Saint Germain: The Walk and What It Will Show You

Saint Germain: The Walk and What It Will Show You

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Dear brothers of this beautiful planet, called Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

The violet ray has been working tirelessly and constantly on planet Earth, transmuting all the energies that are being released by everyone on the surface, transmuting them into Love and Light.

Be aware that everything is being cleaned, everything is being displayed, taken out of hiding places and shadows, everything is being exposed no matter how terrible, how shocking it may be. It is necessary that the human being realizes how far he has come, how far he has absorbed everything he has been shown, taught and how far all this has led….

Within the Third Dimension network, everything was very well planned and very well launched, to involve everyone on this planet, in a wheel of vices and pleasures that only served the ego and the body , never the soul. But you liked it, you quickly adapted to it all, because everything was done with that intention. It’s like launching something edible, it needs to taste good, look good for everyone to buy into the idea of ​​eating it, so it was done.

Freedom was confused with licentiousness, with excesses, with lack of respect, with abuse and violence and this is growing every day, in the minds of many on this planet. People confuse their pleasure with the invasion of the other’s space, the ego became the dominant one, always the person in the first place and it doesn’t matter what the other will feel, it doesn’t matter if the other will suffer in some way, the important thing is is that you will be satisfied. Will you be happy, at what price? At the price of the other’s violence and unhappiness?

But that was taught to him, not to have respect for anything or anyone. You are the main one, you have to assert your will, it doesn’t matter how the other will feel and that’s how this network was implanted on the planet. Today, at this moment, the Light arrives with intensity and with transformation, with change, bringing awareness to many. Many today criticize themselves, judge themselves, for all the wrong things that they are aware of doing today.

So, I say to you: “Your repentance is useless, your judgment is useless if there is no change within you, if you do not stop for a few minutes and ask forgiveness for everything you have caused. But a sincere forgiveness, a forgiveness that comes from there, from the bottom of the soul”. Only then will you feel at peace, you will feel clean. Many find this process easy; No, it’s not.

Many think they forgave, many think they asked for forgiveness, but when they think about that act again, everything comes back intense, strong…. So where was the apology? It wasn’t, because he didn’t come from the bottom of his heart, he wasn’t that sincere request for forgiveness, it was something mechanical like everything you do in terms of seeing the mistakes you make. It’s like you put on a veil and you don’t want to see anymore.

Be aware, ask for that superficial forgiveness and put a veil: “That is resolved. I don’t have to worry about it anymore.” – But not, because the Light is taking away this veil, the Light no longer allows you to camouflage, to hide, to not want to see what you think you have already dealt with. And that will come bouncy and strong in front of you, so that you find a moment of pure repentance and asking for forgiveness. The day you find this moment, then yes, that energy will dissolve.

And when you think about her again, funny, you won’t find her anymore, it’s like that moment has disappeared from your memory, has been erased. So, my brothers, the moment is to see clearly everything that you have been doing, all the things that you still think are correct, but that you are deceiving yourself. It’s no use just talking, it’s no use, the feeling needs to come from the bottom of the heart.

The feeling needs to come from the soul, the soul needs to forgive, the soul needs to participate in this moment. Because much of what you feel, comes from the soul and not from your conscience in this incarnation, so more than ever, contact with the Higher Self is necessary for it to tell you: “I am here to help you eliminate this!”. And he will guide you correctly, how you should get rid of all this.

We are not playing here teaching magic or miracles, each step, each decision, has to come from you, from your hearts, from the Higher Self of each one of you, not from us. What we do is help you to have this awareness, this Walk of the Rays that has been brought to you now and that many still question, why as it is being brought, I would say it is a leap, a leap in consciousness….

A leap of evolution in your vibratory frequency and if it is simply not available, it is exactly because it is a leap, it is an elevation and everything that comes easily is not valued, it is not done with Love, it comes easily. easy interpreted. Stop looking at this with anger or criticism or judgment, the decision was up to us. So, simply accept it and try to find a way to have it in your hands.

Do not see this walk as an “easy ladder to be climbed”, it is a contribution of conscience, an enlightenment so that you can clearly see everything that you think you have already left behind. Make no mistake, do not forge your journeys, the journey of each one of you will be the result of what you practice. Is it no use wanting to deceive who, us, God the Father/Mother ? No, you are deceiving yourselves, thinking you are on the right path.

So open yourselves to this expansion of consciousness, open yourselves to this leap of evolution. And each time you do this, contact with the Higher Self becomes easier and more normal. Nothing that really needs big rituals, just a moment of interiorization and you will hear it. Watch this. Do not see this journey as an eraser that will erase all your mistakes.

On the contrary, this walk will show you, each one that you think you have erased but that is still there waiting for a real moment of forgiveness, or a request for forgiveness. Do as many laps as you want, now, do it from the heart, do it with an open chest. And being aware that they will have a lot of work ahead of them, an internal work of cleaning and forgiveness.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez



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