Being the Persons We Love the Most

Being the Persons We Love the Most

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We have been programmed to believe that we are separate beings with a separate consciousness, and this is how we perceive ourselves to be. Because we have believed that we are our bodies, we have also believed that there is a world outside of us. The world we believe is outside of us is filled with drama of all kinds, good and bad, but ultimately our participation becomes lethal for the body.

The expansion of our scientific abilities through technology and quantum physics has given us a deeper understanding of our condition. Our consciousness is not localized to us. Only our awareness is. Consciousness is infinite, and we are expressions of it. We constantly arise within it. It is our essence of being and our conscious life force. We cannot be separated from infinite consciousness, but we can block our awareness of it with our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

The entire play of the empirical world is constantly being created within our own consciousness as we interact with other conscious beings. Everything is conscious, or it could not exist. This includes subatomic protons, quarks, neutrons, electrons and photons, all of which display consciousness and comprise our bodies and our entire experience. Everything in our experience is conscious, which means that it all exists in universal consciousness. All of this has been discovered and logically deduced from empirical experiments that anyone can duplicate and get the same results.

With our limiting beliefs, we have been entranced in deluding ourselves for the sake of having experiences in limitation within a realm subject to negative experiences. When we are ready, we can open our awareness to our true Being and realize that the entire empirical show is happening in our consciousness, and we are its directors, producers and actors.

Everything is electromagnetic energy, which we can feel, envision and modulate. We create patterns of energy with our mind and emotions, and we align with vibratory qualities through our attention and feelings. We don’t have a choice about this. It’s how we are created. We are fractals of Creator-Consciousness with the freedom to use our minds and emotions however we want. The quality of everything in our experience is a vibratory expression of how we feel about ourselves and who we believe we are.

Although we have not been aware of it, each of us encompasses the entire cosmos, free to create whatever expressions we desire. Nothing can force us to suffer or worry. These are personal decisions, and they create reflections of themselves. As the source of our conscious life force, our heart-consciousness is the logical and emotional place to pay attention to. It is our connection to infinite consciousness and our essence of Being. We are the creators of our life expressions and everything we experience. Through the vibratory guidance of our heart, we can live in infinite love and joy.

**By Kenneth Schmitt




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