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Date: Wednesday, 5-Apr-2023 12:08:05

Trump Stands Tall Against the Deep StateBy Michael BaxterApril 5, 2023President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday brazenly defied the liberal judge who tried to violate his 1st Amendment right to free speech by, while stopping short of issuing an official gag order, cautioning the president to curb his unfiltered rhetoric. A beleaguered but resilient Trump, against the advice of military allies, ventured into hostile territory Tuesday afternoon, where he pleaded not guilty to a litany of fabricated, unfounded charges meant to undermine his official return to power in 2024.Upon returning to Mar-a-Lago, President Trump delivered a fiery speech calling for the prosecution of criminal D.A. Alvin Bragg and alluding to financial ties between Judge Juan Merchan and the Biden-Harris campaign. He reminded patriots that the regime’s weaponized Department of Justice had infringed on his 4th Amendment right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure when FBI agents unlawfully stormed Mar-a-Lago last August. Trump seemed rejuvenated while addressing his ardent supporters; he clarified that he could not be controlled or silenced.Although no harm came to Trump in New York, Generals Smith and Berger felt his foray into Deep State-controlled Manhattan was an unnecessary risk, a source in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News Wednesday morning. When Smith failed to dissuade Trump, he insisted on replacing two secret service agents with undercover U.S. Special Forces just in case the situation went south.“There are good agents genuinely concerned with the president’s safety, but the agency is part of the DHS, which is run by Deep Stater Alejandro N. Mayorkas. He’s wicked and can’t be trusted. The Special Forces accompanied Trump from the moment he left Trump Towers until he got to Mar-a-Lago last evening,” our source said.Special Forces, he added, have orders to protect President Trump “by all means necessary” and to accompany him on all trips to and from Mar-a-Lago.He said heightened security is vital because U.S. Army Cyber Command has been monitoring Deep State chatter calling for an end to Trump’s life, including threats against Trump’s youngest son, Barron. Most threats came from the offices of high-ranking Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Dick Durban, and Debbie Stabenow, while less credible intimidations came from whiny wannabes such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Cori Bush, pawns seeking to elevate their status in the Deep State echelon. These querulous peons, our source said, all have a stake in Trump’s demise.“There have been 15 attempts on Trump’s life. Several more were thwarted in planning stages. They couldn’t kill him, so they’re trying to jail him. They will fail again,” our source said.The criminal Biden regime and the Manhattan D.A.’s office are inextricably linked, conjoined by a vitriolic hated of President Trump and his mission to purge the federal government.“The Deep State thinks it has good reason for wanting Trump out of the picture. We’ve killed many of their people, and they want to avenge those losses. They undoubtedly blame President Trump. His safety is our number one concern, and we have good, brave people willing to sacrifice their lives to safeguard his,” our source said.SOURCE:

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