Posted By: jensingr
Date: Sunday, 23-Apr-2023 13:11:12

I thought since I have been posting a lot about demons that I would put things into perspective.The Angelic Realm is so overwhelmingly huge compared to what is happening here on earth with the demonic infestation. They have literally been invited in, conjured by witchcraft, portalled in, etc. and some are still here from ancient times.Having said that, the Earth shall not perish and we look forward to living here as God meant for us to live without the evil that has corrupted it.The demonic realm is ugly, short lived and not very powerful. They only have a little time left.They pale in comparison to the Heavenly Hosts as they cower in the darkness and prowl around the world inciting evil.So, I am going to try to keep this short and concise to give a quick overview and explanation, and hopefully give a look at the BIG PICTURE where there is beauty and hope for humanity._______________________________________________________________92% of all Creation is in the Spiritual Realm.There are billions upon billions and trillions of Angelic Beings. They are the most intelligent beings next to God who is Omniscient. They instantaneously knew everything when they were created and can focus in on one thing and know all there is to know about that one thing immediately.All nine Choirs of Angels were created at once. There is a Hierarchy that exists and each Angel knows their place in the Hierarchy.Each Angel has a name as was given by God. Each Angel was created to serve a specific purpose and has a distinct personality. Their name reflects their personality.Every single one of them is unique. All billions and billions and trillions will eventually become known to us when we are in the Heavenly Realm. We will have eternity to learn all there is to know!The top 3 in the Hierarchy:
They are the most intelligent and usually remain closest to God but can influence and help humanity. Seraphim are the perfect FLAME OF LOVE and have appeared as “Pillars of Fire” throughout history.The next 3 in the Hierarchy:
PowersRule over and guard the skies. Keep the Universe in order and also give help to mankind.The Russian cosmonauts actually have seen them hanging out in the skies from their craft.The last 3 in the Hierarchy are the CLOSEST to us and help us with our daily lives!Principalities
AngelsPrincipalities are there to help us with being obedient to God and following the rules to keep all of humanity in alignment with the Light and Nature and Love towards each other and the planet. (funny how a lot of the fallen ones come from this category)

St. Michael the Archangel has been given charge over many of the Heavenly Hosts as well as the Earth.Many demons hate him because in the hierarchical sense, they were once above him.He was the one that cast them down when they turned against God.The Angels upon creation were given their tasks and given free will to follow God’s purpose or go against it.They were all endowed with perfect knowledge of all things.They had no learning curve. They knew immediately what their consequence would be if they went against God.Still many rejected Him and will suffer an Eternity in forever darkness and have to exist knowing they will never be able to live in the Higher Realm again.Their time on this earth is limited and they know that this is the generation that they will be yanked out of here. This is why they are out of control and all their evil is blatant and in your face.God created an Angel for every person that has ever lived or ever will live everywhere in the Universe.He did that for you!Your Guardian Angel loves you unconditionally, loves to hear your voice, knows everything about you and is there by your side at all times.You may ask for help at any time.God named each one for their specific attribute so it would be better to not “name” them and considered disrespectful.I received a vision and I do know the name of mine, but Guardian Angel is fine to address them.My Guardian Angel appeared to me and lifted me up and I started rolling around in the air over and over and I was totally without weight, filled with so much happiness that I have never felt and started laughing uncontrollably. It was quite the experience…I later heard that someone with an NDE went to Heaven and saw that the Angels were all singing and dancing and rolling around in the air!!!We are in for a good time up there!!I will have more about the Angelic Realm but in the meantime…Your Guardian Angel awaits!!~JENSINGR~


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