Ashtar: Broadcasting

Ashtar: Broadcasting

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Greetings brother and thank you for dialing me up/calling me in. I/we are so delighted at the progress being made to rid the planet of all unwanted energies of darkness and control. This time has come and it is now the moment you/we have all been waiting for as our ships and crew prepare for the reveal. It is gradual it is carefully planned so not to disrupt anyone including those who fear us the most. We only want for this to be a beautiful and Loving experience and not one of terror. So we use extreme caution when revealing ourselves because the last thing we want is to get shot at. So Trust that we have a good handle on what to expect with every visit but there is always the free will component that can disrupt anything no matter how well we plan.

Ashtar will you will be broadcasting over the airwaves and cell towers?

Our technology is more advanced than that and we can simply flash a picture into the mind which will have the same affect and put people at ease.

How long will this take?

The process is long and the Human memory is quite short so be prepared for many a repeat performance.

What else can you share with me?

Brother dear brother please be calm and at ease as this process will not magically occur overnight for there are so many factions and alien groups here now occupying restricted space that it is an ongoing and ever-changing dynamic –very fluid- but we are winning at every turn and engagement it just takes time. So be not bothered by the timeline and simply focus on what it is you want and leave the rest behind.
Remember you are a Master so act like one and be not concerned with anything just simply Love, forgive and be excited for what is to come. My command is your command so reach out more often for there are so many staff members wanting to share as well.
We are a team, we are your team and we look forward to our upcoming reunion with you and all resonate with the truth.
FAREWELL Dear brother

**Channel: Robert J Scrapa



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