The UNiverse is Over Nine Hundred Trillion Light Years Across

The UNiverse is Over Nine Hundred Trillion Light Years Across

Posted By: CliffR [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 25-Apr-2023 13:03:09

Scientists claim that the Universe is fourteen and a half light-years across. The limits of their instrumentation. In actuality, the Universe is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy.Likewise, scientists speculate that there might be life on other planets. In actuality, every Starr has a family of planets, and every planet has a population in its fiftieth dimension. The fifth dimension is the bottom line of creation.There are only twenty-five hundred planets in all of Creation with an abnormal third-dimensional population like Earths, an ill consequence of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. Whose clean up in the aftermath is well underway as that you call Armageddon.Likewise, Creation is by an Intelligent Design which is dirt simple, all-powerful, and by it all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed.The Intelligent Design of Creation – REVelatorium of Alpha and Omega – Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host –

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