The 9D Arcturian Council: This is Why We’re Enthused about Humanity’s Future

The 9D Arcturian Council: This is Why We’re Enthused about Humanity’s Future

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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are feeling very enthusiastic about what is to come for humanity, because we know that you have already experienced enough trauma and enough heartbreak there on Earth, and we also know that once you experience something, you do not need to experience it again. Therefore, we are confident that you all have received what you have needed to receive from all of the experiences you have had in all of your lifetimes put together. Therefore, we know that you don’t need to experience any more wars, any more famine, any more natural disasters, or anything else that you as individuals and as a collective have already experienced. 

Any fears that you have over what is to come are really fears about what you have already experienced and know that you don’t want. And so, it is your work then to clear those fears so that you can focus purely on what you do want to experience moving forward. The rest of your ascension can be filled with joyous experiences, and it is entirely up to you which future you choose. When we say we are enthusiastic about your future it is not because there is only one future, and we are looking at it. It is because we know that enough of you have stumbled upon the truth that you get to choose which future you experience to bring about a better future for all.

You know how to focus, how to offer a thought on purpose, and you know how to clear a lower-vibrational emotion. You also know how to hold space for your fellow humans so that they do not have to experience all that is unwanted there on Earth while you are sitting on a cloud, loving your life completely. You who are a part of the awakened collective are there to teach, and you are there to lead. You are there to set the example for others. You are there to be the healers so that your fellow humans can release what they need to release to join you on that beautiful journey to the fifth dimension that you all have decided you want to take consciously and deliberately.

Being conscious and aware of the choices you are making in every moment makes all the difference. As you begin to feel into the wonderful, ecstatic future experiences that you have already created, you can feel yourself lighting up. You can feel yourself resonating with those realities because they are the ones that you helped to co-create. If you are worried about anything, let it go. If you are afraid of something, feel that fear and release it. If you are concerned that others are not going to get it, that they are not going to wake up in time, remember that everyone has their own path. 

Everyone’s path is meant to be there own. It is meant to be unique, and it doesn’t have to look like yours at all. We are sharing our optimistic version of a future reality with anyone and everyone who wants to explore it with us. We invite you all to come to us in the astral plane, where we can co-create even more magical experiences for humanity’s future, for all future timelines, for all human beings. Just set that intention as you are drifting off to sleep, and we will meet you there. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton



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