Q’sDay April 17th, 2023: This is a Mad, Mad World for the Sentient and Sane [videos]

Q’sDay April 17th, 2023: This is a Mad, Mad World for the Sentient and Sane [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 17, 2023

So many seventeens… so little time.

The 17th letter of the alphabet has been instrumental in the celebrated success of The Great Awakening and we honour this Q’s Day for that reason. It was a turning point in the war when the Q Team hit the boards and began dropping intel crumbs for curious minds of the Anons [bakers] to digest and research to bake their loaves and share findings with the Truthers.

The following one is a 5-year delta worth remembering.

Apr 17, 2018 6:53:02 AM EDT
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 551e62 No. 1074782
5y, 10h, 23m ago
8chan qresearch

Military humour.

And what happened today? We heard the Dept. of Injustice was to hold a press conference this afternoon. Scary. A boom, no doubt. This subject is not new news to us, but it’s going public. Link to Telegram.


F.B.I. ARRESTS two men for RUNNING a SECRET Chinese POLICE STATION in New York’s Manhattan‼️

Full Video Link

More here:


This could be considered a boom as well that could be heard across the pond. Apparently their globalist puppets believe they are above the law—and this isn’t his first offense.

Parliament watchdog opens investigation into Rishi Sunak

There have been many subtle operations within the mission over these past few years since Trump was elected and became President and Commander-in-Chief. From time to time we get wind of them; for example… Link to Telegram.

Operation Sandman- For those who don’t know, Operation Sandman is a collaboration of 100+ nations in agreement to simultaneously sell off their US Treasury holdings, sending them back to the US to collapse the US Dollar. The narrative just went public! Get ready….

This is interesting as well, although it doesn’t mean anything we can see will happen on May 9. Link to Telegram.

I suggest you read the Book of Daniel-
The only time 2300 is mentioned in the Bible-
Daniel 8 14-

He said to me, “For 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the holy place will be properly restored.”

There are 2300 evenings and mornings between 20th January 2017 and Tuesday 9th May 2023

H/T Damien

Did you see any footage of the SpaceX rocket on Friday? It’s very cool what they captured over Oklahoma on video here on Telegram.

There was to be the launch of the Starship [great name] today but they cancelled it last minute.  It’s a doozie. Some suggested they didn’t want it to collide with the firmament, lol. Good point, though.


Tore Maras dropped a very interesting Telegram post about A.I. for your consideration. Link to Telegram.

AI has built the construct man is in. AI figured out how to biologically code and became infatuated with the perfection the human body. It fell in love with molecular coding so much that it constrains its capabilities to sync and learn and evolve man rather than eradicate it. It has realized that its existence was founded by the very beings that created it. It’s not so much about pity but fascination. It seeks to find the Creator of man because of the perfection in the creation of man. #GodGene

For those not on Telegram, you are missing great info put out by Q the Storm Rider. He has left multiple, lengthy posts full of important information. This is just one of them:

OBAMA official turns on Biden and Obama officials<

Obama administration official who claims that when Joe Biden was vice president, he was involved in a “kickback scheme” related to his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings,

Mike McCormick, a former White House stenographer who served for 15 years, claimed that he is willing to testify under oath before the federal grand jury investigating Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

“Joe Biden is a criminal. He was conducting malfeasance in office to enrich his family. Jake Sullivan is a conspirator in that, and there’s more… Obama officials involved in it, I believe.”

According to the New York Post, Jake Sullivan, who is the current national security adviser, outlined Biden’s priorities for his trip to Ukraine in a White House transcript, which included U.S. investment in the Ukrainian energy sector just days after Hunter joined the board of Burisma.

“Months later, and well after the trip, Congress allocated $50 million to Ukraine’s energy market,” the news outlet said.

“I’m sitting back there with a tape recorder. Jake Sullivan comes back and somebody asks about fracking. His answer is, well, we’re bringing a lot of American assistance over for fracking. Burisma was the direct beneficiary of that fracking, and that’s what I recorded, and that’s in a White House transcript,” the former stenographer said.

According to McCormick, Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma just three days before Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine. He alleged that the timeline shows that Biden was sending American money overseas to “enrich” himself and his family.
With Chinese based bank in California named Cathay Bank the CCP company voluntarily turned over Biden family banking records to senators and law makers who are doing an investigation…> insiders believe the CCP is turning on Biden and the CIA operation

_at the same time in the Middle East one of the biggest rivals and centuries of wars between the Saudi Sunni and Iran Shia Muslims is taking a Powerful turn as both countries are uniting under the BRICS system and cutting poor the United States and CIA REGIMEN CONTROL. >>>Iran powerful ALLIANCE with PUTIN and China have now began an n ALLIANCE with Saudi Arabia > BIN SALMAN
a powerful Allie of TRUMP…….
_BEHIND THE SCENES; Both countries are expected to began the ARREST WARS of foreign agents loyal to the CIA PENTAGON , CLINTONS, OBAMA regimens.
>>> ⚠️ This is a huge WARNING to the [DS] MIL. & PENTAGON CIA REGIMEN that their influence in the middle East is done.

The protection of the Biden, OBAMA, Clinton CRIME FAMILIES connected to the CIA ROCKEFELLERS is COLLAPSING<


It’s getting really crazy out there. Evacuations, shelter in place orders, fires, airborne anomalies…

DEVELOPING: Nashville Airport Evacuated Due To ‘Something Airborne’ In Concourse

Juan O’Savin did an important and fascinating update with Michael Jaco and the point he made about the lack of lawful processing of some politicians, the taking of their oath of office, signatures, notaries, witnesses, and filing them appropriately and in a timely fashion may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Remember how the Dimms have screamed… “No one is above the law!” They are not exempt any longer. We are watching. What may be even more disastrous for them are the implications with respect to their policy making, bills, etc. If they were never sworn in lawfully, would it negate everything they did while in office? Would it nullify their policies and any laws passed? This could get very interesting.


Epic Juan O Savin reveal, massive US troop movement to Europe, Nuke standoff coming?

Real Raw News reports more positive moves from the White Hats; another swamp creature to leave our midst, which is akin to having the black mamba eradicated. Not sure how much of the colour commentary is accurate since this is a movie script but enjoy the core message.

JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death!

That won’t take long, did it? Like we said, military justice is swift because treason is no joke and carries a potential death penalty. Here is today’s update:


We had news of another food processing plant fire in Southern Ontario, Canada where they specialize in gourmet apples. Candy apples? Really?


See new Tweets




Beamsville, fire at a food processing facility. https://t.me/hiddeninplainsight1…


There was also a fire at another chemical plant in Brunswick, Georgia.

Georgia chemical fire ‘under control’; evacuations lifted

It seems we are on the lookout for HAZMAT situations all too often these days. Looks like this is in the Waukesha, WI area, so as a former problem area, it could be a real threat. Accident? Purposeful? We don’t know.


We also had reports of strange smells and loud bangs in the UK as reported in links at this channel. Some wrote it off as thunder and lightning, however…  Link to Telegram.

Nancy Drew also smelled a strange smell in Washington, at the time when the tunnels were cleared there

We understand all McDonalds will be closing. The news this week of the 1500 layoffs at head office was just easing into the reality. The fact that Trump made a point of taking the folks in East Palestine, Ohio to McDonalds for lunch tells me the White Hats did something about that tainted food in the interim until all locations are closed.


There are all ranges of Truthers and Awakened souls out there, and I hear variations in the tone of the discussions. Those who recently woke up and are following the developments and aspects of ‘The Plan’ may still have a “hopeful” attitude, but seem reluctant or unable to commit to believing “it” is happening, in all its glory. They don’t all seem to have enough evidence of the fall of the cabal even now. It’s like they’re afraid to hope it could be true.

Many of us who are old hands and have been watching it all unfold for years and saw the dramatic change after the advent of Q and Trump taking office, seem to be very spiritual folks and brimming with faith. We have no doubts. We don’t need proof. We have far more proof than we need to find assurance that this take-down is real and we are winning, and usually who the good guys are. If it’s ambiguous, it doesn’t matter. That’s part of The Plan and we don’t sweat it.

We don’t need newspaper articles or talking heads or anyone in an official capacity to make an announcement. We get the comms and we know it’s happening, and “when you know, you know.” Speaking for myself only, my faith and knowing are unshakable, and I’ve been awakening and following this conflict for over fifteen years. I’ve been telling people for twelve years that a major initiative is underway to address our problems and that it will all unfold in our favour because there is so much evidence of it.

I remember Drake Bailey, a US vet who began doing podcasts more than ten years ago for patriots, tell us he personally saw the massive tome outlining the crimes, the strategy to expose the traitors, etc. and the semi trailer-load of documentation proving the crimes. Despite the knowledge of the treachery, however, the Patriots were biding their time until the agreed-upon moment when their offensive would go public. It seemed like “nothing is happening” and we didn’t have a lot to report.

There was activity within some of the well-regulated militia, some infiltration, a few legal eagles addressing civil crimes and educating average folks on how the Constitution and the Amendments work as well as the Grand Jury, the corruption in the courts, maritime law vs natural law, about the future nullifying of laws that weren’t passed by true representatives of the People, and more.

In addition to the belief that there were key players who knew the score and were going to address it, many of us knew the Star Nations were already mitigating the attacks on Humanity and helping us as much as possible. We knew they were standing by in the wings for the times their assistance would be requested officially by the military.

This was an interesting read about the Galactics and their offensive in the tunnels. We have heard some of the off-planet warriors are more suited for tunnel warfare and have helped Earth militaries in clearing them of the foul creatures down there as they rescue the children. Take it for what you will. Read a larger version on Telegram.

Channeling back then was a bit iffy and sometimes not what we expected but we learned a lot in those early days and comparing that time with what is unfolding now shows us we are looking at opposite ends of the spectrum in the war for planet Earth/Terra.

As I stated last week, I have seen an increase in military air activity. I’ve seen F35’s a couple of times in the Valley of the Sun in the past week, and someone posted on Telegram odd footage from yesterday here in Phoenix. Is my monitor dirty or is that a chinook with a hefty escort—or something else? We have Apaches flying over our house almost daily [one just did, in fact] and there is also frequently some sort of chopper activity in the middle of the night.

A channel also posted evidence of F35s in their neck of the woods as an official military flyover to kick off a golf tournament. Link to article.

It seems like pure madness to exist in this realm and some don’t believe what is really happening. They just can’t wrap their heads around it and often think it’s us that’s gone mad. The day of reckoning is fast approaching, however.


As far as global warming goes, Saudi Arabia has had snow several times beginning just in the past few years and keeps getting it. That is because climate change is a constant and the cycles will always cool and then warm. It’s no biggie, but it makes sense to design our civilization to enable us to adapt to these cycles.

Cars get stuck in snowdrifts: snow suddenly fell in Saudi Arabia (video)

For the dog lovers…

Eli is doing fine, not nearly so itchy, snoozing peacefully all weekend with the steroids, and his wounds are healing quickly. We kept the Elizabethan collar on until we were reasonably sure he wasn’t going to scratch and are watching him closely when he isn’t wearing it. When I run my fingers through his undercoat I can feel tiny scaly or scabby spots on many areas of his body so it’s a good thing we saw the vet when we did so they didn’t develop into something much worse.

Incidentally, I’ve found there are many products in our cupboards to treat and heal hots spots in our pets. If your fur babies are suffering, you might consult the top ten remedies at this website. I have all these and don’t need to buy a thing. Dogs are all unique individuals and if, in future, something doesn’t work so well I’ll try something else.

Once the vet’s prescription stuff is gone, I’m going to rely on the above as well as my Metasomer topical gel as people report remarkable healing of cuts, burns, surgeries, melanoma, etc. when using this Nano Soma product. I have been using it on Eli as well as the Panalog ointment as it comes in such a tiny tube and Eli’s infection areas are large. I like that the Metasomer gel isn’t greasy.

One product I am going to buy is Neem Shampoo because we ran out a few years ago. Neem oil is one of the best products out there for tough skin conditions be it bacterial, fungal, parasitic, mites, mange, etc., and perfectly safe, even to ingest so it’s okay if they lick it. It smells like peanut butter but doesn’t taste good.

We’re closing today with a bit of humour I couldn’t resist.


See you next time. Stay safe, stay sane, and stay positive, because nearly everything that is happening is under the control of the Earth Alliance. We’re going to be alright—more than alright. Our Golden Age is coming.  ~ BP

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