Attention: The Galactic Federation Has a Critical Message for You! – MAR 24 2023

Attention: The Galactic Federation Has a Critical Message for You!


At the beginning, we were all a part of the same collective that lived together. There were no countries, and there were no borders between them; there was just one planet, and we all lived together on it in love and peace.

On the other hand, our way of life is rapidly evolving as the population of the planet continues to rise and we use up more and more of our resources. Over the course of many generations, people have polluted, destroyed, and otherwise abused the magnificent planet we call home.

Now is the moment to mend our broken ties with our home planet. Now is the moment to lend a hand in Mother Earth’s recovery. On this earthly level, we will not be healed or progress into a higher vibrational state until she recovers from her illness and purges the corruption from her system.

We are here on this planet to assist in the transformation of the Earth into the sort of world that we want for ourselves. We are here to contribute to the transformation of the world into a place where people may live in peace and harmony, a place that nourishes its residents rather than taking advantage of them.

There is a significant obstacle that humanity must overcome. We are on the verge of complete annihilation. The only thing that can rescue us is a return to the old knowledge of the earth, and that is exactly what we must do.

We are starseeds. There is a reason for our being here. At this challenging moment, we are here to provide assistance to the human race. Our planet is dormant, and it is up to us to rouse it from its sleep and assist it in making the transformation from a destructive and self-destructive race to a civilization that is self-created and organic.

As starseeds, it is our duty to bring the frequency of Earth back into balance so that we and future generations may spend our lives in peace and prosperity. Because of the various dimensional changes that are happening right now, our lives are being shuttled between this physical plane and the higher planes, as you are aware. This is happening because of the multiple-dimensional upheavals that are happening right now. The energy of light is supposed to be held by us as it travels through us while we serve as an anchor for it.

This is our objective, the reason we are here in this gorgeous world.

Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not, you are currently living a starseed life with every decision that you make. The more actively you choose to live your Starseed existence, the more fully you will embody the qualities that distinguish you from everyone else and contribute to the amazing quality of your life.

Being a star seed allows you to be a part of something much larger than yourself, which is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of this role.

Your mission as a starseed is to facilitate the ascension of other people’s awareness and to bring about healing on the planet. You are here because you have realized that we need assistance, and the time has come for you to provide it. Those who came before you have left their imprint on the world and have contributed to the creation of the world as we know it today.

These are not typical times by any means. At this time, the world has a significant need for assistance, and you are here to provide that assistance in any manner that you can.

You may have the impression that your entire life has consisted of a single, continuous, “rushed” event; however, once you have gone through this process, you will begin to comprehend how vital it is for all of us to be together during these challenging times. This is due to the fact that when we come together, we become stronger as a single entity, and we are able to achieve significantly more than if we were divided into separate groups. By cooperating with one another, helping one another, and treating one another as if we were members of the same family, we will be able to heal the world.

You are one of a kind because you have a unique perspective on the world and because you have had unique life experiences. Your life experiences are what shape you into the person you are today and are what other people will use to better understand who you are.

You are the only one of your type, and every day you assist new people in recognizing their starseeds, which is the notion that they are unique from everyone else and can be relied upon to make significant choices in their lives.

Every day, you are a starseed, which means that you are a one-of-a-kind individual who has a unique perspective and the capacity to observe the world in ways that others do not. You have been bestowed with a gift, the likes of which are unknown to the vast majority of people, and it will be with you for the rest of your life. This is your greatest asset; it is what sets you apart from everyone else who has ever been born or who will ever be born in the whole history of the world.

You may not be able to see it right now, but just by being who you are, you are assisting millions of other people in making better choices that lead to better outcomes in their lives. And by making their trips less difficult for them, you are contributing to the continuation of mankind.

You are one of a kind, and you have traveled here to provide a hand to your fellow man. The world is in desperate need of optimism as well as the assistance of kind individuals such as yourselves, particularly during these trying times.

You are the germinating point of a whole new era. At this crucial juncture, you will be the spark that lights a fire under the gloom. I am calling on you and all Starseeds to rise above your circumstances and shine, not in a blazing splendor that blinds others but in a soft, calming radiance that envelops everyone around you.

I pray that others may see your brightness. May your light be felt by everyone, and may it lead, teach, and console the people you care about as they navigate these challenging times.

We are here beside you.
We are your family that shines in the light.

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