April 11, 2023: When the Student is Ready… [videos]

April 11, 2023: When the Student is Ready… [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 11, 2023

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, but in this information war, sometimes the teacher is taken out—either literally or metaphorically by having their avenues of contact blocked.

Social media censorship is a known strategy of the dark to keep the people uninformed or confused and drowning in disinformation. Google has been censoring the truth in Internet searches for a long time; burying truthful, enlightening, and current information in favour of top search results favouring the deep state’s “truths”.

In this manipulated reality most things are reversed, however, and what they have been spoon feeding us via their corporate cabal media for decades is constant streams of lies via news, entertainment and “scientific updates” in the form of disinformation and propaganda, such as the hoopla over the chlorine dioxide President Trump recommended for the treatment of Covid and the hysterical media blasted through the airwaves as Trump telling us to “drink bleach”. For the truth about the history of chlorine dioxide over the past one hundred years as a disinfectant, read this substack article from Brian Cates.


Character assassination is a prime method of poisoning the minds of the masses. Another phrase we hear a lot states that it is far easier to con someone than to convince them they’ve been conned. Pride is a powerful thing, and not many are comfortable admitting they were tricked but the truth is, we were all fooled; it’s the realization of the trickery that is evasive and scattered along the timeline and becomes our baggage.

Some felt the urgency of danger decades ago, while others are still walking the Earth in a trance, unable to see what is right in front of them. Even at the insistence of friends and family, they cannot break free of the brainwashing and apathy. They are like the elephant tethered by a rope. Their minds are imprisoned and all it would take to break free is a few simple steps outside their comfort zone—the comfort zone established as a baby.

Trump has been talking “gold”. Yes, we know… Trump Tower is supposedly full of gilt accoutrements but this is possibly related to the new gold-backed US dollar, the new Quantum Financial System, or NESARA/GESARA, or maybe some missing stolen gold the Earth Alliance has been seeking. From the President’s Truth Social account. As Q advised… “learn our comms”.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

I am pleased to report that after a search, we were able to find the gold (paint!) Driver given to me by my friend & former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. It was in a locker, with other clubs, at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach County, Florida. It has never been used. Based on the fact that this club was given to me before entering office, I am told that there are no reporting requirements, but I am nevertheless forwarding it to NARA. My company buys thousands of clubs a year!

Not sure where this originated, but it seems plausible. Link to Telegram.

Generals in the US Army have instructed soldiers to prepare for World War 3.

Join General Patton (https://t.me/General_PattonQ)

Telegram (https://t.me/General_PattonQ)
General Patton
May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t!

What I believe most reading this are ready to hear is the details behind the Q Team operations that we did not see. Most of the “heavy lifting” was done behind the scenes, and I certainly felt that, and understood the logic of it.

When certain details do come out, however, it’s chilling to hear how dangerous and aggressive some of these missions were to dismantle the system of deception and control. For example, for the first time I heard the details of how special ops captured the 13 Venetian [Phoenician] bloodline families at their 13 individual palaces in Venice. It’s enough to make your blood run cold when the “failure is not an option” warning comes into play. What if just one of those teams had failed to execute their portion of the raid? Wow.

Below is a portion of the riveting interview with Charlie Freak and Mark Devlin about that operation in Venice to cut the head off the hydra. The rest of the interviews are also fantastic for showing how successful the Q Team/Patriot ops have been as Charlie’s deep research walks us through the many dots he’s connected and most people are either unaware of, or don’t appreciate the value of when they are presented in the Truther community. The conversations are particularly interesting as they precede the January 6 rally in Washington when Trump should have been renewing his tenancy in the oval office but the election steal had not yet been resolved and patriots were getting really frustrated.

To watch all portions of Charlie’s discussion with Mark Devlin, use this link.

Stories of a more distant nature that we’re following: Link to Telegram.

Evacuation in South Korea as Coastal City Under Wildfire Threat (Reports)

Due to high winds, the southern coastal city of Gangneung cannot be protected by water bombing planes and the decision has been taken to move hundreds of residents to safer ground.

More than 1,700,000 m2 of land has been ablaze since Monday morning, with reports of further evacuations from the city of 200k being considered by Gangwon Province Governor Kim Jin-tae.

The fire appears to have started after strong winds blew a tree over onto live overhead power cables, igniting flames, Kim told media. (Reuters)


Next time someone says there are no demons, witches, warlocks, possession, or this isn’t a war about good versus evil, show them this.


Evil lives invisibly in our midst. Even when it’s exposed in the media in some places, it is ignored or hides.


If there is no evil running rampant on our planet, why all these senseless shootings? This one happened today.


It’s not only about gun control. Is this about guns? Do they need a distraction in Brazil? What’s it about then? Revenge for Jair Bolsonaro’s rejection of the globalists?


And another incident at Columbine High School in Colorado? Link to Telegram.

No Active Shooter at Columbine High School in Clements Park, Colorado.

One suspect was being treated for injuries at Clement Park on Monday after Columbine High School was placed on a secure perimeter.

That secure perimeter means that no one is allowed to enter or leave the campus but all school activities continue as scheduled inside the building.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, there’s a “large police presence in the area of W Bowles Ave and S Pierce. Initial info indicates an officer-involved shooting; suspect is being treated on scene and no officers were injured.”

More: https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/suspect-detained-clement-park-officer-involved-shooting-investigated/

The young man from January 6 at the Capitol known as the Q Shaman or Jake Angeli [obvious alias] whose real name is Jacob Chansley was bound to be an integral part of that movement. He was bigger than life and had too much focus on him to be irrelevant after that date. Shortly after J6 he did at least one video and seemed to be a real Q fan, a patriot, a very nice guy, enlightened and informed.

“Q Shaman” Jacob Chansley on January 6, 2021, Washington Capitol rally

He was a sitting duck at that rally-gone-wrong in Washington and may have known what would happen. I heard that while touring the Capitol he had actually taken photographic evidence from some of the politicians’ chambers [Nancy Pelosi]? which, if true, could still come into play later in the “movie”.

The crew brings us this video he put out which will certainly resonate with some of the millennials and may change some minds. I don’t know the origin platform of the video so please watch at Before It’s News at the link below. In the first 5 minutes he states he will be talking about the three patents the Navy has just released to the public for:

A. TR-3b Astra triangle “anti-gravity” craft [old technology]

B. Zero-point free energy device

C. Room temperature super-conductor to enable the control of heat in the free energy device so the combination of the three means we can all have free energy for our homes, travel within minutes anywhere we want to go on the planet, etc.

He then gets into more information for the digital soldiers so they can effectively use the information as an awake and aware individual; some of it from a remote viewing perspective—which would explain why the Navy would welcome him into their fold and that he very possibly DID know what the outcome would be on January 6. Now that I’ve listened to his presentation… we learn he is a Navy contractor and legally free to disclose the information he is disseminating.

Jake is very animated and eloquent and gives a basic synopsis of the cabal’s agenda, and much more which makes it clear what has been happening and why. It’s an excellent presentation so people can effectively discuss the problem with friends and family without turning them off. 1 hr. 13 min. 13 sec. Qincidence?

Shahman Hero – Jacob Chansley – Speaks Truth to Power (Video)

The following is a post from Q the Storm Rider about the comments from RFK Jr. [Bobby Kennedy’s son], concerning the Covid bioweapon. Link to Telegram for video clip.

Holy shit… I am just now seeing this from RFK.

He goes into detail on how Fauci off-shored US bioweapon production to Ukraine and Wuhan in 2014.

RFK has been vocal about Wuhan, but this is the first time I’ve heard him mention bioweapon production in Ukraine 👀

Just before press time news of a fire in New Jersey at a recycling plant popped up. Is it a coincidence that it affects the light rail transit? A train? Transportation? Could it be to prevent people from getting on that train at rush hour because it was sabotaged [bomb] and could potentially have cost many lives—or something else?


I’m checking out now. Back soon. Thank you to the crew for what often amounts to another blog post within the comments.  ~ BP

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