And We Know — 4.7.23: Abuse of Power is Running Rampant, How do you Introduce Evidence Legally?

And We Know — 4.7.23: Abuse of Power is Running Rampant, How do you Introduce Evidence Legally?



 -Friday, 7 April 2023, 20:13 PM

4.7.23: ABUSE of POWER is running rampant. How do you INTRODUCE EVIDENCE legally? UKRAINE up! PRAY!

And We Know
Streamed on: Apr 7, 12:32 pm EDT

Feds Digital Currency

Country singer Travis Tritt responds to Budweiser’s woke agenda by removing their products from his tour hospitality rider.

Dan Scavino on Instagram

Rep. Jeff Van Drew says that the House Judiciary Committee will likely issue subpoenas to Alvin Bragg “within a week to 10 days.”

Leo DiCaprio testifies that Obama received $30M from CCP big money donor for his campaign

Democrat Rep. Justin Jones has been expelled from the Tennessee House for leading an anti-2nd Amendment insurrection last week.

The New York Times is reporting that classified documents were ‘leaked’ outlining the war plans of the US and NATO.

President Xi calls for peace via a “political settlement” to end the conflict in Ukraine before it escalates further.

Here Are The Brands That Have Sponsored Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney

What a smart little girl

The UN Security Council rejected a proposal for an international independent investigation of the Nord Stream pipeline attack.

FLASHBACK: Disgraced actor, Will Smith, advocated genocide against Republicans.

“Former & current president”

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