It’s Time To Ascend – Let The Arcturians’ Message Be Your Guide!

It’s Time To Ascend – Let The Arcturians’ Message Be Your Guide!

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Thursday, 30-Mar-2023 01:28:46

Permit me to begin by stating that the awakening of humanity’s collective consciousness is proceeding at a dizzying pace. There is a growing number of people who are beginning to speculate about the beginnings of humanity, the purpose of the human experience, and the motivations that lie behind it. The waking and the awareness grow to a greater degree as more and more souls begin to question their existence. So, not everything is as it seems, and there are far more opportunities for enlightenment and progress. This is due, in no small part, to the work and efforts of so many past and present lightworkers who have, at times, put everything they had on the line to assist humanity in waking up to the illusion that is being played out on your world with all of its caveats and scenarios. This has been made possible, in no small part, by the work and efforts of so many past and present lightworkers.SNIP

There is nothing but Oneness since everything originates from Source; Source itself is everything, and Divine is your name. Many people have stepped away from the ledge of belief and into the soup of truth, where anything that is there may be known just by inquiring about it. While the shift is well under way and the deck is being turned, it is critical for us, as we start to pick up the pieces, to search for the truth and to reject the lies that are prevalent in the world.

Because of what you have been able to do there on Earth, we as a species feel a great deal of pride in humanity at this time. You have been able to make it through this most difficult moment on your planet without amplifying the negativity to the point where you have been forced to have that reflected back to you in a number of unpleasant ways.

This is a testament to your strength. The truth is that the epidemic could have been a lot more severe, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could have made things a lot worse. Both of these scenarios are possible. Things have the potential to be considerably worse in terms of the impact of natural disasters. Trust us when we say that this is nothing in comparison to what you have avoided; thus, when you look around at the world and wonder how you could have gotten yourselves into such a mess, you should believe us when we say that this is nothing in contrast to what you have avoided.

After the attacks of September 11, you also avoided large-scale warfare. We are not trying to minimize the battles that did occur as a direct result of that catastrophe, but we are attempting to convey to you that things could have been a lot, lot worse for humanity. This indicates that you are making headway in the right direction. What this entails is that you are constantly performing better as individuals and as a group than you believe you are doing at any one time. For the previous 250 years, you have undergone a tremendous amount of development and expansion. It is incredible to see how far you have progressed over the years. Even in the last quarter of a century, you have made tremendous strides in your development. So, does that indicate that you’re finished with your work now? No, it does not. You still have a lot of work to do before reaching that stage of ascension in order to get to where you want to be.

It also signifies that the ascension is going a lot better than it could have gone if you had followed different occurrences with different reactions in the past. At this point, it is going far better than it could have gone. You should all feel very pleased about where you are right now as a group because you have come a very long way, and individually, we are well aware that you are being far too hard on yourselves. We are aware that the solution to many of your issues is as simple as forgiving yourself, letting go of any feelings of guilt or shame, and moving on from whatever has made you feel awful in the past. You won’t be able to create the new environment you’re hoping to explore any other way than by doing so. It all starts with you letting go of all that you’ve been going through that has left you feeling bad, including your own negative thoughts, words, and deeds as well as those of others.

Instead, try to focus on the bright side. You all talk about how much you want a news network that focuses on the good things that are happening in the world, but you don’t really need anyone else to make it happen for you. You are able to be that. You have the ability to share the good news, you have the ability to look for the good news, and you have the ability to concentrate on the good news in both your own life and in the lives of all people collectively. Because you have come so far and because there is much for you to feel good about, now is a wonderful time to start doing that. You will feel good about where you are if you change the way you look at your lives and at the world in general, and this is why now is such a wonderful time to start doing that: because you have come so far.

Believe it or not, this is a significant step along the way you are traveling. You adjust your viewpoint, the way you are looking at things, the way you are approaching everything, and then you shift. You won’t even have time to register the shift by the time it’s over, and those of you who are willing to look on the positive side of things are the ones who will succeed. You are the driving force behind everything coming to fruition, and you are the ones who will show the rest of humanity the path forward.


Thankyou blessed Arcturians!
I love you. When we watch our awareness in every moment and never again allow a negative thought , memory or belief to arise and take hold, we shall rise to the higher frequencies…and live only in the present moment💜X

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