April 21, 2023: Questioning, Suspicion, Distrust, Impatience Culminating This Week [videos]

April 21, 2023: Questioning, Suspicion, Distrust, Impatience Culminating This Week [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 21, 2023

It’s apparent how the collective consciousness coagulates into single thoughts, or at least a number of similar ones sometimes and this week the negativity is leaking out in social media. Is it the eclipse? Is it the war of attrition grinding down the patience of the awakened, or something else?

Regardless of the cause, the waves reverberating in social media, the blogosphere, and the World Wide Web are critical of the Plan to Save the World and those in the decision-making roles as well as the messengers who put themselves out there as visible lieutenants to keep us in the loop and school us in the finer points of this war and how it is progressing and how it affects us.

I was going to pursue a different tack today but the slant of this post seems to be predicated on the issues some are having with our current status in the war, so that’s where I’m going. It seems the immediate gratification mentality is rattling chains and demanding to be heard.

I feel like I am repeating myself every week to help people innerstand what is happening and why. It’s complicated, yes, but it’s logical if you use common sense.

If you have not recently seen it, The Plan to Save the World is a must watch synopsis. Perhaps it’s time for a review. 13 min.



As we’ve discussed many times, nothing like this has ever happened before on our planet. A disinformation war is all new to us. It is in some ways an informal war, undeclared, and began underground decades ago or even longer if you talk to the old souls.

A plan to eradicate the breathtaking evil in our realm was seeded sometime in the last couple of hundred years, but most definitely began to gel and gather momentum after the assassination of President Kennedy and his brother Bobby in the early sixties in America.

Brilliant minds pooled their thoughts; their strategies; their expertise, wisdom and foresight. It could be done, they decided, but they would have to keep the patriots tight and the ones in the know a small group. They would have to be ruthless, stick to the plan no matter what, and failure was not an option.

They knew that previous attempts to right the ship had failed when well-meaning people drastically underestimated the enemy. This time, key players went underground for safety and to support the movement from the shadows, to emerge at the perfect time when they could inflict the most damage on the enemy. We still have those thrills to look forward to.

We learned from the Q Team that elections had been stolen for a long time and that key positions were a result of a candidate being “selected” rather than elected, but when the United States military enabled Donald Trump to be lawfully and legitimately elected President of the United States in 2016, the following campaign speech told us everything we needed to know. He told us what had happened, what was currently happening, and what would follow. Take 5 minutes to listen closely to everything he says. We don’t often get a glimpse of the real Donald Trump, the Commander-in-Chief because he is playing a role, but this is he.

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

This time the rescuers of Mankind  knew that everything involved with running a planet, supporting the people, and protecting assets had been infiltrated. For that reason, they would need the help of the surface population. But how could they hope to alert the billions of brainwashed, complacent, and apathetic people [some call sheeple] so they understood the threats and could protect themselves and join the fray?

The intrepid souls running the show that would pit good against evil and put an end to the preying on Humanity as a food source wisely solicited the assistance of benevolent and powerful ones outside our realm. They secured the wisdom of interdimensional  and higher dimensional or higher density Beings, and technology.

They put together a plan based on EVENTS that would have to unfold in succession or simultaneously before the next steps would be possible. The technology they used varies by account and may involve time travel, access to various timelines, a Quantum Computer and/or artificial intelligence—and combinations of those.

It’s difficult to wrap your mind around, but try to imagine the complexity of an agenda that would eliminate hidden enemy assets in every community, in every country, in roughly the same timeframe, while working within a framework where the masses were unaware there was a war or that they were prey and couldn’t be told because the enemy controlled all the mainstream media.

Imagine trying to exterminate an evil, predatory race or races from our midst without panicking the Human population and without massive loss of life to the inhabitants of a relatively primitive civilization who don’t realize their thoughts and actions are for the most part controlled by advanced Beings.

Any thinking person should be able to at least partially grasp the enormity of their mission and the intricacy of it.

Derek Johnson is a retired US Military dude and he has a mind like a steel trap for reading, interpreting and remembering the Laws and Orders and the operations underway to oust the cabal from the illegitimate regime in Washington—the United States Corporation—not to be confused with the Republic, of which Donald Trump is still the President. The military used their technology to track everything the Democrats did in the past two major elections and there was foreign interference. There were not sufficient votes BY THE PEOPLE to elect Joe Biden, and everyone knows it. Biden has never been in the White House and the military do not answer to him.

I think he’s been to this White House replica.


There is a whole lot of acting going on, a lot of masks, and a lot of deception. Both sides will do what they need to do.


I recommend everyone listen to the exceptional discussion below with Derek Johnson and Dr. Scott Young which explains so much your head will spin. 1 hr. 27 min. There is a lot of psychology involved in this war, folks, I’m not gonna lie. Psyops and counter-psyops. If you can’t think straight and use common sense, and you don’t listen carefully to what Patriots in the know are telling you, you will flounder. You won’t be happy with what is unfolding because you think it should be another way. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Q told us that:


Jun 13, 2020 3:03:17 PM EDT

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6ID: c7e053No. 9599384 

Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.
Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.
Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.
Seeing is Believing.
Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.
This is not another 4-year election.


NESARA, QFS, and Current Events with Derek Johnson and Dr Scott Young Part 2

Since the liberators needed to enlist the help of as many Humans as possible and provided us unprecedented levels of military intelligence toward that end in the form of the Q Team in 2017 for four years, those of us who wished it have had their minds blown time and again.

I speak for myself when I say I am not only humbled that so much effort went into saving our civilization, but that it was given so much priority, so much thought, so much compassion, and dedication. I cannot express my gratitude for the years of effort that have already gone into this operation, and for that reason I don’t often criticize even in a small way. The selfless sacrifices of the many patriots—some of whom lost their lives over it—makes me ashamed when I hear people griping about it. None of us are perfect, but some are perfectly courageous in their pursuit of good over evil, and that’s good enough for me.

This week, however, I have picked up on a number in the Truther community who have expressed their frustration and seemed to be of the opinion they would have done it much differently and that the current status is reprehensible and painfully slow to evolve toward an acceptable chain of events to end the impatience. Some even criticized the information our messengers brought us when they should know better, based on their level of experience in this journey.

Is it fear, overinflated egos, the pain of difficult circumstances, lack of appreciation… I don’t know the impetus for the “attacks”, as that’s what they amount to but they were overly critical in this 3D prison we have been assured will be ending just as soon as events culminate in the desired objectives.

We have been schooled by military intelligence, President Trump, many media personalities, former military, politicians, and patriots in all walks of life. If we listen, if we innerstand, if we put ourselves in the shoes of those who have put their lives and those of their families on the line to bring the liberation of Earth to fruition, how can we believe our plan and our choices would be better? We’re still here to tell the tale, are we not?

If the warriors had gone a different route and employed more drastic measures, the war may have ended sooner, but the death toll would have been much higher. Do we appreciate this group doesn’t simply consider us pawns in the game, and more cannon fodder?

Former Navy SEAL/CIA contractor Michael Jaco and Lewis Herms also had a show in which the topic of the lack of appreciation for the heroic efforts of patriots in this war came up and I suspect the timing is no accident. Please listen to this exceptional discussion about that, and other things. Really listen. 1 hr. 24 min.

How Truthers are part of a massive reveal that is transforming all life on Earth.

Yes, there is a Plan, and yes, the Patriots are in control to a large extent, but not in every scenario. Have we not sufficiently witness the wicked, satanic nature of the enemy enough to realize what a dangerous and multi-faceted operation this is?

It’s not only our 3D construct involved, it’s other timelines, other densities, other civilizations, possibly other universes at stake. We cannot hope to grasp the complexity of this, and despite knowing the reality we still act out like spoiled little children who didn’t get the toy they wanted when they wanted it.

Our Golden Age is on our doorstep, folks, at least in my reality. The evidence of the intricacies of the Plan is in the news every day now if our eyes are open to it. I cannot find any reason to doubt. None whatsoever, but I have had many years to gather information and fashion an informed opinion about what is happening, why, who is who, how this should look, how it can’t look, what can be said and what mustn’t at this point, and the ultimate outcome—which will be glorious.

Unfortunately, money has been a sticking point and with the deep state cabal dangling RVs, currency exchanges, and more under the noses of patriots for fifteen years or more, there are those in difficult financial circumstances who can’t get to the money soon enough.

We understand that as a result of Executive Order 13848 that there have been astronomical riches seized from those who consider themselves “elite” and born to rule us; the illegal taxes they collected, the blood money from harvesting our organs, adrenalizing baby’s blood for sale, selling fetal body parts, etc.

We know some of that money will be doled out to Humanity and it is apparently calling loudly to some folks. Much of it is already slated for Humanitarian efforts and reform of our medical system, etc. I can’t even imagine what it took to track all that, never mind how to distribute it to us in the new financial system that cannot be manipulated by the dark cabal.

Whatever we have heard about dates, times, dollar values, basic incomes, etc. would best be shelved for the time being because until it actually happens, it’s not worth worrying about or planning its disposition when we do have access to it. The wise ones managing this liberation can see the financial irresponsibility exhibited by many people and the fact they are in debt is often their own fault.

To simply heap millions of dollars on the typical American, for example, who the cabal has ensnared in their debt net would only free them up to make the same mistakes again because they wouldn’t have the respect for the money to be able to handle it wisely. Lottery winners have proven this.

Traditionally, in recent decades at least, compared to other societies Americans tended to carry a lot of debt, have multiple credit cards, lease their cars, rent their homes, go on nice vacations, upgrade their televisions to the largest available and have one in every room including the patio, and keep up with the Joneses.

China got rich providing “things” to Americans. In our throw-away society it didn’t matter that it was ‘cheap shit from China’, tended to have a very short life span, and was too soon replaced by something new. It worked for the controllers on the planet.

And, they kept the best technologies for themselves and released a few token tidbits here and there—just enough to keep their chattel, the Humans, distracted and giddy with new gadgets.

Now we are at the point where those of us who innerstand what has happened on our planet are trying to poke the ones still under the hypnotic spell of the globalists to get them to pull their gaze from their tech long enough to wake up and see the reality.

Most really don’t want to hear it, but recent events have substantiated our claims years ago that the pandemic was actually a “plandemic” and not worthy of the emergencies declared all over the world. There were many safe cures but the cabal’s media lied and amped up the fear.

The real prize for the controllers was the “vaccine” they would roll out after they terrified everyone into lining up to get it so they wouldn’t die from—a cold. We warned the world as best we could, but nonetheless the biggest scam and betrayal of Humanity in history unwound over the past three plus years.

It has been particularly difficult to navigate recently because in a war, disinformation is necessary. The Q Team told us this. They recommended we read, “The Art of War” by an ancient Chinese military man Sun Tzu.

The state of our planet has been mayhem for a long time and there’s no better way to do this. We have been told what is happening, why, who is in charge, what we can do to help, and that when this operation comes to completion, life will be unrecognizable.

I would challenge anyone who finds fault with the information coming out, the messengers we have at our disposal, or the way this operation is going, to contact General Flynn, President Trump, Don Jr., one of the MAGA politicians, or others you think are trustworthy [are you SURE?] and let them know your suggestions as to how they can implement your plan to move this along more safely, quickly, and effectively—and just come out and tell everyone the truth about everything.

War demands disinformation—and that includes outright lies. You don’t tell the enemy what you’re doing.

I am satisfied that the most brilliant, compassionate, and dedicated minds and hearts have this under control and that we will emerge on the other end intact, for the most part, and smarter, more compassionate, creative, and ready to take on the future of Humanity.

We will continue to be told what is happening through back channels, and through comms. If that isn’t good enough, perhaps it’s time for a personal revaluation and some inner work. If we can remember that SOME information is purposeful DISinformation by either the dark or the White Hats to protect the mission, we should be able to sort out the status.

What we do know is that everything was set up to do this lawfully, ethically, and honourably. To say there is no honour in war isn’t true; there is, but when lives hang in the balance and the enemy has refused to cooperate and only seeks to eliminate us, whatever measures are deemed necessary to come out the victor will determine the actions taken. It’s us or them, so they have my permission to so what is necessary, which may not be acceptable in peacetime.

Lt. Col. [Ret] Riccardo Bosi gets prodded by someone in the chat about his willingness to take out the enemy in yesterday’s episode of War Correspondent and his warrior spirit erupts for a minute. I’m glad he’s on our side. Every installment of this serious gets better and better and I can’t say enough about the insights and confirmations in this round table, particularly from Bosi. It’s a must listen as a reality check on many levels. Listen carefully. 1 hr. 53 min.


It’s late and I’m closing there. I hope those who are suffering from their lack of faith or failure to comprehend the situation as we’ve repeatedly explained will find relief and can ground themselves and accept this war is not only going as best it can, but we are winning.

Remember what we have explained numerous times. Sometimes messengers are speaking to us, the awake patriots. Sometimes they are speaking to the enemy and dropping intel to throw them off. President Trump often speaks to the normies, occasionally gives us comms so we can covertly determine what is happening, and sometimes his message is for the enemy. You need to know the difference if you hope to grasp the situation on our planet.  ~ BP

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