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Date: Wednesday, 12-Apr-2023 15:29:31

I’m in no way a fan of AI but since it’s been thrust upon the world (big time) during the past few weeks, I thought I’d at least get acquainted with the enemy. In no way will any photo of myself be used for any regeneration, as then one’s truly in the AI domain, might send my dog over though.Was truly impressed with its renderings (of what I thought was an abstract request) of time fractals, so thought I’d pass them on.All pictures generated at https://www.craiyon.com/Something a little different.Elementals 12EmptinessHave been experimenting with this https://chat.openai.com/chat also.Who’d have guessed?Q. How many molecules of hydrogen are there in the observable universe?A. It’s not possible to give a precise answer to this question because the observable universe is incredibly vast and the exact number of hydrogen molecules it contains is unknown. However, we can make some estimations based on our current understanding of the universe.Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up about 75% of its elemental mass. The observable universe is estimated to contain around 10^80 atoms of hydrogen. Since each hydrogen molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen, we can estimate that there are around 5 x 10^80 molecules of hydrogen in the observable universe.It’s important to note that this estimation is based on several assumptions and uncertainties, so the actual number of hydrogen molecules in the universe could be different. Nonetheless, this estimate gives us an idea of just how vast the universe is and how much hydrogen it contains.——Now I’m off to solve Einstein’s missing equation to explain the theory of everything……..————-Fox.


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