Message of the Ascended Masters & Archangels: Break Your Chains

Message of the Ascended Masters & Archangels: Break Your Chains

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How far are you ready…

How far are you willing to give in to your inclinations and patterns, your blocks and opinions? How far are you willing to expend energy to question certain ideas about life and about yourself? Do you let fate surprise you or do you try to have everything under control and to keep it under control?

Is your life in the river or is it a stagnant body of water that is not fed by spring water and from which the water can no longer drain.

Are you trapped in the old way of thinking and acting or are you ready to open your floodgates and let the living into you!? 

These are the questions that are worth investigating, because nobody can go through time with burdens from the past.

A loved person,

love your inner transformation more than anything in the world! Give your full attention to inner growth!

clarity and truth

Don’t be distracted anymore by what the outside world offers! In your job, choose what you feel called to do! In the partnership, choose the one you really love with all your heart! Choose friends, for inner resonance and not for purpose and benefit!

Clarity and truth in all matters is what this time demands of you.

Because many of you still tend to make lazy compromises and hardly anyone is willing to take a risk. Instead of breaking away from the old and putting life in the hands of God, the mechanisms of control and power – big and small – remain in place. This can only bring you harm and no happiness. Because if you want to keep everything, you will lose everything, after all a NEW AGE is born, a time in which completely different ways of thinking and acting have to be practiced and practiced.

Life on the New Earth is in flux. Nothing is reminiscent of standing water that can neither absorb nor release. Old-time patterns and beliefs cannot be maintained on the more subtle NEW EARTH. What is gross falls away – and only the fine and noble, that which makes you true human beings under the sun of God, remains.

Mighty transformation is underway

A powerful transformation, in which you gradually release everything that was blocking you, is now underway.

Nobody can close her. But for those who still hold on hard and stubbornly to their old imprints, great lessons are now being taught so that they too can wake up and step off the wheel of death and rebirth.

How far are you willing to give up tendencies that bind you to this world?

How far are you willing to go if for every step God takes 1000 steps towards you?

How tight are your chains and how much force do you want to use to break them? The answer to these questions decides your weal and woe.

We are with you as soon as you call us!

With infinite love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by



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