April 5, 2023: Seeding the Minds of the Normies [videos]

April 5, 2023: Seeding the Minds of the Normies [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 5, 2023

This day marks the 12 year birthday of our blog. I have to do the math because I simply can’t believe we’ve been doing it for that many years. We began in 2011 as 2012: The Big Picture, and later updated the name to Starship Earth: The Big Picture because we do seem to be one, giant starship full of adventurers and intrepid star seeds on a mission to save the planet, Humanity, and beyond.

When we began, I would thrill each morning to the statistics WordPress provided revealing twenty or so people actually found us and some even commented and shared us around on social media. Over the years more and more subscribers joined us and we hit one million views. Now we’re at 28.5 million with over 9,000 following.

Back then we knew there was a lot of nasty stuff going on but it wasn’t until the Q Team arrived on the scene that we could see the Big Picture and what had been simmering away beneath the surface and it’s been quite the roller coaster since.

The degree of drama and threats defined to create the anxiety required to reach the average Human is astronomical, but we’re making great progress now that Trump has the attention of the world and many more can see the hazards inherent in the systems the dark ones installed.

When Q said there would be change, they weren’t exaggerating. We used to post a few articles a week in the early days, but when the Earth Alliance “Plan” began generating more activity and the volume of interesting intelligence and news increased we had to go to a format where we covered multiple topics in one post.

The Great Awakening unleashed the passion and dutiful nature of so many people and we have a wide variety of patriots and star seeds providing information to help wake the snoozers and keep us apprised of the White Hat missions, what specific developments mean in the big scheme of things, and to tip us off as to what is probably coming.

One thing we know is coming is CHANGE. There doesn’t seem to be a “normal” any longer. Not weather, not genders, not television, not science, not medicine, not anything. It’s all in flux.

The winds of change are blowing the minds of the normies. Star seeds in the lamestream news? I’ve been asking for a long time: Who really controls the media?


The talk of advanced, self-aware AI [artificial intelligence] is interesting to contemplate but I don’t believe we need to worry about it. This is all part of the education process for Humanity because we have been kept in the dark and backward for so long. We are protected, but it’s going to take some rather violent shaking to get some folks out of their trance to really see what has happened to our race. The White Hats know they will have to scare the pants off portions of the populace to get through to them.

As I see it, the White Hats have controlled the media for quite some time while making it appear they do not. I have seen too many things that the New World Order would not have done if they sought to hide their crimes and their agenda. They wouldn’t give away their game so blatantly.

They always hid things in plain sight but we didn’t understand their symbolism and what it meant. Now things are so over-the-top that it tells me it’s part of the Plan. They are going to have to shove things in the faces of the stubborn ones to get them to innerstand the reality.

I must admit that Tucker Carlson’s giggles are a bright spot in the curriculum for the normies. “News” has changed.—and reporters slipping in “past and current president”??? Not an accident.

In fact, most of what we see and hear now seems completely scripted to me and worthy of much eye rolling and groans of discomfort. How can people not see it? How much more conspicuous does it have to get for the masses to realize what has happened and is happening? Sigh. Such is our mission. We must hold the hands of the uninitiated and baptize them into the new reality by prying their eyes and ears open long enough for common sense to kick in.

The fact that technology has progressed so far beyond anything we’ve been told is another cog in the process. Many people don’t know what is real and what isn’t. We know the media has been fabricating fake videos for decades and passing one thing off as another, and with the current technology, most of us might be surprised to learn that what we see on the Internet is fake.

We have occasionally shared the odd amusing “deep fake” musical video, and it’s probably time the masses accepted the degree of manipulation of our reality. It most certainly is possible to take a digital file and make it appear that someone is saying [or singing] something they did not. Have you seen this one? How many celebrities can you pick out?

A Deeper Look Into The Life of An Impressionist | Deep Fake Poem by Jim Meskimen

The following video from Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media gets into the AI aspects of the visuals. Have you ever wondered if all the people they showed us died from Covid vaccines were real people? I know I did. Even those trained to identify composite faces usually failed. Watch the video at the Truthstream website. 17 min.

The Veil Between the ‘Computer-Generated Dream World’ and Reality Is Disappearing

Even when deep fakes aren’t involved, what we’re seeing or hearing can be a lie. When we don’t question and merely accept what others say as truth, we can be manipulated. The truth may be hiding and require a little research to bring it to the light of day.


This circus is frustrating, and we often wonder why we have to go so bloody slowly with the waking of the normies. Could it be, perhaps, that what is yet to come will be yuge and difficult for even the awakened to digest and assimilate?

We have been open about the many possibilities that might be revealed about the nature of our reality, and have shared what may have seemed bizarre or even absurd information put out by a number of content creators. I’m not so sure it was all that far “out there” and that’s why I shared it—to encourage people to expand their thinking and keep an open mind.

Most reading this will agree we have been lied to about everything; so where does one draw the line? Where do we assert that they only lied to a point, and the rest is a matter of “what you see is what you get”? How can we then turn around and decide they lied about this, but not about that?

We know they love to hint about things, knowing most of us won’t make the leap to the truth. For example, why did the Covid extravaganza involve the phrase, “flatten the curve”? We get the math with regard to taking the pressure off the health care system if a high volume of  infected people might overwhelm it, but terminology like that usually has more than one meaning.

When we examine the possibility of flat Earth, people snicker and engage in the old ridicule game. When someone suggests a toroid with a donut hole some snicker and engage in the old ridicule game. When someone shows evidence that our world is covered by an impenetrable dome and that the sun, moon, stars, etc. are much closer than the millions of miles we were told, some snicker and engage in the old ridicule game.

As the saying goes, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I imagine us living in a little terrarium-like habitat; a closed system with holographic aspects which hide the reality. I don’t believe we live on a spinning ball circling the sun where the water doesn’t go flying off into space, yada, yada, yada. It’s something else—and it has to be monumental or they wouldn’t have lied about it and kept the secrets for so long. There are big secrets still to unveil or they wouldn’t make Antarctica off limits to the common folk.

There are probably only a handful of people in our world who truly know where we are, what this construct is, how it functions, how to get out, who can get out, when, etc. etc.

The crew points to this video from Jason Shurka and his guest Mr. Grant and it sounds most intriguing. I recommend listening with an open mind because one day in the not too distant future, we are going to learn the truth about our humble abode in this sector of Creation and I believe it will blow our little minds.

The reality will probably incorporate multiple aspects of the “truths” insiders have tried to share with us over the years because we’ve only been given bits and pieces, rumours, fake science and purposeful disinformation. I anticipate the future will be incredibly exciting—and shocking—for we little Earth Humans and I can’t wait to hear it.

They will probably go slowly in part because there may not be terminology in Earth language to describe these new concepts and realities.


Probably the Most Important Interview You’ll See in 2023! Your Life is a Video Computer Game—Here are the Computer Codes. NEXT UP for Those Who are Ready: The Golden Age of Aquarius! | Robert Edward Grant Interviewed by Jason Shurka

The crew shared this very revealing series of images taken from Alfa Romeo automobiles. Depending on how the image is enhanced, we can see some interesting hidden messaging. Some might recognize the Human sacrifice aspect of it, or an owl, or… what else do you see? Obviously the red cross or Rothschild connection. See the images at this link.

These are crazy times and The Plan seems absurd now and then. The Real Kim Shady has a lot of Telegrams about Trump, one-eye, and a very familiar string of events all too similar to the path of Christ before Easter—and it is Easter week. Would they assassinate Trump? Most of us would say no, not possible, he’s too well insulated, etc.

But what if—? I don’t even want to think about it. It would crush the American people. Good grief. We don’t need that kind of “near-death extinction event” to wake the masses and teach the lessons, do we? I hate to say it but it would probably be the source of unrest in America that would demand invoking the military and the events many have been wanting. When they say, “it had to be this way” we have to wonder just how far would the White Hats go. With Trump out of the picture, it would destroy the “saviour” theme and force people to do it themselves. I would hate for it to go that way, though. I believe the patriots are looking forward to celebrating the victories alongside Trump—together.

There are real criminals being taken out, however.

Fugitive Roy McGrath, Former Top Aide to Maryland Governor, Killed in ‘Agent-Involved Shooting’ With FBI

We have to end on a high note so if you’re on Telegram, please take a minute to watch this fellow “walk the walk” of the statesmen. He pretty much nails it. English sub-titles. Or watch on Twitter, below.


Busy week. Gotta go. Thank you for all the great info the crew shares via the comments. I had no internet for my first hour plus early this morning so I hope that doesn’t repeat or worsen. Back soon.  ~ BP

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