May 5th, 2023: Cinco de Mayo & Other Notable Events

May 5th, 2023: Cinco de Mayo & Other Notable Events

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 5, 2023

These are indeed exciting times for the patriots as we witness the execution of the largest scale military operation in the history of our planet. From the perspective of the sheeple, however, it’s just another day, week, month.

¡Aye, aye, aye, aye¡—it’s Friday and Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May, and a special day. Numerically, it’s 5:5.

Once the merry month of May is over I think they will have changed their tune somewhat.

This is an interesting start to the day [for me it’s early]… on the UK map, this is how it looked, and it might be a sign in itselfLink to Telegram.

All USA military!!! 17 up over the pond! 17, exactly 17 on radar!!!

More unusual events include headlines like this, but may actually reference “the four horsemen” of the apocalypse. Just my feeling.

‘Highly Unusual’: 4 Horses Die at Churchill Downs Days Before Kentucky Derby

It’s always a good day when the CDC is part of the dismantling. Farewell and adieu to Director Rochelle Walensky—even reported by CNN.

Walensky leaving post as CDC director

As we have witnessed for awhile now, some traitors are true cowards and can’t face the music. They take their own lives to avoid the shame. Others are forcibly removed, disappeared, or suicided by the cabal’s thugs if they know too much. Take your pick. If you’re dancing with wolves, your days could be numbered.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=vEHinzfT4i&p=https%3A//

Google senior software engineer, 31, jumps to death from NYC headquarters

Likewise for some known pedophiles. This video is said to be taken by “pedophile hunters” as they track down a pervert but the fellow decides to take the easy way out and leaps under a passing vehicle. Thank you for saving the taxpayers a lot of money.

While we’re on the topic of pedophiles, who have been running the world, Tore Maras has published updated information on the Epstein case, the passenger manifests for “Epstein Island” and more.

EXCLUSIVE: Epstein Flights, Photos,Who Fought Case Unseal & Mar-a-Lago Ban

If you are able, I recommend you follow WH Grampa on Truth Social. White House Grampa is clearly in the know and his feed is a running commentary of what is happening, what is coming, and comms.

Also check out Illuminatibot on Twitter. Canada is one of most disgusting hellholes of pedophilia, genocide, and satanic sacrifice.

Yesterday Capt. Kyle, Kelly, Dave Guru and Riccardo Bosi had another lengthy round table discussion. It’s meant to uplift and inform the patriots who may be doubting and to enhance the enjoyment of living through these times. Link for Telegram users to various platforms.

Or use Twitter.

There is also one with SG Anon and Tironianae. Link to Telegram for video. 2 hr.

What’s with the BBC threatening a media blackout to all other networks/organizations for the coronation BS? Since when are they king of the fake news?

The remarkable revelations made to date over the past several years pale in comparison to what is yet to be revealed. That should keep us all in rapt attention.

My Internet connection keeps dropping and I finally had to reboot to reconnect so this is as far as I got. See you next time.  ~ BP

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