MIL AIR Q OPTICS – April 12 2023


Posted By: jensingr
Date: Wednesday, 12-Apr-2023 18:48:17

NORTHROP GRUMMAN RQ-4Q4draws a “Q” right outside Florida before heading NorthThank Q for the optics 🕶️☠️🇺🇸DEREK JOHNSON______________________________________________________________GITMO daily driver__________________________________________________________ERG – EMERGENCY RELOCATION GROUPS*Call signs begin with E, R, and GEMERGENCY RELOCATION GROUPS
CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENTEmergency Relocation Groups. Found in the Federal Continuity Directive 1… aka Continuity of Government.FCD1 issued 1/17/2017, FCD2 6/13/2017 with a few more stemming from those 2/2018, 1/2021, and 7/2021***Getting ready…

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