March 24, 2023: The World is Awake; Trump Rally Day Tomorrow [videos]

March 24, 2023: The World is Awake; Trump Rally Day Tomorrow [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 March 24, 2023

It’s a different world on Twitter than on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, CBC, Global, CTV, etc.

France is on fire, there are millions of people joining the protests against the pension legislation the Macron government is trying to push on the People, and the firefighters have stood down and joined with the People in the demonstrations.

Merde! I’ve heard 9 million, 1 million, 1.3 million… does it really matter? The Revolution is raging in France and our hearts go out to the brave patriots who are fighting for their lives against tyranny and corruption. Hold the line! We are with you.

The incendiary motions of the common folk in France sent ripples into the United Kingdom.

State pension age plan shelved as life expectancy falls

The Government is preparing to shelve a planned rise in the state pension age, as a decline in life expectancy leaves ministers struggling to justify the change. Jeremy Hunt is preparing to delay a decision on when to increase the state pension age to 68, The Telegraph understands. The state pension …

The Telegraph – By Melissa Lawford • 3d


The truth about the above… from Telegram:

PROPAGANDA – This is a lie. The plans to raise the pension age has been shelved because of France!

The government is terrified civil unrest will spread to Britain, we are still at the *tut* phase, but it’s coming and they fear it

The sideshow around Trump’s “imminent” arrest—or in some camps “surrender” [not] is pulling in even those who never paid any attention to politics. We hear the deep state called on Trump to surrender of his own volition. Why would he do that? He has always told Americans never to surrender; never to go down without a fight; to stand for your rights and what you believe in. He committed no crime so… why would he surrender?

Stormy “Horse face” Daniels has retracted—in writing—any claims that she was involved in a sexual relationship with Donald Trump. The desperate deep state hasn’t a leg to stand on. The whole thing is a pathetic sham and a purely political stunt to take the attention off the despicable crimes of the Biden regime, the Clintons, Fauci and Co., Big Pharma, the collapsing bankster system, the Human trafficking, the adrenochrome harvesting in children, and everything else the globalists are going down for.

As for the claims that there is a warrant for the arrest of Vladimir Putin—please. The psychopaths are accusing Putin of doing what they themselves have been doing as discussed in the article at Real Raw News which also confirms he and Trump keep in touch and both are well insulated.

Putin Laughs at International Arrest Warrant

More evidence of the New World Order takedown is the collapse of their fiat central banking system. Multiple banks have gone down already, hide their insolvency, or sustained a mysterious fire. They can’t print enough money to save themselves now. The world is shutting them out and setting up Human-friendly, asset-backed systems for commerce and everything else we need. We don’t want their deposit accounts, their service charges, the theft of our money to play in their casino every night, their credit cards, or their digital currency. No more debt slaves. No more Central Bank.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=wHqw2b8syq&p=https%3A//

Indonesia To Ditch Visa And Mastercard

Dutch central bank (DNB) suffered a loss of almost half a billion euros last year – the first loss since 1931.

Substantial losses are also expected for the coming years. The losses could increase to such an extent that the built-up buffers are no longer sufficient, Business Insider reports. Source: Telegram.

DNB lijdt bijna half miljard verlies door gestegen rente: mogelijk is er komende jaren extra geld nodig van de Staat

Meanwhile, up in the Great White Gulag, we have an interesting turn in the political scene that has us wondering if Jagmeet Singh was a plant, or was turned to work with the White Hats. Anything’s possible. Consider the opinion piece, below.

What if Turdeau were the “first arrest” Q Military Intelligence predicted that would shock the world, alerting the snoozers to the election fraud, Dominion voting machine scandal, shipping election data out of Canada to foreign nations, buying the media’s complicity, etc.—not to mention his crimes against children, murder, and more? His indictment is already old news to us and we’re tired of these doubles and clones.

Dec 17, 2019 5:03:45 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4e4d4a No. 7538263
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
FIRST ARREST will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].
3y, 3m, 6d, 23h, 21m ago
8kun qresearch

Singh has played the role of a man who can’t decide whether he’s an opposition leader or a member of a faux coalition. 

Trudeau government could crumble as NDP leader demands answers on China election scandal, intentional delay in release of ‘2 Michaels’

Michael Jaco’s latest video gets into the mission underway to take the Khazarian mafia down. The whole world that is awake knows what the US-Biden-deep state military has done and is attempting to do and the positive militaries are fighting against them. Mike brings a “big picture” summary of the most significant developments in the war, and some expected scenarios based on his remote viewing abilities. 22 min.

The Deep State US military is about to be attacked on all fronts.

Yes, the sickos are desperate and continue to weaponize their sleeper cells to harm as many innocents as possible. Anywhere that large numbers of people congregate is a potential target location.

Cologne-Bonn Airport crash: Multiple people injured after man drives into pedestrians

Germany is targeted by the Nazi globalists for the now familiar mass immigration of Easterners we are seeing in most nations.

Germany Celebrates its First Arabic Language Street Sign

Unfortunately, we still have to deal with a lot of people in our personal sphere of influence who are dead asleep; brainwashed so badly they are basically sleepwalking and we can’t force them to wake up, question, and see what is unfolding in front of their eyes despite what the mainstream media is telling them is reality.

All we can do is continue to share the real science, the verified statistics, the advice of courageous doctors who actually honour their Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” and hope the coming explosive events reach deeply into the snoozers’ psyches and give them a slap upside the head.

It’s impossible to protect everyone who has no clue they are prey and we can’t prevent casualties. Each soul has a choice to either wake up or live their life in blissful reverie until something drastic happens—good or bad. The coming global economic crash has to break through to a large number of people—doesn’t it?

And finally, when it seems all hope is lost, the military will step in, send an EBS alert to all cell phones, televisions, and radios and rouse the ninnies from their somnambulant state—or something along those lines. At least that is our understanding of what is to come.

We hear from a reliable source that the cavalry is on the way and something is about to shift—big time—and we, the digital soldiers, will no longer be out here twisting in the wind with no one to back us up; our warnings falling on deaf ears. Think of it; no more conspiracy theorists. Everything we have warned about has proven to be true and we will be vindicated. Unfortunately, a lot of otherwise intelligent people will be feeling more than a little sheepish.

There are reports of a helicopter crash in Riverside County, California, today and civilian deaths unconfirmed.

🔴 TRUMP RALLY LIVE: President Trump Holds First 2024 Campaign Rally in WACO, TX- 3/25/23

For the dog lovers, we have Eli photos. A neighbour took the puppy shot almost a year ago and texted to me. The other was taken last week with a neighbour’s penstemons.

Eli has been most intrigued with a grey pussy cat that has been visiting via the block walls around our yard and once they got acquainted and Eli posed no threat, puss with the yellow eyes began just coming and sitting on the wall as if to seek quiet company.

Eli three + months and Beau the Bassett hound

Gotta fly. See you next time.  ~ BP

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