The Extension of War Brings More Profits – Where We Stand Now

The Extension of War Brings More Profits – Where We Stand Now

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Sunday, 16-Apr-2023 03:03:50

The world has been watching a new phase of the globalist’s scheme to create a one world government. The first phase started in earnest after the wealthy elite think-tank gurus determined about 10 years ago that a New World Order could only exist with the full purge of all rogue nations and groups with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).
This conclusion created a list of nations and terrorist groups that possess WMDs, and especially nuclear bombs.At the top of that list was Russia, then China, North Korea and Iran. Nations like Pakistan and India are in a separate category, but they could be dealt with eventually if the political environment changes in the future. However, if they use their weapons against each other, it only enhances the depopulation agenda – which is a win win for the globalists.The secondary reason Russia was chosen to be de-nuclearized and Balkanized was the reality of their massive territorial size and their abundant natural resources. The globalists have been salivating for years to seize that wealth, by any means necessary, and expand their control and create a communist global plantation.Once that decision was made to target Russia and go after their territory, the word went out to the politicians and the paid-off news media to demonize Russia and make them appear like the new Nazi Germany, along with what they considered a new Hitler leader named Putin. I recognized this diabolical pattern and saw stark similarities to the World War II era. That war was forced on us, and the same type of control is being forced on us again.The US and European citizens are safe in their cities, as their factories pump out bombs and bullets, so a controlled and contrived war in trenches can take place in Ukraine. For many researchers that look into dangerous conflicts and wars, they saw the danger of a widening war and even the possibility of it quickly escalating into a nuclear exchange. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the war was extended month after month into a protracted conflict. Why?It would have been quite easy for the west to create a false flag and immediately take the world into a nuclear showdown. Recent history is full of examples where governments faked an event to justify a wider war. But in this case that scenario has so far, been totally avoided. The question is who benefits from an extended war in Ukraine?It is obvious that the military industrial complex has a strong motive to keep the war going at the current level to maintain a steady flow of profits. At the same time, the globalists have concluded that the longer the war goes on, the weaker Russia becomes. And the weaker that Russia becomes, the more pressure is placed on the Russian people which could lead to an internal civil war and possible “regime” change.
The same type of pressure is being used inside Iran at this very moment, so the possibility of regime change could also take place in Iran.The bottom line here is again “money”. It’s all about the profits. And as those profits pour in for the manufacturing of tanks, missiles, bullets and military vehicles – the body bags on both sides are steadily flowing out of the front lines. This is the terrible truth the world must face.The profits in American and European military war machine production are directly connected to the dead bodies of real human beings. That is diabolical and should be recognized and exposed. There is no excuse for this to go on.
This war against Russia was built on propaganda and lies from the very start.
Russia was not aggressive and was not threatening anyone. It was the west that changed the rules, went against the official agreements made, and deliberately pushed Nato control right up to the Russian borders.If the same thing was done against US borders by an enemy, America would rise up and defend their territory. It is plain and simple. But some nations are more equal than others. And, the current US regime in power is determining what right and wrong is today, and the general public doesn’t have a say in the matter.I wrote this to a friend recently on this subject:
“As I watch the world situation it is now clear to me the that wars and conflicts are being extended to maintain military industrial complex profits. It’s always about the money. A massive nuke war doesn’t generate enough profits to make it a viable option, at this time.
So, we are in a holding pattern of wars in a controlled fashion to perpetuate profits.
In the meantime, the financial system is imploding on a weekly basis. And it’s anyone’s guess how far that will go.”The public may not be aware of this, but every time Congress votes to send more $ billions to Ukraine, and Biden signs an executive order to give money to Ukraine, a large part of that money never leaves the US. It goes directly into defense contractor corporations to build more war machines.
This is turn generates more stock profits inside the US, employs thousands of Americans and bolsters the stock market. In reality, our American economy is being laid on the foundation of the bones, of hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers. God bless America?At what point does the American public wake up to this wicked sham and reverse this war mongering pattern? Obviously, there is no end in sight and no stopping point for this evil to stop. Both parties are vigorously and unapologetically supporting this unconstitutional war. They are literally getting away with murder. God bless America?And to add insult to injury, the government-controlled school system is using communist propaganda tactics on impressionable young minds to force the anti-nature and anti-Christian gay agenda. They are telling the students: “this is national policy, you don’t have a choice in the matter. We will defend students that want to be another gender and will openly fight against your parents. The school is your safe zone.”This is nothing less than a communist program to “normalize” their control and take the children from the parents, vilify the churches and Bible believers, and indoctrinate all citizens to the New World Order. When the communists capture the minds and lives of the children, they conquer the nation and the future. With the expansion of drug use and hedonistic lifestyles – Americans no longer have the spirit of resistance. What we are witnessing first hand is the actual down fall of America.In addition to this, there are several wild cards on the global scene that no one can predict how they will play out. One of those wild cards is the fact that the communist dictatorship of North Korea has acquired and/or developed hypersonic missiles that cannot be shot down. Those missiles can be fitted with nuclear warheads. That means the entire planet is within range of those missiles.Then you add the latest development of a tsunami torpedo bomb that the North Koreans tested successfully and you now have a threat to coast lines and island areas. This could be used against Japan, Guam, Hawaii, and the entire Pacific coast from San Diego to Seattle. If it was used, how would anyone know it was a tidal wave bomb? How would we know which enemy country launched the weapon against us? No one from the west and neither China and Russia control North Korea. They could launch a tsunami torpedo on a whim and no one would be the wiser. That is a serious wild card.Once they did such a thing, if then they launched an attack and invasion of South Korea, it is a foregone conclusion that the US would nuke North Korea. But by that time, Japan is gone, and perhaps millions of Americans dead from the tidal wave that would be hundreds to 1,500 feet high.
This same genuine threat exists on the US east coast from Miami to Boston. And it also exists against Europe and the UK.Another wild card is the conflict between Israel and Iran and the Muslim nations. It is well known that the Iranians have at least 15 nuclear bombs that they have collected throughout the years. They can be launched on missiles at any time against Israel. If a war breaks out for any reason, Israel would end up being a glass parking lot and a radioactive waste land for generations to come. Imagine how that event would effect Bible believing Americans that would see the destruction of Israel as the final Armageddon. That would be a mass panic on steroids.In return, Israel would launch nuclear missiles against Iran, killing tens of millions. They would also hit other Muslim nations at the same time since they are considered enemies of Israel. This scenario is real, but whether it will ever happen or not is anyone’s guess. So far, saner minds have prevailed, however both sides have their fingers on the button 24/7.The globalists’ agenda to pacify and control rogue nations has also been a part of the depopulation agenda. In this regard the latest pandemic, which was proven to be fully planned in advance, was fairly successful. It not only killed a least 10 million people worldwide initially, it has caused serious long term health effects and sterilized hundreds of millions of men and women at the same time. It would be nearly impossible to calculate all the deadly ramifications of the manufactured pandemic. It is the “gift” that keeps on giving to depopulate the earth. The wealthy elite globalists are doing high fives over that 3 year biological attack.This was a murderous attack on the planet and nothing less than an act of war. Never forget this fact. My loved ones, and your loved ones and friends DIED because of that attack. An enemy did this. At least one million Americans died from that germ warfare attack. This is an example of the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” agenda by the globalists.
How do we defend ourselves against such attacks? How do we protect ourselves from communist change agents destroying America from within? Answer: We respond by withdrawing from the cities and urban areas and living as self-sufficient as possible in the country.We should remain wise and careful. We keep one foot in the system and one foot out. Total withdrawal is not required or necessary. It is not logical or rational to over-complicate your life and live a diminished lifestyle. There is no reason to be living in primitive conditions where things are inconvenient. But we should be aware of what is going on, keep our options open, and be ready to stay out of harm’s way. George Eaton

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