Mayday Monday 2023: Patriots to Your Muster Stations [videos]

Mayday Monday 2023: Patriots to Your Muster Stations [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 1, 2023

As we wade into the fifth month of 2023, the once “merry, merry month of May” when traditionally we hear we used to dance around the May Pole, the war effort is clearly in front of anyone with their eyes open and their ears on. There will still be those in denial, of course. As long as they can do everything they normally do from day to day, it’s business as usual in their stratosphere. That will change.

Meanwhile, those of us who follow it all closely with the assistance of insider “comms” know the pace is increasing along with the intensity. To top it all off, there will be a second eclipse on Friday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo.

We continue to see tracking of a LOT of aircraft all over the planet, and we don’t stifle the giggles over some of the call signs. Derek Johnson pointed to “CABAL73”, for instance, on this DC10. Link to Telegram.

When I saw the following on Sunday I thought, “Here we go” and how corny the storyline has become to wake the normies. A “mayday” in the Ukraine on April 29 – May 1, depending on your continent. Soon others on Telegram were making the ‘mayday’ connection. Link to Telegram.

The Explosions that are currently being reported in Eastern Ukraine are the result of S-300 Missiles launched from Russia not the 17 Tu-95Ms that are reportedly Airborne, so there is likely another Larger Cruise Missile Attack that appears to be Imminent.


Insider Paper, [4/30/2023 5:08 PM]
JUST IN – Initial reports indicate Russia is launching large scale missile strikes on Ukraine

Insider Paper, [4/30/2023 5:57 PM]
BREAKING: Air raid sirens sounding as Russia bombards Ukraine with massive number of missiles

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Followed by: Link to Telegram for more interesting information.

Air raid alert issued for the entire Ukraine
A large number of US warplanes, reconnaissance/surveillance, intelligence and tanker planes take off from NATO military bases in Turkey, Romania, Germany and Poland.
Turkey closes Armenian Air Space.
Nuke Standoff
Fake WW3
6 Poseidon’s Ready
Zircon’s Ready
Sudzha Pipeline will be hit
POTUS is working Russia & China
7 New Kingdoms incoming
Daniel 2:21

If that wasn’t enough for a relaxing Sunday, ABC erred when they aired a Twin Towers image. Just a mistake. Think nothing of it. Most won’t, but the patriots know a comm when they see one and everyone is talking about it.

ABC mistakenly airs stock footage of New York City with the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center during Knicks vs. Heat NBA playoff game

We typically only learn bits and pieces about cabal operations and false flag events. Later, more details come to light. Link to Telegram.

The Elite Would Make Bets
Lots of Sick Events, Their False Flags

On Sept 11, 2001, they ALL Made Bets
Such As:
How many people would “Jump” from the Twin Towers for their Lives
How Many Fire Fighters would die on the job that day and WORSE
Sick, Sick Sick

Remember Pat Tillman?
He was an NFL Star, that Quit his Football Career After 9/11,
To go and Fight in Afghanistan, for His Country

They Bet On How Long He Would Survive
And then Hunted Him Down
He was Killed, in Afghanistan,
“Coincidently”, by “Friendly Fire”

RIP Pat Tillman ⤵️⤵️⤵️

This Sick Stuff Was ALL on Her Servers
They’d Bet In “Real Time”

Now, Think Benghazi….
Coincidentally, Another Sept 11, ….

They Love Their Satanic Dates
(Some Say Sept 11 is the Real Date of Jesus’s Birth and the Reason for 2 Major FF’s) 🤯
The More You Know

2 of 3 Pay to Play

What else is coming? It’s all connected, so must be timed perfectly. The White Hats have picked up the Epstein thread again and the dots will be connected to the Khazarian mafia that has been running the world. Names must be named. The Pedophiles must fall. Justice must be served and the scale of their global satanic sacrifice and Human trafficking network must be exposed and grasped by the masses.

Not everyone may innerstand the degree to which the satanist controllers of our planet rely on numerology, gematria, symbolism, hand signals, dates, anniversaries, spell-casting, colour combinations, and more.

The video below highlights the endless examples of the above in this Tom Hanks movie. It’s really over the top and there is 50 minutes of it here. You know, I never saw the appeal of Tom Hanks. He didn’t resonate and I’m glad he has been dealt with.

TOM HANKS | The Twin Towers & The KING code | 113

While we heard a whistleblower about the Biden corruption has “disappeared”, this may be waiting in the wings.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=FMOsnOIIIQ&p=https%3A//

Huge Development Means IRS Whistleblower Can Soon Explode Biden Family Scandals

What the heck is happening in Alberta? There are wildfires all over the place and it was just a few weeks ago Calgary had snow and ice. How dry can it be there?

Does this have anything to do with the new Premier Danielle Smith and the efforts of Albertans to oust the cabal and block their criminal efforts in that province?

Wildfires prompt mandatory evacuations of Entwistle, Evansburg west of Edmonton

British Columbia, too.

As Queen Romana says, they have the technology to put the fires out. Link to Telegram.

~In the Kingdom of Canada ~

We have technologies that can create rain within 45 minutes.

Use it to put out all uncontrolled wildfires across the Kingdom.

Those companies with government contracts to put out fires – I AM aware of you all…It’s time you did career change

Also in Canada, a fantastic idea for broaching the number of deaths from the jabs. If you’re on Telegram, check out the truck with the many faces of the dearly departed. Link to Telegram.

The weather is bizarre, to say the least. The storms in Florida tossed cars like Dinky Toys and left piles of hail. Our weather is erratic with near 25 degree swings still predicted for this week and it’s gusty-breezy. I know there was a mini tornado [dust devil] yesterday because there were a bunch of yellow flowers from a palo verde or palo brea in our yard and there are none of those trees in sight so I know they were picked up elsewhere and dumped with an unceremonious roar that typically accompanies those common desert cyclones.

The eye-rolling hasn’t stopped over the narrative surrounding the banning of gas stoves or any of the other ridiculous initiatives floating in the blogosphere. I guess they have to get the public’s attention any way possible. I understand many people are very attached to their gas stoves.

This just in! The legacy media must be hurting for hits because they’re relying on more balloon talk to get our attention.

U.S. military is tracking another mysterious balloon

The military has determined that it poses no threat to aerial traffic or national security, but it’s not clear what it is or who it belongs to, officials said.

Yup. No biggie. As you were.

The banking situation has many people more than a little worried. This update just arrive.

First Republic Bank Seized by Regulators and Sold in Second-Largest Bank Failure in US History

It’s good to know the real military and their special forces have been hunting down the monsters for some time. Mission accomplished. Link to Telegram.

Trump declassified the JFK Files that show “Adolf HITLER is still alive.”

Which is exactly why Rusty Shackleford made all of those posts about OPERATION VALKYRIE IS IN EFFECT

…which was the operation to take out Hitler & the Nazi’s

“The truth will SHOCK the world” regarding this Q said, and this is why, the 4th Reich survived up until 2021

We’re going to get them. We’re going to get them all.

James Gilliland had a Q&A, 59 minutes if you care to hear what he has to say for an update and in response to the queries on many topics.

As You Wish Talk Radio~ END OF APRIL Q&A

Here’s a chuckle for you. Vancouver is 15-minute ready! If you’re on Telegram, check out the 14 second video. This hefty sign has chain-link graphic behind the text. Nice touch. Link to Telegram.

I’m signing off for now but it’s bound to be an intriguing week so we’ll be back soon.  ~ BP

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