Transportation During EBS

Transportation During EBS



 -Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 20:34 PM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By DanlboonContributing Writer

Submitted on April 25, 2023

If the Emergency Broadcast System will be shutting down the Internet and all other satellite communications are shut off with the Blackout, except for Emergency Services, then the GPS will NOT be Working.

What I said about the long haul truckers in my post a couple weeks ago being shut down and thus all trucking being shut down as well, then it also comes into effect that the local taxi drivers and local truck drivers won’t know where to go as their GPS doesn’t work, and that includes you for those that do use GPS as your vehicle system won’t work.

In my early days of truck driving I used Thomas Guide for Southern California as that was the only way to get around, and then when I went to long haul I used Rand McNally for between the states, and these were both hard copy paper which I needed to update for new copies every few years, and the Rand McNally was still used when the Qualcomm computer as that did not have the general directions of highways thru the states.

I’ll refresh your memory, Posted:

“I am a former long haul truck driver and the standard way of communication between the truckers and the company is with the Qualcomm computer in the truck which works on the satellite system, and if that is down so is the trucking industry as many more companies have started using that over the years.

“It is not just our log book, but what customers we have and what route we are to take to get there and talking with our manager. By the way, if this is down so is the official proof to law enforcement of their working hours and then they can be arrested for having no log book on file. More than 3.5 million people work as truck drivers with maybe half as long haul and they have to stop working by being stuck at a truck stop or being put in jail.

“Thus, if this goes down this is much worse than the stock market crashing as this is; no fuel, no food, no bottled water, no beer or alcohol for the sports enthusiasts and no medical equipment and necessities for the hospitals and medical facilities. And this may include no supplies to military bases.”

Now with many people using their cell phones or new vehicle with the GPS and NO paper maps to get around and they don’t know where to go except for their normal daily activities then they will be dumb founded as to which way to go.

GPS is used by many government agencies as well like; NCIS, FBI, CIA, NSA, NTSB, ATF and much more like the local Sheriff, thus if this is all on one system then everyone must have access or no one does. And is this controlled by Google as in Google Maps?

If Google has complete control will they be switching it on afterwards since it was maybe the White Hats or US Military that gave the order to shut it down, and how long will it take to get it back up and running if those NWO owners refused to turn it back on?

Do companies have an alternate satellite system to access to to continue working or is it all going to be shut down where 95% of the companies will just have to shut down for 10-12 days?

By the way, has the USA Republic passed its first budget for the upcoming year, 2023-2024, for which we have no official Congress in place and they planned for only a 10% of government personnel and agencies in the Republic, or was this the business end of the US Military taking action?

Now if you want to know about the Constitutional Amendments then go to Operation Disclosure and search for the 14th on 3/13/23 and then in sequence starting with the 1st on a daily basis as I give some explanation to them.


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