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Date: Monday, 3-Apr-2023 13:32:24

General Berger Tells Trump Don’t Go to New YorkBy Michael BaxterApril 3, 2023United States Marine Corps General David H. Berger has joined the ranks of military brass urging President Donald J. Trump to remain in Florida instead of traveling to a hostile New York, where the criminal district attorney and thousands of police and federal agents eagerly await his surrender.Trump yesterday announced his itinerary for the next few days; he will fly to New York aboard Trump Force One Monday afternoon, then stay at Trump Tower until his arraignment on Tuesday. He said he would return to Mar-a-Lago and deliver a speech Tuesday evening, assuming Bragg and the Deep State don’t try to disappear him or deny him bail. A defiant Trump said he would plead not guilty and face his accusers in a court of law.Gen. Berger, who has been silent since his ordeal at the hands of CIA kidnappers, spoke briefly with Trump Sunday night, saying he empathized with the President but didn’t understand why an innocent man would blindly step into a minefield. He parroted Gen. Smith’s concern over Trump stumbling into a trap, a potential ambush laid by Bragg and enforced by the 9,600 cops and 2,200 federal goons who have already descended on lower Manhattan.“I know civilians in your circle are encouraging you to turn yourself in, Mr. President, but it’s a tactical error, in my professional opinion. Even if nothing happens, is it worth the risk? You are innocent. There’s no good reason to put yourself in peril,” Gen. Berger reportedly told Trump.He seemed genuinely concerned for the President’s safety, saying several times that the Deep State cannot under any circumstances be trusted, especially since it has spent years maligning and demonizing a man who has sacrificed his privacy and personal freedom to restore prosperity to the Republic. In an emotional soliloquy, Gen. Berger called Trump a valorous hero whose patriotic deeds rivaled those of the Founding Fathers.“We need a living President Trump, not a martyr,” Gen. Berger told Trump.Trump, sounding dauntless and confident, said, “Let me tell you, this witch hunt has nothing on me. I’m going to New York. No harm will come to me, General. We’ve accomplished a lot, and there is a plan.”Gen. Berger responded with the adage about the “best-laid plans of mice and men,” meaning even the most carefully crafted plans can go awry. “You have an indominable spirit, Mr. President, but I—we cannot afford to lose you. The Deep State’s destructiveness knows no boundaries,” he said.Nonetheless, Trump dismissed the General’s inauspicious tidings, insisting he would prevail against the Deep State’s immutable evil.“We’ve crossed the Rubicon, Mr. President. The damage we’ve caused the Deep State is irreparable, and they want revenge. I wish you luck, and I pray we speak again soon,” Gen. Berger said, closing the call.By the time this is published, Trump may be on his way to New York. We should all pray for his safety.As an aside, I am aware of comments saying the real President Trump is laying low at NORAD and that a body double will go to New York. I am open-minded to this possibility, since we live in a world of clones, holograms, CGI, and transformative AI. However, I felt compelled to print this story since I heard part of the call. If the Trump at Mar-a-Lago is a doppelganger that walks, talks, and acts like the real President Trump, all the better, as he must remain protected at all costs.SOURCE:

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