Russia RETALIATES for Attack on Sevastopol – Massive Russian Attacks

Russia RETALIATES for Attack on Sevastopol – Massive Russian Attacks

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Monday, 1-May-2023 22:14:46

By Hal TurnerRussia has launch at least ten (10) Tu-95 Bombers into Ukraine and those aircraft are launching a large number of cruise missiles against Ukrainian targets. Above, a massive explosion in Pavlohrad, a Ukrainian-occupied portion of Donetsk Oblast. It seems a Ukrainian missile storage depot was hit!Initial Reports say Russian Missiles struck a Rail Yard and a Ukrainian Arms Depot on the Outskirts of the City. Multiple missiles inside that depot then launched catastrophically and unguided, into the night sky.Video of the storage depot ablaze appears below:Updates in progress, check back in minutes . . .UPDATE 8:42 PM EDT –Tu-95M Strategic Bombers went airborne from Olenya Air Base in Northwestern Russia, and flew into Ukraine to attack.Now confirming Tu-95Ms are now Airborne from several OTHER Air Bases across Western Russia. Additional strikes imminent.UPDATE 8:50 PM EDT –COVERT INTEL SOURCES INSIDE UKRAINE ARMY SAY ATTACK RESULTED IN TWO ENTIRE UKRAINIAN ARMY DIVISIONS LOST.In addition, source now confirms sixteen (16) S-300 missile defense launcher systems and all their missile refill canisters also destroyed.UPDATE 8:56 PM EDT –100 Shahded drones now reportedly airborne, heading into Ukraine*** FLASH ***US Boeing P-8 Poseidon has entered Ukrainian airspace. . . while the Russian attack is taking place!UPDATE 9:05 PM EDT –Confirmation received that a total of 27 Russian Tu-95M Strategic Bombers are in the air, carrying a MINIMUM of 130 to a MAXIMUM of 200 cruise missiles, are being used in tonight’s attack.Confirmation also received that the number of Geran-2 UAVs flying over Ukraine now exceeds 50.Confirmation that multiple Russian submarines in the Black Sea, carrying additional missiles, are off the coast of Ukraine but have NOT YET fired.Shahed-136 drones are currently flying towards Mykolaiv and Kherson.MORE:4 missile carriers that can hold up to 24 Kalibr missiles EACH have been deployed to the Black Sea in the last few hours.UPDATE 9:13 PM EDT –THREE (3) TU-160 bombers have now also taken off from Russia heading toward Ukraine!The P-8A Poseidon of the US Navy has completed its mission and is now safely back in Moldova Air Space.Of Note: During the chaos of the ongoing attacks, in Kiev, the commander of the territorial defense units of Ukraine, Major General Oleinik Volodymyr, was eliminated. He was shot near his house.UPDATE 9:17 PM EDT –Russian bombers over the Caspian Sea have fired missiles; impacts inside Ukraine within 30 minutes.COVERT INTEL SOURCE inside Ukrainian Army now confirms Russian bombers destroyed twenty-six (26) S300 air defense complexes tonight. UKRAINE NOW HAS NO MORE AIR DEFENSES.TONIGHT’S ATTACKS BY RUSSIA HAVE THE MOST Tu-95 BOMBERS IN THE AIR SINCE THE FALL OF THE SOVIET UNION. Very large Russian attack.UPDATE 9:21 PM EDT –Reports now of Missile Launches from Russian Ships in the Black Sea as well.ADDITIONAL Launch Commands are still being put out over the Russian Strategic Net.********** BULLETIN ********A large number of US Fighter Jets are taking off from Incirlik air base inside Turkey. Video of two on full afterburners:Not known where they are going.UPDATE 9:33 PM EDT –Air Raid warning sirens now sounding in the red areas on the map of Ukraine below:OF NOTE: Two US intelligence planes have taken off from NATO bases in Germany.HMMMMMMM. ALSO OF NOTE: NATO AWACS taking off from PolandDOUBLE HMMMMMM. Air-Refueling Tankers taking off from Ramstein AFB in Germany . . .UPDATE 9:38 PM EDT –New missiles are being fired from the Caspian Sea.New Air Raid alert sounding in LVIV, western Ukraine, near Poland Border:UPDATE 9:44 PM EDT –Per Ukrainian officials, Missiles were detected in the airspace of Ukraine. They are urging everyone to get to shelter!*****FLASH*****RUSSIA IS NOW AGGRESSIVELY **JAMMING** OVER-THE-HORIZON RADAR THROUGHOUT **ALL** OF EUROPE.ALSO: Launch Commands are still being put out over the Russian Strategic Net.UPDATE 9:47 PM EDT –Russian cruise missiles are on the way to central Ukraine. Kyiv is very likely to be targeted within the next 15-20 minutes.Kyiv regional military administration: “Residents of Kyiv region! There is a threat of a missile attack”UPDATE 9:55 PM EDT –Missile launches reported from the Sea of Azov.First explosion of the night; DniproMORE:Additional Missile Launches reported from Ships and Aircraft over the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea heading Northwest.UPDATE 9:59 PM EDT –Explosions in Kyiv!Cruise missile detected over KharkivMore explosions heard in Dnipro.Explosions heard in the suburbs of KyivExplosions reported in Dnipropetrovsk oblastPhotos and videos at source:

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