Sananda: The White Hats Are In Control

Sananda: The White Hats Are In Control

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I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in this time of great light that is beginning to become illuminated within the planet.

All of the many changes that are upon you, increasing how seemingly every moment, whereas before, if you think about this years ago, very little seemed to have been changing. But look now! Look at all of the great changes that are happening, seemingly not so positive.

But yet, always remember, always remember the great universal plan that is at work here, where you’ve heard many times ‘trust the plan.’ And even though it can be difficult at times to do so, continue to do so. Because as you have heard so many times: nothing can stop the plan.

The White Hats, the Alliance have this well in control. For it is not only those here on the Earth, but those that are above in the ships. Those many civilizations that are here to assist this entire ascension process. They are behind the scenes. Not interfering directly, although at times there is a need for that. And there has been at times. But know that as everything continues on in the moment, the great changes continue on.

All you need to do as a collective consciousness, and as a Lightworking Community is to realize always that this is just a part of the expression that needs to play out here, what you call a movie or a show. Just let it play itself out. Continually be aware, watch what is happening, know what is happening so that when the moments arrive where someone, one of your brothers or sisters, is seeking answers, seeking the truth, you will be there to provide that for them when they call for it, when they ask for it. But know this. Know, as these times continue to move along, more and more will begin to be revealed to those who are ready to hear the words. Those who are ready to see what is really happening, just a you have been seeing beyond the veil.

It is time now for the veil to completely be eliminated, even though it is really not even there at this time. But if your three-dimensional consciousness that still holds that illusionary veil to this world. Let it go, now. Let it be not there any longer. Because as you believe, so shall ye see; that is the promise. The promise that will take you, indeed, to the promised land. The promised land of your ascension. You are all in the midst of that ascension.

Even as the storm continues to rage, you are moving through that storm and will continue to do so. And although it will at times appear to be quite rocky, know that you are moving into a smoother part of this experience. It is coming. Just trust. Let go and be ready.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to move through these times, remembering always that this system that you are in is coming apart at the seems. And you are the ones that are bringing this down.

**Channel: James McConnell

*Source 1 2


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