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Date: Saturday, 15-Apr-2023 02:18:22

Putin Rebukes Leaks Claiming Special Forces DecimatedBy Michael BaxterApril 14, 2023Russian President Vladimir Putin has rebuked a leaked U.S. intelligence report claiming that his “Special Military Operation” has gutted the nation’s Spetznas and that Moscow will have to spend decades rebuilding its Special Operations community, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.On Thursday, the FBI arrested a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman who allegedly accessed and leaked a trove of national defense information to a Discord chatroom. Among the cache was a CIA assessment, which, if accurate, shows pre-war and current satellite images of Russian Special Forces brigades. The pictures suggest four of five brigades have suffered staggering losses, and the conflict has sapped the morale of surviving commandos. If one believes the leak, Spetznas units are depleted and combat ineffective.According to military records, the alleged leaker, Jack Teixeira, 21, is an Airmen First Class communications specialist. In announcing the arrest on Thursday, the criminal Merrick Garland wouldn’t explain how a junior airman accessed some of the U.S. government’s most closely guarded documents.The FSB and Vladimir Putin are convinced the leaked data are CIA contrivances to generate even more anti-Putin propaganda. Putin, Zakharov said, thinks Western intelligence manufactured the satellite images and employed someone to leak them intentionally, so the rest of the world would inaccurately conclude he’s on the verge of a crushing defeat. The West, led by the criminal Biden regime, has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to paint Putin as the most villainous person on the planet.“As we understand your military hierarchy, this boy would not have permission to look at the classified material he purportedly put on the internet. He’s like a pawn on a chessboard. Say, for example, if America was liberating Canada and Russia had satellite photographs of the disposition of Canadian special forces. Only a few intelligence experts and the highest-ranking military officials would be cleared to see it. Not some private in a communications platoon. The logical answer is some person gave Teixeira the information and told him to leak it to the internet. Maybe the CIA recruited him. Maybe his arrest is fake, and they gave him money and a new identity. Or Maybe he’s, how you say, a patsy. Yes, some leaks may be true, but not about our Special Forces,” Zakharov said.He said the Spetznas leak was unequivocally fabricated because it was predicated on the false assertion that most Special Forces had engaged Ukrainian revolutionaries on the front lines. Less than twenty percent of Spetznas have fought in open conflict. At the same time, the bulk of Russia’s Special Operations community has waged a less conspicuous war against Western-sponsored businesses on Ukrainian soil—bioweapon laboratories, child predators and traffickers, and, more recently, Covid-19 vaccine production and storage sites.“Have we lost men? Of course, we have. Good men. Brave men. Men who died fighting for a better world. But not like your government wants you to think. I cannot say how many Special Forces we have, but your CIA’s estimate of only 5 brigades of 950 men each is wrong. We are at better than fighting strength, and we will continue battling the dog Zelenskyy. President Putin laughs at the propaganda and rebukes it,” Zakharov said.In closing, he added that the FSB and other Russian intelligence agencies would obtain evidence to destroy the credibility of the leaked intelligence.SOURCE: https://realrawnews.com/2023/04/putin-rebukes-leaks-claiming-special-forces-decimated/


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