Power Outage vs. EBS



 -Friday, 28 April 2023, 10:53 AM



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By DanlboonContributing Writer

Submitted on April 28, 2023

Thursday night in my town of 1,700 we had a power outage for just over an hour starting at 8:21 PM and that got me thinking of the Black Hats wanting to shut the power off so you do not get to be informed of the EBS content.

We have had power outages in my town several times a year, some were scheduled for maintenance with it out for up to 10 hours, but there are random outages where they were nearly that long. This is primarily during the Summer months, yet it has already gotten to 90 degrees since we are just over the hill from Death Valley.

Back on July 4 and 5, 2019 we had two major earthquakes which of course shut the power off for up to 13 hours and our water was out as well for a week, yet the local stores have their own generators to keep the cold food items cold as they know this happens often.

Now the White Hats cannot control all the utility companies in the nation and the elite control the utility companies and can shut off the power, water and natural gas at any time, so why couldn’t they do it while the EBS was to be broadcasting?

The White Hats better be aware of this and not just shrug it off as it would never happen as they seem to be in control. Trying to control maybe 500,000 cities in America is impossible, and preventing Hoover Dam from being shut down will not stop this even when it covers over 90% of the Southwest.


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