(Reader: Kangaroo) The United Kingdom Deception

(Reader: Kangaroo) The United Kingdom Deception



 -Monday, 10 April 2023, 0:15 AM

Reader Post | By Kangaroo

The Treaty of Union has stood as the Constitutional framework for the United Kingdom since 1st May 1707. It is what binds Scotland and England together, in order to obtain independence it must be examined and interpreted. This examination includes both what it actually says and what it omits, the latter being the more important.

The Treaty can be found by Googling “Treaty of Union 1707” 

Article 1 is by far the most important as it links the two Kingdoms as being united as Great Britain. It states as follows

“That the two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, shall, upon the first Day of May

next ensuing the Date hereof, and for ever after, be united into one Kingdom by the Name

of Great-Britain,…”

Now there is a clear distinction between a Country and a Kingdom. If one goes outside and picks up some dirt, it has the characteristics of visibility, smell, touch, taste, and if you drop it you can hear it hitting the ground. This is the “Country or Land” where people live, so Scotland and England refer to a real tangible item defined by geographical boundaries inhabited by Scots or Angles as the case may be, a Country.  A “Kingdom” has none of these characteristics, it is abstract, ethereal, imaginary and intangible a purely Political concept existing solely in the minds of men.

For the two Kingdoms to be fully united as one, with one all powerful polity requires that Sovereignty is identical in the two Kingdoms. This was never the case, in the Kingdom of Scotland the people are Sovereign and in the Kingdom of England it has jumped from Monarch to Parliament and back on various occasions, to my knowledge it has never been with the people. This anomaly is obvious when you consider that James VI titled the King of Scots, became the King of England in 1603. If the Sovereignty had been the same the Kingdom of England would have been incorporated and renamed the Kingdom of Scotland. This was not done, confirming two crowns on one head and not a union of the crowns. In the ensuing century the Monarch was variously executed and forced into exile with Oliver Cromwell proclaiming the English Parliament to be Sovereign in the interregnum.

The matter of different Sovereignty was never resolved and so the “Crown in Parliament” was the fudge after the 1707 Union. The two parties having voting blocks which largely agreed and where disagreement happened then the overall majority won out.

This is NOT the implication of the Treaty. Sovereignty was never mentioned, and as it belonged to the Scottish people it could not be  transferred to the new United Kingdom of Great Britain. The two Sovereignties were never commingled and therefore must logically coexist. In fact what has happened “legally” is that the Scots Members of Parliament simply moved from Edinburgh to London and in moving they took the Scottish Parliament with them. Two distinct Parliaments sitting in the same Chamber, each Parliament representing their respective Kingdoms. Constitutionally the Sovereignties are oil and water and cannot be mixed. These two voting blocks must be counted separately and legislation can only be passed for the United Kingdom if both blocks agree. If only one block passes a bill then that can only be for that particular Kingdom and not for the other, alternatively some bills may carry a veto where both blocks must pass the bill otherwise it does not become law.

So the Kingdom of England has no rights over the Kingdom of Scotland or the Country and cannot remove resources, real things, of any kind without Scots express agreement. 

Further examination of the Treaty and the above commentary reveals that there is no impediment to the establishment of a Scottish Central Bank, a mint etc and removal of so called UK Government offices from Scotland including UK Income Tax and Immigration. Gas and Oil drilling licences can be cancelled and reissued by the Kingdom of Scotland, all revenues being Scottish. 

By now you’ve got the drift. Independence in all but name and there is nothing the United Kingdom can do to prevent it.


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