From “Doctor Who” to Reality in our Holographic Matrix World!

From “Doctor Who” to Reality in our Holographic Matrix World!



 -Tuesday, 2 May 2023, 9:54 AM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | Theodore Colon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 2, 2023

From “Doctor Who” to reality in our Holographic Matrix world!

A new reality in our Holographic Matrix world!

TARDIS is an acronym that stands for “time and relative dimension in space.

The Tardis space displacement theory.

This is how we get 10 pounds of “shit” in a 1 pound bucket. (LOL)

Imagine a spacecraft that could go to Mars and carry enough supplies for extended self supporting mission of possibly a year or more; and small enough to be launched from the ground on a single rocket.

With the interior being spread out across higher dimensions may also make a spacecraft very light.

A small 3/Dimension footprint with 4/5-Dimension storage; or Hyperspace displacement cargo bays?

What was once a fantasy gimmick in Science fiction movies is now a probability?

As we ascend to 5D and as creator beings, we are only limited by our imagination  and opens our future to beyond realm and back thus making for an interesting and wild trip. 

The TARDIS is essentially this thought experiment with one more dimension added in. The blue box exterior is like the square. It looks like a finite 3D object, but most of it is spread out across a fourth dimension of space. Entering the TARDIS is like the ant entering the square. You can’t perceive your motion in the fourth dimension, so it’s like the huge interior volume of the TARDIS is all within the bounds of the exterior. This would make the TARDIS similar to a tesseract, which is a 4D hypercube with 8 cubes for sides.

The TARDIS exterior would be like one of these 3D cubes, and the TARDIS interior would be like the remaining seven cubes. It’s possible to get from one cube to another because they’re all part of the same shape. Anyone inside the TARDIS would be limited to moving through these cubes one at a time, like how our imaginary ant can only walk on the 2D faces of its prism one at a time. 3D volumes embedded in 4D objects like this are known as hypersurfaces.

Now obviously the interior of the TARDIS is more than 7 times the volume of the outside, but that’s okay. The TARDIS just has to be a more complicated 4D shape than a tesseract. Its square face is a certain size, but its other faces can be as large as you want, even infinite. You can even add in more than four spatial dimensions and get an effect of one large object fitting into a smaller one.

The Holographic Universe Explained

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