The Galactic Federation: Keepers of the Universe

The Galactic Federation: Keepers of the Universe

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The universe is where we want to focus our message.  When you think about the universe it’s such a big concept.

How do you define the universe; quantum physics, the laws of the universe, Darwin’s theory?  It’s hard to grasp.  The simplest definition we can tell you is; where everything resides.  Everything is in the universe.  Every emotion, every cell, every fragment of the divine can be found within the universe.  When we speak to you, we come from within your universe.  We live where you live.  There is a collective universal code.  What benefits the universe is the key to eternity.  Our brothers and sisters on other planets are in your universe.  They are living under the same general rule.  We must move towards continued growth and survival.  If a planet decides to end life, we step in.  That is not the universal code.

On your planet are Elites who want to destroy the nature of Earth.  They do it by creating wars, chemicals, toxins, and ill will.  As a universe we find where there are issues affecting the greater good and we neutralize them.  Who has the best resources to combat negativities?  Stepping forward is the Galactic Federation of Light.  We have a plan; we know how to clean up your planet.  How can this be done?  It takes our energy mixing with your energy.  Our energy is full of light, and it must shine on you.  You are unaware of how we are working.  We take the darkest places, and we penetrate them with light.  If your city falls within these dark places, you will feel us.  We must work on a broad scale and shine light upon the region.  How you will feel this is by ascension symptoms.  If you are experiencing brain fog, be happy.  You have been hit by our light waves.  For those in the impacted cities we are hitting you hard.  There is no time to waste.  Your body can only take so much.  We need you to be easy on yourself.  Do not fear, you are assisting in lighting up your town.  We ask that you be patient with this process, we know what is needed and we must execute the plan.  Brain fog is common.  To combat this tell yourself I am bringing the light to my town.  Be exceptionally proud of your part to play in brightening up your region.  We will continue to beam light in pockets until the next phase of the restoration.  When we go to our next phase you will already be light filled so can assist as we need.  We will need you open minded and aware of the world you live in.

Be aware that there is a spiritual war on your planet.  Be aware that you are participants in this war.  Your job is to educate others.  Educate them in chemicals, toxins and healthier options.  Fight back against tyranny and mandates.  Do you need a 5th booster?  It is for us to say the chemicals are harmful.  What was done in primitive days for illness?  The witch’s brews of former years were healthier.  The herbs and spices thrown together were natural.  Educate yourself on primitive practices.

We send these messages to keep reminding you, you know what is going on.  Don’t keep ignoring it.  Educate yourself.  Prepare for the war.  After our first planned phase we go into the next phase.  This involves contact with your planet.  It is our desire to see you when you are ready.  So, your assignment is to absorb the light we are sending, wake up your neighbors, reduce chemicals, and stand your ground.  Our mission will be to keep the universe existing forevermore.  To the level that we are sending light don’t be alarmed when you feel the waves.  We are assisting and it is our pleasure to preserve the universe.

We go with peace and wish you enlightenment.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh



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