The Answer to Cancer: “Mary jane?! In the Bible?!”

MARIJUANA cures many diseases and gets you out of DEMONIC GOVERNMENT – MIND-CONTROL and connects YOU TO SOURCE = GOD.

Too many PEOPLE JUDGE without doing actual research. Marijuana ACTUALLY = SAVES !

MARIJUANA – saved me FROM constant = CABAL INFLICTED CANCER many times !


The Answer to Cancer: “Mary jane?! In the Bible?!”

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 21-Apr-2023 04:22:59

===== hobie, I was shocked when I found out that marijuana was actually used in the bible…I don’t mean to stir the pot when it comes to religious things like this, but it’s true.Cannabis was a regular herb used in biblical times for healing the body and in ceremonies.And all of this confusion and mystery came about thanks to a misunderstanding in text and translation.Which BTW, blows your mind when you find out how this mistranslation affected the rest of the bible and its impact… Have you ever wondered:Is 1 Mistranslated Word In The Bible Killing You?According to Pastor Andrew, the answer is YES.And in his short video, he provides very strong evidence to support this controversial (but rapidly growing) theory.At first, we were quite skeptical, and I even asked the pastor point-blank…“Are you saying that God made a mistake?”The pastor was quick to respond, and said –“God doesn’t make mistakes. But 1800 years ago, we believe a biblical translator DID.”The pastor then went on to explain his theory…“It is our belief that ONE, single, mistranslated word in the Bible – which occurred about 200 years after the death of Jesus – is responsible for an incredible amount of needless suffering.”I felt that the pastor truly believed what he was claiming…So I decided to watch his video.And frankly, it was as shocking to me as it was eye-opening.But you be the judge for yourself.To your health,The Answer to Cancer

PS: According to the pastor (and maybe he’s just being paranoid but…) certain left-leaning departments of our government are actively trying to suppress this.Watch the secret he exposes in his controversial video*************************************************************

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