The Michelle Moore Show: NESARA/GESARA Update, BRICS is about Freedom from the New World Order, New Economic System will Make us Sovereign



 -Tuesday, 4 April 2023, 1:49 AM

Submitted by: Producer Ron/The Michelle Moore Show (AIR DATE: 04/03/23)

Private Trust Representative, Gretchen Killeen, & Warren Armour, Co-Founder of PPN (Patriot Party News) Network join Michelle to cover the latest on Revaluation of Currencies, Nesara/Gesara, the coming changes in the Financial world, BRICS Nations, Crypto, and more while answering viewer questions on The Michelle Moore Show!

Warren: (Regarding Trump’s Impending Arrest) Is the storm really here? Will we see something on Twitter about ‘the storm’ soon?

‘BRICS (nations) is about freedom from the New World Order. The New Economic System will make us ‘sovereign.’ BRICS were vetted by the Alliance, and will take down NATO (Vatican, City of London, D.C. and Central Banks)

The Alliance along with the Chinese Elders is working to bring freedom to all!

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