Preparing for the Next Abundance Wave of Light—April 2023! by DNA AWAKENING

Preparing for the Next Abundance Wave of Light—April 2023! by DNA AWAKENING

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Monday, 10-Apr-2023 22:43:50

Light will be flooding the planet this month, having a profound influence on mankind. It’s important to remember that, even if you have periods of mental dissonance, everything is working toward the next stage of human progress. As the energies of the previous several months have brought in a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that most people have found difficult to traverse, the Light finding its way into our personal and communal experience will seem like a rebirth to many. We empaths and sensitives need to rediscover our core and our equilibrium inside. If we can find our core, we’ll be better able to surf the waves of light that will flood into our physical, etheric, and mental bodies in the coming weeks.Here are some easy techniques for finding our center and gaining equilibrium before diving into the incoming waves of light energy:SNIP


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