People Claim NESARA is Fraud

People Claim NESARA is Fraud



 -Thursday, 6 April 2023, 13:23 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By DanlboonContributing Writer

Submitted on April 6, 2023

How many times have you heard people claim NESARA is Fraud as it hasn’t happened all these years? National Economic Security and Reformation Act has been voted on by 15 Constitutional members of Congress and signed by President Clinton on October 10, 2000.

Hopefully this weekend things will comes about, but people have kept saying that over and over again. St. Germain Trust is said to be released on Easter Sunday, thus that is 12:00 UTC Saturday for New Zealand to be first on Sunday, or is there a specific time it is done at once around the world?

Even then James Rink put in his video that it was Clinton’s clone that signed it, but what about all the other laws and executive orders are they lawful or Constitutional as well? And it was a Reagan clone that was after his assassination in 1981 as he did not go along with Bush.

JFK was going to get us back to a Constitutional government and he had silver certificates prepared with his EO 11110, but he didn’t have the backing as Trump has now with then LBJ and others took him out to shut him down.

Since NESARA has not been made public as of yet people do not want to believe it exists and even some change the name with Stabilization and Recovery instead. If it were to not exist why change the name as if it does?

The same goes in the opposite for our present government is not a Constitutional government as it is a corporation and we are run by Admiralty Law, as people do not know what happened in 1871 with President Grant signing ‘The Organic Act of 1871’ and made the USA a corporation to put the big bankers and the Crown of England in charge. It was not even approved of in a Constitutional Amendment. People do not know the difference between names in all CAPITAL LETTERS and those with just the first letter Capitalized.

In many court cases the defendant has to prove to the court their innocence, but in fact the prosecutor has to prove without reasonable doubt they are guilty. We The People need to know as much about the truth of what really happened to the USA since at least 1861 when before the Civil War started, and that was never a Constitutional war as Congress never declared war, but it was Lincoln that declared war on the 11 Southern states under Martial Law.

Well, you cannot go around and have a protest or confront people in a major discussion when you don’t know what is what on the truth of our history, and here is where some of us are telling you things for you to be aware of and what is about to come.

On September 11, 2001 NESARA was to be announced by Alan Greenspan at 10 AM with; the New US Treasury Bank System, Debt Forgiveness and Abolishment of the IRS, but an hour earlier the WTC towers were hit by drones and the Pentagon by a missile not a plane as that was where the White Knights had there New Naval Control Center for implementing NESARA.

Yes, how did a large 747 have its wings collapse and everything shrink down into less than a ten foot hole in the Pentagon and leave no major wreckage except for a few metal parts and one three foot engine which I saw on live TV. The plane also had terrorists that failed their one engine plane pilot training course and then flew a 747 only 4 feet above the ground without hitting anything, and how did building 7 with 40 stories collapse due to a little fire and it looked liked a demolition collapse which that was the first time in history it happened. Lies, Lies, Lies!

If you go back in history you can find out that the US CORP has been working it to remove the US Constitution as far back as to 1871 if not 1861 and 1812 to remove the Titles of Nobility Act that did in fact get ratified in 1819.

If we get around to the 2024 elections with the same type of people running for office and not much if any changes made till then then we can assume this is all fraud.

We cannot have Trump run for office when he is 78 years old unless he had the use of the Med Bed. Many may think he would be too old as what is happening to Biden will happen to him. Reagan was the oldest president till Trump came in then Biden beat him on that as he just turned 80. Maybe there needs to be an Amendment for the age limit of government officials. Being in government is not a retirement crusade.

Now if you want to know about the Constitutional Amendments then go to Operation Disclosure and search for the 14th on 3/13/23 and then in sequence starting with the 1st on a daily basis as I give some explanation to them.


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