Hakann: To Those Who Harm Children

(VIDEO 4.35) Hakann: To Those Who Harm Children

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 30-Apr-2023 01:48:11


Hakann: To Those Who Harm Children

You Are Loved

745 views Premiered Mar 26, 2023

Some humans were not born on Earth.

There is a large group of humans in the Pleiades star system.

They are often called Pleiadians.

Pleiadians are much more loving and spiritually and technologically advanced than we are.

They live in a Star Trek like, love-based society. However, they are still humans.

They look like us and could have children with us.

Hence, they like to call us Earthlings and they like to use the term “human” to refer to both Earthlings and Pleiadians.

From their perspective, we and they are one race. And they want to help us.

Some Pleiadians are near Earth on spaceships. They are indirectly trying to help Earthlings create a love-based society.

They prefer to support and encourage Earthlings to build this love-based society themselves, rather than impose it on us. On this channel, I (a man from Earth) communicate messages from two Pleiadians.

They are the woman Tunia, who brings Earthlings a message of love. And the man and commander Hakann, who brings Earthlings a message of personal empowerment.

That is what Tunia and Hakann think we need most: love and personal empowerment. Tunia’s image is a stock photo from an Earthling woman. Tunia and Hakann look like normal attractive humans but they do not look exactly as pictured.

The voices come from text-to-speech software. I, the Earthling man who runs this youtube channel, receive the messages from Tunia and Hakann via the spiritual technique of channeling.

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