CGI’s Leathur: Truths that should terrify the Life out of you

CGI’s Leathur: Truths that should terrify the Life out of you

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 4-May-2023 13:38:07

A post submitted by CGI member Leathur.********************************************1. Most medicines used in the West come from the Far East. If America declares war on China (or vice versa) then most people reliant on prescription medicines (such as diabetics) will die. And Taiwan is responsible for the production of most of the world’s semiconductors. Manufacturers can’t produce cars, smartphones, computers, kitchen appliances, etc., without them. Modern cars have around 1,400 semiconductors built into them. And yet 60% of all semiconductors are made in Taiwan. And most are made by a single company. Those cheering on a war between China and America might like to reflect on those facts.2. The media becomes ever closer to the establishment. For example, the New York Times, once a campaigning paper, appears to have become a branch of the US Government. The NYT boasted that it helped track down the leaker who exposed secrets about the American involvement in Ukraine. We should starve these malign companies by depriving them of an income. And let’s starve the BBC by (legally) depriving it of the licence fee payments. The BBC is supposed to cater for everyone – not just the woke and the scientifically illiterate.3. YouTube and Google are our enemies. Everyone with a YouTube channel is, by definition, controlled opposition. And if you watch YouTube you are helping raise advertising money for the most evil of all American companies. And you helping to support the Democrats, the CIA and the WEF.CONTINUE

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