Ex-Intelligence Chief Warns Mass Migration Turning France into Third World Country

Ex-Intelligence Chief Warns Mass Migration Turning France into Third World Country

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Monday, 17-Apr-2023 11:30:30

In Response To: “We Have Reached Such A Point That The Reaction Can Only Be Extreme.” French, Even Leftists, Shifting Against Immigration (RumorMail)

From a RMN reader..SnipFormer French secret service chief and ambassador Pierre Brochand has been warning about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration for years. He believes that the liberal approach to immigration that has prevailed for decades is making the country poorer and could even lead to civil war. Brochand also points out that social security funds suffer from the massive influx of immigrants, as they receive significant benefits but contribute little to the system.The situation is dire, with France taking in 450,000 people each year who have not contributed to the infrastructure they will use. This is putting unbearable pressure on public services, and the quality of life in the country is collapsing. Furthermore, as the trend of children with a migration background continues to rise, around 40 percent of children between 0 and 4 in France are now of immigrant origin. This has led the former intelligence chief, Pierre Brochand, to warn that the situation has reached a critical point where extreme reactions are now the only possible outcome. France will inevitably become a country that is no longer livable at all, declared the former Intelligence Chief.The root cause of this crisis is the Marxist ideology dressed up as a liberal mindset, which has allowed uncontrolled immigration to continue for far too long. If nothing is done, France will become a third-world country with an over-consuming and under-contributing population. This will have devastating consequences for future generations, and the establishment’s warnings will make no practical difference.The demographic crisis in France is just the tip of the iceberg, as the rest of the Western world is hurtling towards the same inevitable fate. The situation in Germany, Belgium, and Sweden is equally concerning, as uncontrolled immigration continues to have devastating and irreversible effects on Europe. This is a stark reminder that the liberal approach to immigration is a ticking time bomb that threatens to implode societies and plunge them into chaos.

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