Wake Up Call: Operation Crimson Mist – April 24 2023

Wake Up Call: Operation Crimson Mist

Posted By: Namaste
Date: Monday, 24-Apr-2023 05:29:46

Please read and DO SHARE!!This is just one example of how mind control can be and has been used against us.
They can start riots, wars and hate between us, even if we don’t want it. This is the horrific result of years of developing mind control techniques, they have developed silent weapons that can and are being used against us.
Ask yourself: Why have they opened our borders to illegal mirgrants, from Africa etc, most of whom are men?! WHAT WILL THEY BE USED FOR??So check it yourself here, note the date of the article, 2003:https://educate-yourself.org/cn/americanmcinbaghdad29may03.shtmlOperation Crimson Mist
“During the late afternoon of 6 April 1994, a hail of cannon shells tore through the fuselage of a commercial airliner flying overhead central Rwanda. Several seconds later the blazing plane exploded on impact with the ground, killing President Habyarimana of Rwanda, President Ntaryamira of Burundi, and most of their senior government officials. In that fatal millisecond of time, the entire political command structure of central Africa was decapitated, leaving the way open for “Operation Crimson Mist”, the most obscene terminal mind control experiment ever mounted by the United States of America against a sovereign nation. That “Crimson Mist” has been used again recently on a smaller scale in Iraq, is now beyond doubt….Creating Electronic Rage
“What the Hercules crew had just achieved has been an open secret since the late fifties, when researchers accidentally discovered that there is a precise “control” brain wave for literally everything we do, and for everything we feel. The problem back then was that each of these control brain waves [rage, fear, panic, lethargy, vomiting and so on] had to be transmitted with an accuracy taken out to three decimal places, or they simply did not work at all. But as the years rolled by, and with the advent of transistors and microprocessors, the operational application of precise control brain waves became practical reality….One of the leading lights in this field is Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise, who was a nuclear scientist and researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and at Stanford Research Institute, Professor of Physics at John F. Kennedy University of California, research consultant to NASA and the U.S. Navy, and a member of IEEE, APS, AAAS, MAA, ANA, AAMI. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise identified specific frequency effects to induce nausea, happiness and many other behavioral states decades ago. Clearly, Dr. Rauscher-Bise is an enthusiast: “Give me the money and three months”, she boasts, “and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of 80 per cent of the people in this town without their knowing it. Make them happy – or at least they’ll think they’re happy. Or aggressive.”…The chances are that in all affected western countries, politicians and their real masters will try to invoke the use of highly unconventional weapons in order to try and save their own worthless hides. How successful they might be when that day comes, as it surely will, is largely up to you.”Joe ViallsWeb posted at: http://www.joevialls.co.uk/subliminalsuggestion/mindcontrol.html
No longr availableJoe Vialls – Dissident Defence NetworkUnfortunately Joe Vialls suddenly and unexpectedly passed away July 18, 2005. He was a man who believed in humanity, in truth and justice, Joe believed that the few who wished harm and dispair to mankind should be exposed to the world. In his memory, we dedicate this site; www.dissident-net.org. Joe was an independent writer with little or no funding and all research conducted by him was done at his own cost


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