(Reader: Restive Sage) NATO Challenges Amid the End of American Exceptionalism

(Reader: Restive Sage) NATO Challenges Amid the End of American Exceptionalism

Reader Post | By Restive Sage

European countries have been warring with one another for millennia. At the end of WWII, by April 1945, the major warring nations of Europe lay in ruins. Those ruins lay on top of the ruins of those countries that fought on their own soil in WWI. Lurking in the shadows of the military-industrial complex (both sides) were war-decisive weapons of unbelievable power and strategic significance. This ultimately led to the formation of NATO.

At wars end, to the abject horror of the Europeans (especially our extremely wealthy British and French allies), the predominantly rustic, socially awkward, largely under-educated Americans, had beaten them to the nuclear punch. These upstarts had almost overnight gained military hegemony on planet Earth. For the U.S. had unlocked the secrets of making an atomic bomb. And, coldly and calculatingly proved that would use them on non-military targets i.e. an urban city). The British and the French were not even close, and thus it came as a shock to the world that the United States of America was suddenly and decisively the dominant military power in the world.

Of course, the back story is even more frightening. Technology of the modern age was capable, even in that era, of altering a path to victory. At the start of the war in Sept. 1939, Germany had the clear lead in navigating the difficult and expensive path to develop atomic bombs. They also had three and possibly four other weapons programs no one knew about except Hitler, the Wehrmact high command, key Nazi scientists, and lead industrialists sworn to secrecy.

One of these uber weapons was quickly used, the crude but dangerous V-1 buzz-bombs, followed thereafter by the more refined V-2s. Throughout the war, both were used to bomb London, Birmingham,Sheffield, Liverpool, Plymouth, Coventry, and other British cities. V stands for vengeance. Over 1,000,000 houses in and near London were estimated to have been damaged or destroyed. Almost equally disturbing, was learning that the Germans were 3 years ahead of the Allies in the design and production of super-fast jet planes. While not perfected, they were good enough to fly into Allied bomber formations in 1944 and early 1945 with tactical success. The Allied fighters and the bombers they protected were now being seriously threatened in aerial combat and only managed to survive by their sheer weight of numbers . Luckily, they learned  to shoot them as the decelerated to land. A top priority became to go after the jet airfields, production plants, and any jets caught on a runway before they could be hidden.

After the 1945 ceasefire in Europe, American, British and French leaders and military planners painfully realized that HAD they NOT bombed Germany as heavily as they did early in the war, Nazi Germany would have likely survived due to having a much larger number of jets by the end of 1943. This would have halted the mass carpet bombing of German cities and factories. It would have also changed the dynamics at play on the Eastern front. Had they had a slightly better design of jet, in greater quantity, with more trained pilots, the attrition would have driven the British and Americans to seek peace. Then, the Russians would have had little choice but to follow suit.

Western military strategists instantly knew that the Luftwaffe’s use of jet fighters in larger numbers would have been near decisive. Thus, it proved that the Nazi attack on Poland in 1939 was one-year premature, and ultimately cost them the war. Success in war once again was proved to be about timing, and the fact that advanced technology could be “war-decisive” had forever changed the importance of having cogent, deliberate and competent political and leadership on the planet.  

If that wasn’t enough, they were very close with two more uber weapons, beyond their atomic bomb development program. The German Nazis were close to testing a long-range jet bomber that could have bombed not only London, but Montreal, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk, and Washington DC…just for starters. The United States had only had one city devastated since the War of 1812 until Pearl Harbor where over 2,200 American lost their lives. The British lost an estimated 100,000 civilian citizens, men, women and children, due to the varied forms of German bombs in WWII. Far less than the Germans.

And last but not least, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has revealed in one of his books a key discovery, that the so-called Nazi “Bell” research and development program was labeled “War Decisive”, a higher classification that ANY OTHER war project they had, including the atomic bomb. Worse than the atomic bomb?

Just looking at Europe.

So, the major battle grounds in WWI, where countries fought on their own soil and were laid waste, were France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg in the west and the Ukraine (western U.S.S.R.), Bulgaria, Romania, Austria-Hungary*, Serbia, and other areas of the over-extended Ottoman Empire. 

Also in WWI, fighting occurred in varied colonies of England and France, especially those in Africa.

The Russian front was particularly brutal and took place primarily in Ukraine, Silesia, and what is now the eastern bloc of nations.

Italy was with the allies in WWI (because they “hated” the Austrians) and only limited fighting occurred near the northeastern boundaries with 

Austria and Croatia.

One of the biggest losers in WWI was the Ottoman Empire (dominated by Turkey). Had they not sided with Germany, they would have maintained control of 60% of the world’s oil reserves, making them eventually quality for G7 status. 

Notice that Germany has been left off the WWI list. They surrendered and the Kaiser fled before it hit their country.

So what were the key countries in WWII, where heavy fighting on their soil, or bombing on their soil, occurred.

France, Germany, England, Italy, Austria, Poland, Ukraine (western U.S.S.R.) and the other eastern block countries.

Oh, and, ZERO fighting occurred in either war on the soil of Switzerland (funny how they are always allowed to stay neutral).

It’s a new time for Gaia. We pray. It’s time now to stop the folly and destruction of war. And yet we see a cannon-fodder mentality still at play, even today. A useless loss of human life in an impossible proxy war, driven by ideologues, death. privation and destruction. We know who gains from war. We know that all carefully crafted alliances of the past have broken apart in the end. Soon, Europe will realize that its vast wealth will be devastatingly diminished if they do not stop fomenting war with the Asia nations and using American military power as its backstop. Because, the people in that backstop nation no longer wish to play that little game.

We also know that now, if we end nation-on-nation warfare, and civil wars fought with weaponry supplied by arms manufacturers, that there will never again be Scarcity on the planet. Money and land in the modern age only appear to be wealth and power on Earth. It is no longer so, and the fact that we humans have been “taught” that they were worth fighting, dying and doing the austerity thing for is unraveling.

The neo-colonial era is finally collapsing of its own sins and greed. NATO itself is now dying and will soon be dead. The German know it, the French know it, the Austrians know it, the Italians know it. Soon, all will know it, including the BRICS alliance and its new partner alliance members coming. Five will become ten. Ten will become twenty. Twenty will become thirty. Perhaps sooner than we think.

It remains to be seen if we can somehow reach down deep to locate and elect the leaders that the good people of Gaia need and deserve.

Restive Sage

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