russia would then hit back against Ukraine, and seeing this happen would cause Nato to retaliate against Russia with nukes. That would be a second attack against Russia with nuclear weapons. The next predictable action is a major nuclear missile attack against Europe and the US. And that is how a nuclear war can begin. Once that happens the planet will break out in chaos, food shortages and numerous secondary effects. No one knows exactly what will happen, but that is the reality the world would face once a war goes nuclear.On the Hal Turner radio show recently, he mentioned that the feds have updated their list on where to evacuate to, if DC is threatened by a nuke war. There are rumors that this emergency evacuation system has been activated as far as practice drills. Some Congressmen and their office workers have actually been ordered to show up with a “go bag” at the assigned underground bunker. This could be a rotating system from the “Continuity of Government (COG) to make sure the politicians, and probably some wealthy elite can be familiar with the process.It is possible that the feds will start removing items from DC like the original Declaration of Independence and other national treasures to what they think are safer locations.
He also quotes from a recent speech by Medvedev, saying that Russia will now consider Nato countries involved with providing military equipment, training of soldiers, etc. – that they are now considered legitimate war time targets.
The idea that the US and other Nato countries think they are “not a party to the war” is 100% false. All the red lines have been crossed. Russia now considers Nato nations as genuine war targetsAll of the restraints against striking back against the US and Europe have now been removed. It took a year for the Russian leadership to finally get the message what Nato nations were intending to do against Russia.
The globalists are on an unrelenting program to destroy Russia and dismantle the nation into several “Balkanized” countries. This is their intention even at the risk of nuclear war and the loss of millions of European and American lives.The legitimate rationalizations of the Russian politicians to defend their country are being totally ignored by the west. The power of the mainstream media, through lies and falsehoods, is sufficient enough to allow the globalists to maintain control over the people – and the militaries to accomplish their goals.
Since the Russian leadership have concluded that all the red lines have been crossed – and that they finally realize that Nato intends to kill Russians and destroy Russia – this means at any time Russia could declare war on Nato and attack any or all of the decision-making centers where the war planning is coming from.
Russia has not used the full force of their military power against Ukraine. Russia has no interest in playing WW1 trench warfare in the mud, with one hand tied behind their back for years to come. Once they decide to declare war, they will use every weapon they possess to defeat an enemy.Their very existence is at stake, they fully realize this now. The US government and the news media are sugar coating what this war means. When Russia is pushed too far, they will strike back with a massive launch of nuclear missiles towards both Europe and the US. Our way of life will instantly change. Food will be scarce, there will be no electricity, fuel, or crops for years. The amount of radioactive dust thrown into the atmosphere will lower the earth’s temperature as if we entered an ice age for the next decade. How does any average citizen prepare for something like that?
This will happen because our current illegitimate politicians are deliberately provoking Russia into a nuclear war. This is the reality we face – this isn’t a far-fetched conspiracy theory; this is the real danger we all face right now. Watch what is happening and be ready.Biden Called the Largest Drug Runner & Human Trafficker in History
At a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Thomas Tiffany (R-WI) spoke about the southern border and made a stunning statement. He said that Biden is complicit in the crimes of pushing drugs in the US and is involved with human trafficking. The Congressman went on to say that not even the Republicans are trying to stop this illegal and unconstitutional invasion on the southern border.America has become a Narco state with the expansion of criminal drug pushing on our streets. And at the same time is directly contributing to human trafficking across the nation on a massive, unprecedented scale.
This is so wide spread, that no state is untouched in this corrupt and criminal activity. The human suffering as a result of increased drug use is nearly impossible to calculate. Americans are dying over fentanyl overdoses every day. Women and children are being used as sex slaves in not only urban areas but has even hit states like Arkansas, with police arresting hundreds of women in one criminal case alone.In 2021 over 105,752 people died of drug overdoses. And it is increasing by the month now. With Biden’s policy of allowing millions to invade our nation, this number will continue to increase. A person can’t help but see this as a depopulation agenda being fulfilled for the globalists. This is criminal activity promoted and assisted at the highest level of government offices.
To add to that crime, a person can’t help but wonder how many of those illegal aliens will be snatched up to have their organs removed for profit? How many of those children that are unknown in the system will be kidnapped and used sexually by the wealthy elite?
What we are witnessing is the US becoming a “hell on earth” where chronic drug use, sexual abuse and death is being increased to such unbelievable levels that it has never been known in the history of mankind. If that is not hell on earth, I don’t know what is.
This is directly connected to a corrupt Congress, a corrupt Biden regime and a complicit Supreme Court that has enabled the overthrow of this nation, and are continuing to cover for it, defend it and promote its expansion of crimes.
And to add insult to injury this regime is working feverishly to provoke Christian Russia into a nuclear war! At what point do Americans see the reality of what is going on?!?
It is obvious to see that America is under occupation and the complete downfall of this nation is imminent.Nuclear War 101
Glenn Beck brought up an essential topic on nuclear war called: “Nuclear war 101” It should be a regular series to cover the bases to educate the people. What he is talking about is nothing new to myself and other conservative researchers but I hope it wakes up a few more people to the genuine risk we face today.
This was not enough time in 48 minutes to review all the issues involved and the severity of damage and deaths. It is not easy to comprehend what a massive magnitude disaster a nuclear war would be.
What is pathetic and sad is that our congress is voting for the war, in every sense of the word. They are in full agreement with Biden on this war mongering. This is criminal, and yet our military is obeying these criminal dictates to the end. It is inconceivable.What alternative researchers like myself have been talking about for months, has finally hit the mainstream. This will cause a lot of people to start preparing for the inevitable.
My guess is that a few congressmen are going to get a piece of Americans mind on this issue, and some may get threatened.
Elections have consequences, but… stolen elections and coups can be deadly on a massive scale.It is plain to see that the march towards nuclear war is now on-going. And while this is going on, politicians are making big speeches and are sending more $ billions to Ukraine every week. There is no slow down on what the psycho globalists are doing to support Ukraine and keep the war going. It is insanity on steroids.
The number of lies being told by politicians today is phenomenal and utterly breathtaking. It shows just how far politicians will sink to get their payola under the table. They are a bunch of creeps – and the news media that parrot their propaganda lies are just as guilty and complicit in their crimes.It is obvious to me that in every respect, an international mafia has taken over our nation and in turn their military arm Nato – and nothing short of a global revolution can stop this pathway to nuclear war. Unfortunately, I don’t see any solution for the situation we face. They have lied so much and doubled down so deeply, that a nuclear war is the only outcome possible.When the facts of their crimes are exposed at times, it is so foreign to these political fakers and the lackeys that follow them, that when a person speaks the truth, it is scoffed at as lunacy. I am serious about this. Telling the truth now is looked at as an act of terrorism against the established order.
That means that trying to establish a foundation of truth-telling to wake people up is not only futile, it will be looked at as an attack against the social norms and considered a criminal offense worthy of immediate prison time. We have suddenly awakened into a strange world beyond our worst nightmare, in the very nation of our birth.We have revealed what we know and what needs to be done, and I find no need to repeat what has already been said. People will either heed it and act to protect themselves, or they will reject it and continue to cling to their normalcy bias as a phantom of hope. But one thing is certain, all of us will soon see the radioactive results of the globalists’ organized, criminal enterprise on a global scale. Don’t worry, it won’t take long now. George Eaton

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