March 29, 2023: And Chaos Ensued… Unnoticed by the Masses [videos]

March 29, 2023: And Chaos Ensued… Unnoticed by the Masses [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 March 29, 2023

Crisis? What crisis? What’s in our faces is just background noise and still irrelevant to much of the populace. A few more are paying attention now, however. We are making progress as the People awaken from their long slumber.

When WE see events, we connect dots and they are meaningful.

This is how it went in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this morning. After so many real crises, just the whisper of a shooter at a academic institution has everyone launching into action, taking a gulp of fear as the adrenaline begins to race through the veins, and knowing that crying wolf is very effective.

As they proved with their 9/11 event, just the mention of a plane over Manhattan has people fearing a repeat performance.

DEVELOPING: Campus reopens as Pitt police report ‘critical incident’ at Central Catholic is ‘unfounded’

More potentially dangerous events targeting Humanity?

Yesterday this alert appeared on Telegram:

JUST IN – Several barges, one containing 1,400 tons of methanol, loose on the Ohio River near Louisville, Kentucky

Some barges are stuck at the McAlpine Dam.

Kentucky officials say the barge carrying 1,400 tons of methanol was partially submerged×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=FOIBUojCms&p=https%3A//

Crews still working to recover 3 barges loose in Ohio River, including one carrying methanol

Decades of revelations, truth, and warnings fell on deaf ears in an apathetic public. Link to Telegram.

Bill Cooper on the deep state’s never ending quest to disarm the people, Waco, and the Hegelian principle at work:
They have to keep the momentum going. The agenda is gun control. To disarm all Americans. You watch this gun control pick up momentum like its never had before in history…
Don’t you get it?
They only care about their agenda. Their agenda is to enslave the population of the world in a totalitarian socialist world government.

The only reason that the founding fathers gave us the second amendment was to protect us from the government not to hunt..But to defend ourselves against the old tyranny from which they escaped in the old world. The tyranny of kings, monarchs and dictators…
Tragedy fueled push for more gun control is based on a lie.
The truth is that despite the second amendment guns are less accessible today than at any time in American history.”

“What you are seeing all around is the old Hegelian principle at work. Thesis, anti thesis, synthesis. First you create or call attention to a problem. Then you generate hysteria about it. And then you offer a solution. And then propose as a solution restrictions on the rights of all Americans to acquire and own firearms.
Better to be free in a society with risks than a safe slave in a dictatorship.”

As far as the Nashville church/school shooting goes, the researchers have done their digging and compared it to Sandy Hook aka Sandy Hoax. There are distinct similarities and we know they love using that tattered old playbook. You can learn more here at Before It’s News. Thanks to the crew for the share.

This is the part where they love to call us tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists. Average people believe, “they would never do that”. They can’t conceive of a plot so sinister, so devious, or so deadly, in some cases, to target innocent Humans, and that the media would be in on it. Sometimes law enforcement are in on it, too. Doctors, teachers, coroners. There are plenty of traitors out there infiltrating our communities. Some may believe they are simply taking part in a drill. We have seen the ads on Craig’s list for crisis actors and see the walking dead when so-called victims get a new starring role in another event months or years later. They do it. Get over it.

The following video reveals the reasons for chalking this one up to another hoax, right down to the Masonic 33 numerology. They think we’re stupid, folks, but their signature is all over it. Another disgusting false flag event to take away Americans’ guns. Period—right before Tennessee lawmakers were to modify gun legislation for schools. What a Qincidence. 12 min.

Tennessee School Shooting Revealed as Gun Control Hoax

We still have to educate the normies on the Human trafficking, child sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, the tunnels, adrenochrome, raping and eating babies… these creatures have been preying on Humans for far too long. They all lie and cover for each other. They’re in it together, as Hitlary Clinton said. Clever wordplay above on the part of the Patriots.

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon to be deposed in Epstein lawsuits

As the financial collapse devolves, we remind everyone that cash is necessary and it would behoove you to ensure you have plenty on hand for situations when the usual methods of transacting commerce are not possible. There is a good chance such situations will happen for all of us at some point, at least once. Cash is your fail-safe.

Queen Romana reminds the awakened in the north 40 to be prepared. They’re not “software glitches” folks. It’s part of the war and the White Hats’ process to dump the Central Banking System and migrate to the new Quantum Financial System—while waking the normies. Link to Telegram.

Do you remember last year when a certain software glitch happened and the We The People could not use their ATM Cards in stores and or gas stations?


This is why in the Kingdom of Canada, cash is an essential form of payment.

We hear there was an earthquake in Japan.

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake shakes northern Japan, say officials

There was another earthquake previous… this one in Italy. First they said 5.18, now reports say 5.4 in magnitude.

And also in Italy, they are banning fake meat. First it was “powdered bugs” and now fake meat. Good for Italy, where some of the tastiest food in the world originated.

Italy Proposes A Ban On Lab-Grown Meats To Protect Its Food Heritage

Here in Arizona, the blatant election steal has led to the freewheeling Katie Hobbs veto of bills the People want passed. Who is going to stand for this? We want our Kari Lake to get busy in the Governor’s office. Link to Telegram.

Hobbs vetoed SB1063 (; municipal tax; exemption.

Here’s a list of 17 bills she has vetoed so far.

The update to the below is that Joss Berry submitted her resignation. Success!

The writing is on the wall. Q once stated that the Poop was going to have a bad May. Maybe this May. Buh-bye fake Francis.

Pope Francis kept in hospital for medical checks in overnight stay
World | News |

Everything is being highlighted now so the masses can see what happened, who dunnit, why, how we allowed it, and must have safeguards in place so it never, ever happens again.

There is new evidence around Covid “vaccines” that folks need to know. Whatever it was that attacked some people, whether a pathogen or parasite or nano tech, some people were very sick. Some died. Many had heart issues and neurological issues. Now we hear it may have affected necessary gut bacteria. Considering the revelations that our “second brain” is in our gut and a healthy gut biome is critical to a healthy immune system and good health, this is big news. Get your pre and pro-biotics, folks. Eat pure yogurt.

Here is today’s contribution from the woo-woo files supporting the fact that our reality is not what we think. The very nature of our world has been hidden and lied about for so long. How does one explain this? Some suggest “glitch in the matrix”. How about a robotoid or NPC? What do you think?

This is interesting considering the expected blast [CME] to come that would kick everything into high gear—at least what is commonly known as The Event Flash; a fabled, cosmic event that would change Earth and Humanity forever, propelling us into 5D and our promised Ascension Event—leaving the low-frequency evil ones behind. We’ll see what happens.

Two giant ‘holes’ appear on sun and could send 1.8 million-mph solar winds toward Earth

Little Eli is sad to hear of the passing of another canine companion in our crew and sends his love and support to those who lost their best friend when they travelled over the rainbow bridge. We are hoping they will all be part of the welcoming committee when we get to the other side. Love and hugs to all.  ~ BP and Eli

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