Starship Earth: Watching the Cabal’s Death Spiral

CANADA . The CABAL aholes are trying to PASS BILL C-11 = that BLOCKS all CANADIAN internet access to sites like mine = TRUTHERS and ALTERNATIVE NEWS because the MSN LIES and DOES NOT TELL HUMANITY the truth about CRIMINAL DEMONIC LEADERS.


If that intrigues you, you can learn more here. Field McConnell is the one who named Agent Margaritaville. As far as I know, AM/Guy Brummel is still unlawfully imprisoned in Lindsay, Ontario Canada for putting out the truth about the pedophiles, crooks, and murders.


Starship Earth: Watching the Cabal’s Death Spiral



 -Tuesday, 4 April 2023, 0:21 AM

April 3, 2023: Watching the Cabal’s Death Spiral [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture 
April 3, 2023

It seems the more updates we post, the more there is to miss. We’re in information overload mode and I don’t think it’s possible to “catch up”, so we’ll just do our best to mention some of the interesting and important news we find. Some is disturbing, some is hilarious, and some just is—depending on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

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April 3, 2023: Watching the Cabal’s Death Spiral [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 3, 2023

It seems the more updates we post, the more there is to miss. We’re in information overload mode and I don’t think it’s possible to “catch up”, so we’ll just do our best to mention some of the interesting and important news we find. Some is disturbing, some is hilarious, and some just is—depending on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

New York Times Loses It’s Twitter Verification, Elon Musk Calls The Outlet ‘Unreadable Diarrhea’

Anyone heard any theories about Trump’s spelling of “Rigg”?

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support you have given me against this assault on our Nation. Our once beautiful USA is now a Nation in Decline. Radical Left Thugs & Insurrectionists have taken over our Country, & are rapidly destroying it. They are using the levers of Law Enforcement, and have completely Weaponized the FBI & DOJ to Interfere with, Rigg, and Steal our once SACRED ELECTIONS. We are now living in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, but we will Come Back & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

The drama is over the top around the Trump lawsuit. Sky News showed his plane arriving at LaGuardia airport with a ticker across the bottom saying “criminal charges” would be read in the court room on Tuesday while their commentary speaks to how unique and enduring he is; the “Teflon Don”. It’s crazy and the whole world is watching. Will he be “the first arrest”??? If so, it’s all part of “The Plan”. The White Hats just may allow the deep state to go all the way so their planned response can unfold.’

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. How long might it be before they go after the real criminals?

Simon Parkes and David Mahoney did an April Sit-Rep with their commentary on what is happening and what they expect to happen, particularly with respect to the indictment of Trump, The Plan, the removal of Biden, the death of the Poop, med-beds, the French revolution, the economic crash, etc. 1 hr. 5 min.

The more the headlines sound unbelievable, the more believable they are, somehow. We’ve been expecting these things, but they’re not mainstream. Did they pick up RINO Lizard Cheney? Take it for what you will. As a member of the J6 Committee she earned a place in the clink.

Military Arrests Liz Cheney

What is real and what isn’t?

Ukraina war👌

— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) April 3, 2023

The drug cartels have been running America and the world far too long. The truth is coming out in unexpected ways and everything is connected.

Our update on the Arizona election investigation is as follows:

Remember when there was a shortage of infant formula in the stores in America? Here’s the back story. We knew there was something behind it and suspected it had been removed from retailers to protect the children. Link to Telegram.

FDA says it knew about deadly bacterial contamination at baby formula factory MONTHS before product recall

Roughly five months before an official recall was issued, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was already well aware of an alleged bacterial contamination issue at Mead Johnson’s infant formula production plant in Zeeland, Mich.

The agency recently admitted to such, revealing that the facility, which manufactures Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula, had been identified as containing Cronobacter bacteria.

An initial batch of formula was destroyed at that time, but another 145,000 cans of the stuff were released into the market with the FDA’s knowledge. A formal recall was issued five months later, and none of the recalled cans were found to contain Cronobacter, according to the FDA.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that Cronobacter “can be deadly for young infants.” Symptoms in babies include poor feeding, fever, low energy, excessive crying, seizures, spine swelling, and bloodstream infections.

“As part of the FDA’s oversight to ensure safe and nutritious infant formula, the agency’s more recent engagements with manufacturers through inspections and ongoing meetings has limited the scope of these recalls and minimized disruptions to the market,” an FDA spokesperson said about the recall.

How come Cronobacter became such a problem during the coronavirus “pandemic?”

In a later statement, the FDA made a comparison to the more well-known Abbott recall, suggesting that the Johnson Mead one and others “are much narrower in scope, only impacting a few weeks of product with no additional facility closures.”

“Under current law, Mead Johnson was not required to alert the FDA of the positive test and choose sic to not alert the FDA to the positive test,” the agency also told Fox News.

The FDA also indicated that it is petitioning Congress for greater authority to require that companies report these kinds of things in the future so as to prevent recalls like this from having to occur.

“It was only during an unrelated inspection of the company that FDA discovered the positive test, and was told that analysis to the cause was ongoing,” an FDA spokesperson added in a statement to Fox Digital.

“The FDA has reviewed conditions during recent inspections of powdered infant formula manufacturers, including routine surveillance inspections, for-cause inspections to follow up on consumer complaints, and other interactions with manufacturers.”

As you may recall, 2021 was a really bad year for infant formula availability due to several recalls, including another involving Cronobacter at an Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan. In that instance, at least four infants got sick from the product and two allegedly died.

The FDA compiled and released a 10-page report following the infant formula shortage that ensued, explaining that a whistleblower had complained about problems at the facility.

That same year, House Republicans launched an investigation into the FDA’s handling of the shortage, calling on FDA Commissioner Robert Califf to provide further details as to the agency’s “poor response” to the situation.

The FDA has since announced that it will not be firing any of its employees over the mishandling of the baby formula fiasco. Instead, the agency will “undergo an overhaul,” according to Fox News, which will include a “new, transformative vision,” Califf added.

The FDA’s regulatory authority will be consolidated under a new food safety plan called the “Human Foods Program.” How this new program will prevent situations like the baby formula recall from ever happening again remains unknown as the FDA has yet to produce any specific details about the plan.

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The People are rising up all over the world.

We can see from the uproar in France what can happen when the People “know” and aren’t going to take it any more. What will happen in America when the People “know” what the cabal did here; that 9/11 was an inside job, as were the assassinations of the Kennedys, the OK City bombing, and that everything else of significance is planned, orchestrated and funded by evil and its partners pretending to be friends?

What will they do when they learn that the Khazarian mafia downs jet liners full of innocent people; that they murder with impunity? Field McConnell is a former Navy man and pilot who has flown every kind of commercial jet and he was the first to reveal the mob’s rigging of Boeing’s planes with an “uninterruptable auto pilot”. It doesn’t end with commandeering control of the plane from the pilots. It also involved the release of a sedative/lethal gas to immobilize the passengers.

Field’s testimony in the interview at this link on The Richie Allen Show tells much more about the psychopathic activities of the dark cabal with respect to 9/11 at at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the planes involved—hold your judgement—as well as the fate of the Malaysian planes that disappeared and crashed, and others.

Field and his partner, David Hawkins at Abel Danger, [as in Cain and Abel of Genesis] investigated and believe they figured it all out. It’s well worth a listen to this relatively short discussion. I certainly miss Field’s sharp wit and dry humour and hope he is safe and still a protected whistleblower. I’ve never doubted his allegiance or integrity.

There are people, however, who just don’t add up. So many mysterious “deaths” occur that we just don’t believe everything we hear any more. People we thought were good guys are painted with a black brush and those most fouled by slander and libel may turn out to have made the greatest sacrifices—like Trump.

What is one to think any more with commentary like this in the community?

Deception Everywhere!

Did Cirsten Weldon really die from bacterial pneumonia last week or is she faking her death in a brazen act of deception? McAllister TV raises this new twist in a hard-hitting video released Sunday that paints Weldon as a money laundering scam who might well have good reason to want to hide.

Linda Paris, the host of McAllister, admits she made a few features with Weldon as a guest, but says she quickly came to the conclusion that Weldon was a fraud, and discontinued any association or communication with her.

In particular, Paris cites evidence presented by Guy Brummel, Agent Margaritaville, that Weldon and Timothy Charles Holmseth conspired to steal nearly $1 million from a children’s foundation that Brummel had established with Field McConnell. “I did not know that Cirsten was responsible for setting Field up (in order to get him out of the way) so that Timothy (Holmseth) could take control of that money,” Paris says.

Also, she speculates whether Weldon was a woman, or simply another Bea Arthur — a dude masquerading as a sexy woman, wearing some mighty fine and outrageous costumes.

If that intrigues you, you can learn more here. Field McConnell is the one who named Agent Margaritaville. As far as I know, AM/Guy Brummel is still unlawfully imprisoned in Lindsay, Ontario Canada for putting out the truth about the pedophiles, crooks, and murders.

It gets even more complicated.

A recent guest of Michael Jaco has been tracking down the criminals and documenting it for years. The web these mafiosos have spun is beyond complicated as you’ll learn when you hear what Mike Gill has to relate for his trouble. He’s right though, when people investigate and establish proof they need to share it, to get it out there to as many as possible just to save their own hide. If thousands of people are aware then eliminating the originator would be a waste of time.

Obviously, Gill is not part of the Q Team nor Trump’s inner circle so he does not know what the Plan is. This isn’t only about politics, as he says, and the big picture is so much larger and more important to Humanity than most people know so we will have to take our cues from Trump and the patriots and avoid getting bogged down in what might seem to be true, but isn’t.

The truths are so difficult, so devastating that Humanity must be handled with kid gloves and gently roused from their slumber. I believe that is one reason for why it is taking so long and why these charades are taking place.

There is a tremendous amount of disinformation and acting going on to keep the enemy at a disadvantage so it’s probably best to observe and avoid getting caught up in most of the character assassinations. We understand many of the black hats have already been removed and actors and masks are enabling the White Hats to carry on the “movie” to wake up the masses.

The Plan is brilliant—far outside what most can comprehend—with double and triple agents, murder and intrigue far beyond the most gripping spy thriller. We will do what can to support the MAGA movement, oust the criminals infesting our communities, and assist the gradual emergence of the normies from catatonia.

Savage reveal of American Cartels, Michael Flynn, James O’Keefe, Mike Pence and drug money treasons.

The following information pertaining to Mike Gill’s mission is on Michael Jaco’s Rumble channel:

Mike Gill YouTube:

Mike has been fighting for 16 years against a giant drug cartel out of New Hampshire. Please assist him to get permanent accommodation. Pay for living expenses. Document reproduction and preservation expenses. Legal expenses. Graphic design expenses. Communications devices. Travel expenses to visit directly the offices of politicians and government departments.

This sounds interesting and quite probably. Disney just laid off 7,000 people, now McDonalds. Good. Wait till the world learns what kind of burgers they made and who was served. Just temporary? We’ll see.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=WBs8CfcFvN&p=https%3A//

The fast-food chain said in January that it would review staffing levels as part of an updated business strategy, which could lead to layoffs in some areas and expansion in others.

McDonald’s reportedly temporarily shuts its U.S. corporate offices ahead of layoffs

There is a bright, new world coalescing where the hidden wonders of the Universe will be revealed for our joy and benefit. The science and technology the tyrants used against us will be used to support and advance our civilization, rather than harm it.

The lies about everything have to come out, and they shall. They can’t tell enough lies to cover up all the other lies and their genocidal activities.

It seems Elon is still getting a handle on the bots at Twitter.

Much of Humanity is awakening now. They have emerged from their chrysalis into the bright sunshine and are languidly pumping their wings. They are seeing the world in a way they never did as a myopic caterpillar.

At the urging of friends, family, their inner voice, they feel the pressure to perform and fight back to preserve their life and their future; their children’s future. The urgency of the moment has the adrenaline racing in their veins. Now that they are seeing the world for what it is, they don’t understand how they could have missed it for so long.

It’s exciting to see this emergence; the Great Awakening, as clouds of brilliant souls flutter in a calamitous effort to unify their purpose and remain free in the butterfly state forever as part of Humanity’s promised Golden Age.

My goodness, this got awfully long. It’s time for tea so I’m signing off for today. Buckle up and prepare for turbulence.  ~ BP

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