(Reader: timjoebob) Response to James Gilliland “Hang on”

(Reader: timjoebob) Response to James Gilliland “Hang on”



 -Thursday, 20 April 2023, 21:49 PM

James Gilliland’s latest post was a good one, but it is brilliant in that it is full of rhetorical questions, obvious answers and such, etc. My take is a bottom line approach to the article. Military is the only way, which means kinetic energy, which is just a nice way of saying someone needs to, and is going to, get their ass kicked. It’s OK if it cones from some ordained source, but it’s not ok for us commoners. The Galactic brothers and sisters are deemed fit for kinetic intervention together with the Alliance as long as universal law isn’t broken. In more plain words, we the people are to remain calm and don’t get kinetic because that’s left up to unseen forces, both covert and overt. It’s OK for them to kick ass, but not us. It’s not a sin for them, but it is for us. Stay in the love vibe and pull the trigger is my modus operandi, if and when it’s time to do so.But, my ego will not be silenced. “I told you so.’From day one I’ve been saying this: “They, the dark ones, have to be physically removed by force.” You can’t ‘love’ these creatures out of power. You cannot vote them out of power. That’s impossible because of obvious reasons. The Prime Directive is of no use and is outdated when it comes to planet Psycho. All bets are off. Absolutely nothing has changed since ancient times. Period. It’s the same stupid war that’s been waging and raging for millions and billions of years. Nothing has changed except the faces, but the spirits are exactly the same. Every entity, including you and me, was born into war in this universe. Fact. Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, and any other lost and destroyed civilizations all have one thing in common: diseased, corrupted entities that have great powers that destroy decency and common sense. NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE ANCIENT TIMES. 

AI is the head of this snake. It’s almost as old as Creation itself…fairly close. 

I find it fascinating that ‘time’ does not exist, yet we still refer to ‘time lines’. A million years, a billion years, a trillion years, a quadrillion years,…..how about forever or infinite? It doesn’t matter. In this universe, from my house, time is very important. It’s the most precious resource in the whole world. What we do with it is up to each one of us. 

Time well spent or time wasted can be seen as a barometer. From my house and my viewpoint, I’d say, from my limited universal perspective, that the Prime Directive is outdated and is no longer a viable option if this planet is to be saved. Evil has been allowed to proliferate beyond control precisely because of the Prime Directive. And, this has happened over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and again ad infinitum. 

There has to be someone or some ‘Being’ or entity that can plainly see that the Prime Directive has failed miserably here on this planet. Thanks guys. You rock!

When is enough enough? Hmm? Apparently, some people actually believe that this is the finale. Really? After billions upon billions upon billions of years of non-existent time, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to believe that this is finally the BIG ONE. 

I sure as hell hope so…and if you know me, you know I do not like using that word ‘hope’ because it carries a vibration of defeat or doom, otherwise, there would be no need for that word. It causes drama and creates anxiety in people who have nothing else to hold on to. Hope is not a plan for survival nor is it intellectually feasible to sustain for any length of time without falling victim to disparity and being desensitized to everything. 

Military is the only way forward…by force…not fluffy and warm, but it might just get the job done…finally…maybe. 

Can the universe learn something new? …like when to throw the Prime Directive under the bus? When it comes to this planet, I’d say the Prime Directive is outdated and should be looked at as a hindrance, stopping the good forces from doing something that would free humankind. How many times has humankind been right here at the same precipice only to be destroyed at the last second because of the Prime Directive bs?

How about starting with giving our memories back? How about activation of our other strands of DNA? How about starting a civilization out with the truth about everything? How about NOT letting AI malevolence get a gripping stranglehold on any living entities? Hmm? 

Enough said.


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