May 6, 2023: The Merry Month of Maydays

May 6, 2023: The Merry Month of Maydays

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 6, 2023

For some time now—years for many of us—we have seemed to be living life on the edge, always half expecting emergencies, catastrophic events, and life-threatening challenges. We can never fully relax when we’re advised to expect the best and prepare for the worst; that martial law is coming, and what is planned is an existential threat so profound, so all-pervasive, that the entire Human race will come upon an insurmountable brick wall which, when we run into it at full speed, will knock us on our nether regions.

It’s more exciting than scary, but that is what the past ten or more years have been like. We have felt the war, even if no one had yet put the situation in those terms. The more placid pace we once enjoyed has been ratcheted up considerably and nowadays we are on the edge of our seats as we wait to see what is going to happen next.

We know what we would like to happen, but we are somewhat at the mercy of the Earth Alliance and their “Plan” and even our own unwitting resonance and creative forces. We’re holding the line as requested by those in charge, and doing our best to remain calm and focused. Planned events come and go and the “big one” never quite materializes but still we watch, and wait, while doing what we can to improve the situation.

Things change fast and the ‘movie’ is not without its rapid plot twists. Not sure if the most recent eclipse had anything to do with this.

BBC “Backs Down” After Rupert Murdoch’s TalkTV & GB News Accused It Of Coronation “Blackout”

The coronation of King Charles [and Camilla, too] seems to have gone off without a hitch this weekend but not without the groans and waning satisfaction of the citizenry right on down to actual protests from those who oppose the monarchy and feel obliged to reclaim the republic as their reality.

Not all Brits are buying into the kingdom and royalty any longer and want to be sovereign and self-governing. It seems nearly every country has an axe to grind these days with their leadership.

Dozens of protesters arrested during Coronation

The People are dissatisfied with status quo and are prepared to make change. They are learning a ruthless, satanic, mafia has been running everything for far too long and they’ve had enough.

While I am not for people claiming to be royalty running the show, I won’t get my knickers in a knot because I believe nothing is what it seems and the show must go on. In the end, I trust most of us will be happy, and won’t be eating bugs.

A sample of the sentiments shared on the way to the coronation… Link to Telegram.

Charles gets booed and called King Sausage fingers

It gets better: do you see a mask line here? Link to Telegram.

How do the masses feel about Charles and the “royal family”?


See new Tweets


Wall Street Silver


A giant penis has been mowed into the lawn at King Charles coronation party location 🤨

Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the figure of what appears to be a grim reaper shuffling by the Abbey. Hard to tell if that is a scythe, but it could be. You can’t make this up, folks. It’s like a Tim Burton nightmare cartoon and it wasn’t subtle. Who writes this stuff? It’s getting more and more insane by the day—the hour!

For the Q Military Intelligence followers, you might consider this decode: Link to Telegram.

“Grim Reaper” = 110

Decode for: “”Grim Reaper”

Q Drop: 110

Posted on: 11/5/2017

CIA counter-ops.
Will all fall down.

Q drop 110 is a Nov 5th DELTA
“Remember Remember the 5th of Nov”

11/5 mirrored = 5/11

5/11 MSM All Fall Down?

Here we go again. We’ll pile into the roller coaster and ride it until May 11 when—??? We’ll see what happens.

In the mean time, we still need to educate people as to what has transpired on this planet over the years.

Shouldn’t Charles have to pay for his crimes? Assuming The New York Compost is reporting accurately…×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=2FBJWQcsKx&p=https%3A//

Prince Charles took bags stuffed with millions in cash from controversial Qatari sheikh: report

Truth be told, we’ve heard the Earth Alliance has ensured the royals have already paid their debt to Humanity and hence, the masks. They don’t deserve to walk among us and therefore they met their demise at the hands of the benevolent forces protecting Humanity.

These monsters have been acting for decades, pretending to be royalty, and British, and Human when they are none of those. They’re imposters; greedy psychopaths. Satanic pedophiles, most of them.

Not everyone sees it that way however. Who would want people to rule them and control their destiny when they live in multiple castles and wear bejewelled crowns yet have no problem watching their subjects—the People of the United Kingdom—starve and freeze because they are now so impoverished they cannot afford sufficient food or fuel to keep themselves warm? It’s utter insanity. It’s time to break the spell, folks and I’m intrigued to see how the White Hats pull this off without causing entranced people to commit suicide because they can’t deal with reality and suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

It doesn’t seem possible that bringing back Princess Diana, JFK Jr., Michael Jackson, Elvis, and a truckload of others we thought had died and giving Humanity a life without debt and slavery could be the solution to everything, but we’ll see. Some kind of major shift needs to take place or the normies will go off the deep end.

This painstaking ebb toward truth has to be done ever so slowly, so the unsuspecting Humans can grasp it and gradually come around to thinking clearly about everything; the cause and effect. None of us like to be told we were fooled.

We are not fooled into believing these repeated senseless shootings are erupting out of chance. Every day now there is at least one shooting somewhere—usually in the USA. This was just posted on Telegram.

BREAKING!🚨 Active shooter at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall in Allen, Texas. Multiple people shot, and there have been fatalities reported.

Shooter is still active as of posting.

The other day it was a shooting at a McDonalds. Yesterday morning this was the headline:

DEVELOPING! Mississippi: Multiple agencies are responding to an active shooter situation at Howard Industries in Laurel, according to law enforcement.

Evacuations underway. Police, EMS, fire units on scene. Plant on lock down.

Word among office personnel is this shooting maybe gang related. Also, the shooter has left the plant. On the loose.
One injured. Suspect armed and considered dangerous. Possibly driving an older model white Chevy pick up

No further details at this point.

We can’t blame anyone for asking if we are living in an alternate reality.

How about questions like this?

How much longer do we have to tolerate living on the wrong side of the looking glass?

And in the Great previously White Gulag… north of the 49th…

Those fires that suddenly erupted because they had permission as it’s now officially “wildfire season” in Alberta, Canada… stuff and nonsense. It doesn’t work that way. Queen Romana knows.

directed energy weapon

Royal Decree –
Re: Use of DEW, Drones, and any other technology to start fire in the Kingdom of Canada

To the Attention of:

A) The Kingdom of Canada’s Armed Forces and Navy Special Forces, Special Forces, US Special Forces, Global Allied Special Forces

B) The We The People of the Kingdom of Canada


I AM HRM Queen Romana Didulo Commander-in-Chief and Queen of the Kingdom of Canada, hereby issue this Royal Decree effective today May 6, 2023.

This Royal Decree dated today May 6, 2023 effectively authorizes The Kingdom of Canada’s Armed Forces and Navy Special Forces, Special Forces, Whitehats US Special Forces, and Global Allied Special Forces to immediately shootdown any and all Aircrafts / Spacecrafts / Drones,. etc spreading fire in the forests and anywhere else in the Kingdom of Canada.

Any Military, Commercial , and or private Aircrafts /Spacecrafts/ Drones, using due DEW {direct energy weapon] etc, to start fires anywhere within the Airspace of the Kingdom of Canada are to be immediately shootdown.

This Royal Decree is effective immediately.

And so it is.

flamethrower drone attachment

These people think we’re stupid. For the record, I was not one of those who believed those 6-feet decals on the floor of the stores was going to stop a “virus” from jumping from one person in the line to another; or even those plexiglass shields, or masks, or taking away the hand baskets and forcing us to use big shopping carts… all pure bullcrap. Question everything! They will attack us any way they can and lie about it.

We know they lit the town of Lytton, British Columbia on fire to punish Dr. Charles Hoffe for questioning the serious negative side-effects he saw in his patients post-vaccine during the Covid fiasco and for approaching the provincial health officials with his concerns. They blamed that on sparks from a train passing nearby and above-average hot temperatures they probably created with their geoengineering.

Lytton, BC after the “wildfire”

We know they started the fires in Paradise, California that swept through the town so quickly people were burned alive in their cars trying to escape. I can never unsee the video I watched. This one has been blurred out to some degree but the man who tried to help them escape is upset.

These monsters are far worse than we ever imagined and we don’t underestimate them any more. They are in the process of being exterminated and it’s incumbent on each of us to protect ourselves and our families and do what is necessary to win this war and be the ones standing when it’s over.

Fire is one of their favourite weapons. Why are these cars on fire when there is no wildfire next to the highway in California? It’s what—spontaneous combustion?

Since when does a wildfire destroy half a house and suddenly stop and leave the rest, like a slice of cake? There it is, in the centre of the image below. And since when do wildfires leave the trees standing and burn homes and automobiles? That’s some fancy technology there.

And this marina? The boats but not the dock. How is that possible?

People need to wake up and realize we are prey; targets—and this is a war. They promised to take as many of us with them as they could when they went down and they’re going down; make no mistake—but not fast enough to save us all.

The satanic cabal is nearing the completion of their fall and it is spectacular.

One more positive inclusion:

The day is almost over so we will be back another day. Thank you to the hard-working crew for all the great shares and commentary via the comments section.

We understand some folks are no longer getting their update notifications via email from WordPress. I guess that’s part of the war and I can do nothing about it as WordPress manages the subscription list. You will have to either find us on Telegram or visit our website directly to see our updates. You don’t really need an email as we publish nearly every day.

Have a great weekend, all.  ~ BP

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