The Arcturians: About Happiness

The Arcturians: About Happiness

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It is within the sharing of happiness with others that you can learn more about the happiness within yourself.

If you never share happiness with others, it will be difficult to find it within yourself.

If you want to understand happiness, allow yourself to feel the happiness that begins from within your own heart and mind.

Happiness cannot be bought, but it can be given away for free.

The more that you give happiness to others, the more happiness you will find deep inside yourself.

Happiness can cure sadness and sorrow, especially if that happiness is shared with others.

There are times in your daily life that happiness is natural and automatic.

There are times in one’s life when happiness is easier to receive, remember and give to others.

In fact, the more you give happiness to others, the more happiness you will be able to feel within yourself.

And in times when you are surrounded by happiness, it is easier to find your happiness.

You want to share happiness with fellow humans, but it feels good to share happiness with pets and other animals, too. To share your happiness in nature can feel really good. There you may share your happiness with all the myriads of life.

Happiness can found in the third through fifth dimensions of your reality.

Happiness in your third-dimensional, daily reality is often about something fun, important, or loving that has come into you daily life.

Happiness in your fourth dimensional may come to you through a creative activity, fun with friends, informative dreams and/or meditations, or just a good night’s sleep.

Happiness can expand and reverberate through the dimensions making more people and pets happy. Camaraderie with others all merge into the Oneness of “Shared Happiness!”

There are certain seasons in which happiness can be more easily experienced, such as holidays with family and friends.

However, if one is alone with no family or friends, one may sometimes feel quite unhappy.

What if you could always tell if someone is happy or unhappy?

We know that many of you who read this have that ability.

How do we know that? The answer is that we, the members of your Galactic Family, as well as the members of your human family, ALL know each other. So, as higher-dimensional beings, a Galactic Family, we have the ability to share our happiness together!

Of course, very often your human self will forget that you are also a higher-dimensional being who is simultaneously living as a higher-dimensional expression of your third-dimensional self.

What if you could remember your higher-dimensional SELF?

Would you remember to communicate with your Higher SELF on a regular basis to assist with your happiness?

Or, would you get lost in the daily challenges of your third-dimensional self so that you would totally forget to take a moment, now and again, to tune into your own higher-dimensional SELF to share happiness?

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**By Suzanne Lie, PhD


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