Reader: “Transsexuals and the 800 lb. Atrazine Gorilla in the Room” – April 08 2023

NO ONE is BORN GAY – it is a personal CHOICE = but PEDOPHILIA is NOT period !

The GAY AGENDA is just a CABAL BRAINWASH – negative CYCLE to push the humans – into the TRANS-SEXUAL = for the satanic ones who like to dress up as females. Then they laugh at you

WHY does the cabal do this ?


THE CABAL does NOT want humanity to be normal. Or have any normal families and procreate !

The more messed-up the family situations on the television are there to suggest you all to turn gay


Reader: “Transsexuals and the 800 lb. Atrazine Gorilla in the Room”

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 8-Apr-2023 03:26:06

(Thanks, M. :)Reader M. writes:=====Let’s get right to it.The herbicide Atrazine is the 800lb. Gorilla in the room.The lying ass government won’t cop to its sin, so the ignorant on both sides are at each other’s throat.

Its the Herbicide Atrazine that drastically changes sexual organs in vitro.Silencing the Scientist: Tyrone Hayes on Being Targeted By Herbicide Firm Syngenta

Homosexuality exists all throughout nature but it has done so not as the norm.However, since the introduction of the Herbicide into the food chain, gender confusion has soared and few have been brave enough to speak up.The people who think transgenders are ridiculous or wrong, either don’t know or don’t care about what herbicide has done. Besides, its a lot easier to scream at individuals rather than attack the corporations and government entities behind GMO Soy.The “Church” has belatedly acknowledged that Jesus had no problem with gays but no one has explained the deep psychological programming that encourages breeding for the purpose of maintaining ideology.If a chemical was used against you to drive you insane with its impact on your sexual organs, then wouldn’t you want to kill anyone who wouldn’t let you try and fix the problem?Get mad at the chemical company, not the victims of the chemical company! If you really got a pair, show the COMPANY what you feel about it.But let’s focus on the ROOT of the problem, and take a different approach with the victims of Atrazine.*************************************************************
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