April 25, 2023: Drowning in Balls in the Air [videos]

April 25, 2023: Drowning in Balls in the Air [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 25, 2023

It’s getting really interesting, patriots and it’s hard to know where to look. There are so many balls in the air. Telegram suggests there are some fascinating potential scenarios unfolding.

Regarding Sudan, you may have heard that the US government has said they can’t provide resources to get American citizens out of Khartoum, etc. Turdeau Tweeted that all Canucks have been evacuated. Today, I’m seeing that a lot of Europeans have exited successfully.

We have this update on the Americans. Video on the Telegram post.

Team rescues Americans trapped in Sudan (https://t.me/police_frequency/91297).

Project Dynamo founder Bryan Stern tells “NewsNation Now” the situation is very fragile. His non-profit is working to rescue Americans trapped in the country.


The biggest news however is… Link to Telegram.

Bio lab in Sudan has been intentionally attacked.

Viruses have been released now.

Watch what happens next.

From another Telegram source: Continued at this channel on Telegram.

Sudan biolab attacked. 🚨👀🚨

This is a necessary scare event — near death experience. The Rudest Wake Up alarm is ringing. Do not fear of more bio-weapons being unleashed to humanity. All they [ds] agents are doing is unleashing further Karmic Energy onto themselves. Karmic Energy will only effect though in Karmic Debt.

Danger from Sudan: Biological Weapon, Measles and Cholera Laboratory has been Taken Over

Sudan: Factions Seize German/Israeli Bioweapons Lab- Weaponized Cholera, Measles

Are we really going to see that predicted second lockdown? Now that we have heard that the Pentagon engineered the Covid scamdemic, and that military cleanup operations were ongoing whilst the world was stuffed away in their homes… it sounds like a distinct possibility considering we are currently weathering the storm. I think anything is possible at this point while the military is executing their brilliant plan.

The crew brings us this:

Whatever is going on in Sudan appears to be a White Hat op if I’m reading Sarge’s cryptic “Anonymous Sudan” post 04/25/23 correctly. https://t.me/ICONS2021/117044
“Warning: We will attack a foreign country in the coming hours
2 – We will target the big things in Israel.”

“The Precipice” could potentially manifest as a layered approach with war with other nations, bioweapons unleashed for a second lockdown, a financial catastrophe, and more beyond that—all unfolding simultaneously, or overlapping at times. Hold onto your shorts!

We may see Trump swoop in and save the day by averting war with his diplomatic skills of great persuasion. I think he still wields that magic wand—wink-wink! We are hearing Trump will be back in office at some point so… something has to give.

Here’s a sitrep sort of update with Michael Jaco and Derek Johnson who tell us their military-based interpretations of what we are seeing in global events. 1 h4. 12 min.

Derek Johnson on Gitmo tribunals, Trump comms, military working day and night.

What’s up at the White House? [the real one]

We’ve seen security screens at the entrance, video of what looks like a couple of Marines or military carrying an empty casket behind the screen… very odd. Maybe we don’t want to know.

See pictures and video at this Telegram channel.

Clif High has a conversation with someone about the red night vision goggle they used in the Vietnam war. I never heard about this before but it’s fascinating. You can watch this portion of the video and seek out the rest if you wish at this channel on Telegram.

YouTube (https://youtu.be/vnWkYAP8KIs)
Demonic Entities Seen in Vietnam Through Red Night Vision

There are tornado warnings in Colorado today and after leaving my post for a few hours what happens on US soil?

UPDATE: A semi-trailer failed to yield, causing a crash and train derailment in Woodson County, Kansas. (https://t.me/police_frequency/91377)

Sheriff Jeffrey McCullough tells KOAM (https://www.koamnewsnow.com/news/kansas-news/developing-story-train-derailment-in-woodson-county/article_60d9c99a-e2cb-11ed-a0b4-077ea135e131.html)the driver of the 18-wheeler suffered non-life-threatening injuries. EMS took the 63-year-old to the hospital for treatment.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the semi failed to yield at a stop sign before crossing the railroad tracks. The crash report states the truck and trailer were split by the oncoming train. The truck portion came to rest on the other side of the tracks in a ditch.

Sheriff McCullough says there were 97 cars with the train: 5 engines were damaged or destroyed and 21 cars were damaged. Crews this evening moved the non-damaged cars down by Buffalo. They will put the damaged cars in a pasture next to the track. The cleanup company out of Wellington, Kansas, plans to have the tracks clear by tonight.


And that was after another warehouse fire… Philadelphia this time.


Arizona is still hot, hot, hot when the election status is the topic.


The Twitter stuff regarding checkmarks is really interesting and seems to suggest that when they take away a checkmark, it’s because they’ve been nabbed by the White Hats and taken out of commission. Conversely, we see new profiles like Jim Morrison of The Doors fame, and there is a blue checkmark on that profile. Are we to assume that Jim will reveal himself as having faked his death like so many others? Some people have suggested that Jim “reincarnated” as Rush Limbaugh, who recently passed away from cancer, I think, if we can believe that story. They can cure cancer, but we never know any more. Watch those Twitter profiles and see who pops up.

For our News from the Asylum segment, the crew brings us this update from Denmark. I’m left with no words.


You may have heard that some folks were getting emails from cabal retailers suggesting with their propaganda that folks could opt out of Mother’s Day emails, I suppose with gift ideas, etc. They would love to see the erasure of women and the Divine Feminine. It’s gobsmacking the nerve of these satanists and their social engineering. Here’s the notice Etsy.com sent out:

We understand that this time can be difficult. If you’d prefer not to receive Mother’s Day emails, you can opt out by simply clicking below. We’ll continue to send you unique ideas and crafted finds from imaginative sellers.

The good news is, when they send out those email blasts we will know exactly who NOT to spend our money with and they can go down the toilet with Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart, etc.

Many agree that it seems like we are very close to SHTF time so… I hope you’re prepared to hunker down, shelter in place, etc.—whatever the circumstances call for so we can work through The Plan.

Eli is all healed up and doing well but he misses his dad when he’s away.

Remember to check out the comments from the crew beneath each post for additional intel and pertinent info they find to share that I can’t fit in.  ~ BP

Wouldn’t you know it—right at press time… Link to Telegram for video.

🚨#BREAKING: fatalities in injuries have been reported after an oil refinery exploded

📌#Lemont | #Illinois

Multiple emergency crews are the scene this afternoon with at least one person killed and another injured in an explosion and fire at a petroleum plant in Lemont Illinois reports indicated the explosion occurred in an asphalt tank at the plant

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