A Starseed’s Purpose On Earth By Aurora Ray, Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

A Starseed’s Purpose On Earth By Aurora Ray, Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 2-Apr-2023 15:07:37

A Starseed’s Purpose On EarthThis Earth is a very special planet and a very special place in the universe.It is the place chosen by God, who made it evolve to this point so that it can become a new star in the infinite universe.This planet is a microcosm of the universe and is destined to eventually be reborn again.Starseeds are here to help this planet evolve to the point of rebirth. A Starseed is a being who is seeded on Earth from other Star systems.They can understand life at a different, higher level, and they can help the Earth evolve to a higher dimension, so that life on Earth will be a beautiful experience for everyone.Since the universe began, starseeds have traveled through many different star systems and taken many forms so that eventually, they became human. They are here to assist the people on Earth in the transition of current society to a Starseed society.SNIP



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