Earth Alliance and Patriot News for May 4, 2023

Earth Alliance and Patriot News for May 4, 2023



 -Friday, 5 May 2023, 2:52 AM

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 4, 2023

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for May 4th, 2023

Matthew Ward Message, and Matthew Ward Messages 5/2/2023:

Israel Citizens Push Back

Some evidence of response to ever-intensifying light is on the world stage. Israelis are protesting judicial reform being pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose aim to bolster Illuminati influence in that country is crumbling.

On Progress in the Sudan

Once again Sudanese civilians are fighting to establish democracy in their country, where the Illuminati—let us say, Deep State, the more current designation—has been keeping conflict and violence a boil. And, some newscasters in the United States finally have addressed unidentified aerial phenomena, or UFOs, and the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Good People: No Worries on Your Financial Well Being

With grave-sounding economic reports abounding on the Internet, it is understandable that many millions are concerned about what will happen to savings accounts and investments. Do not fear losing your money—the universal law of attraction will bring back from the universal soup what matches the energy of those thoughts.

When the new global economic system is implemented, maximum effort will be put forth to avoid interrupting access to honorably-earned money wherever it is, and all national currencies will have the same value and be backed by gold and other precious metals.

Again: NO Nuclear Weapons will be allowed:

“Then there is talk about a nuclear attack and retaliation—if such happens, extraterrestrial family members will not let any nuclear weaponry function. Please ignore all reports about Earth’s grim future due to climate change and all “professional” advice to be prepared for more pandemics.

Beloved family, turmoil, confusion, lies, violence and fear are unavoidable when a third-density world is being freed from eons of darkness. You don’t remember your lifetimes that well-prepared you with strength, wisdom, courage and perseverance to successfully handle the mission you signed up for.

On Revealing the Truth

Those facts and others will be revealed in stages when wise minds deem it is prudent to do that and to speak about resultant reforms. Hearing that persons in powerful positions and other well-known individuals are involved in dark activities will be shocking to the unsuspecting populace, and learning that familiar systems, procedures and institutions will be changing can be frightening to people who have been programmed to believe their best interests are being served by “authorities.”

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